Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The washed Footprints

As we move on, we leave behind loads of things , our past, our deeds, the days spent in the year that has gone by and the people who have ceased to continue the journey with us, people who had become an integral part of our being, it's like having a jovial company and all of a sudden we are left alone coz that person had to get down on his or her station..can we stop them, no we can't , everyone has a destined station where our journey would end, though we do not know when our station would come, but we do have the power to make our journey a fruitful one.
We can either waste time being unhappy, we can worry about our future that's yet to come, or we can look out of the window and breathe in some fresh air and thank God for whatever he has blessed us with....for making us sit on the right side of life, for giving us great company so that we can spend happy time, for making us a human and not an ant who has to crawl on the ground and for everything that has made us complete.
Before stepping into 2010 take out time and think about all that you've been blessed with, I'm sure you won't have words to express your gratitude.
A simple new day, with so called monotonous routine, is one of the greatest miracles of God, it's for us to understand and realise its importance.
May the new year fill our life with peace, happiness and contentment. May the joy of fulfillment smear our senses with thankfulness for the Almighty.
As I step into a new year I feel a bit empty coz I don't have my nana by my side, but today I do know that wherever he may be, his blessings would always be with me, along with a treasure of memories which I would definately keep sharing with all of you, since today I feel that the memories shared are the ones that are refilled with a new life :)
Loads of love and Best Wishes,

Monday, December 21, 2009

I can still feel the warmth!!

Weather has a lot to do with our memories... winters, along with the chill brings with it the warm shower of the days gone by...days of pet names, cute faces, warm hands and a soft whisper that makes its rounds till date. The days of never ending stories, stubbornness, a soft laugh , a happy smile, a little tear or the warmth of a pleasantly surprising sunny winter sky....The days of running around without a sweater, the days of anger that was meant for the better..the days of peeping out through a cosy quilt, the days of a little red coat and aunty's kindergarden, the days of a cold sea-saw and a warm never ending laughter..the days of an ice cream that ceased to melt faster..the days of a courtyard that cradelled with love and still does..... when I go running after the memories of a bright sunny day.... of a winter in a harbour of love that now rests in my mind and would be there forever.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cute little Angels :)

Yesterday I watched "Paa", a beautiful movie indeed. There was a scene when Auro (the protagonist, a little boy of 13) is in the hospital and is alone in his room, he is shown playing with the plugs on his fingers, that are there to monitor his health. It made me realise how old people too become kids and behave like them, afterall they are the angels who guided us throughout our lives.
I remember when nana was admitted, it was the first time he had to stay in a hospital, he had been a perfectly healthy man all his life, but may be it was time. Anyways so I would describe the way my little grandpa behaved. For a few days he dealt with things in the best way possible, but with time, I guess things became a bit difficult for him, he had to go through a lot of pain, I could hear the pain in his voice, I still remember the last time when I was leaving he asked me as to when I'd be back, I said I'd be back soon, but then his state deteriorated and I guess he became unaware of my presence, though I doubt.
But nana taught me to live life, in the last few days, though he couldn't talk much, he used to sing songs, dance (moved his hands) sitting on his bed and was enjoying himself in his own world(the nurses around him, enjoyed aswell), he had been into theatre afterall :) sometimes I could understand what he said, but most of the time it was a treat to see him happy by himself.
Yes, old people do become kids and need the kind of love and care that little kids need. If you guys have old people around, shower loads of love on them and keep them with care and respect, they are indeed the epitome of love, love that never fades away and grows with time...We got to learn the true meaning of selfless love from them, it's time to keep them cosy in the soft blanket of their teachings.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Keep that smile within your reach!

"Kaga sab tan khaiyo chun chun khaiyo maas,
Do naina mat khaiyo mohe piya milan ki aas..."

A smile stretches out on my face, when I recall how tastefully nana used to say the aforementioned lines. I used to tease him whenever he got into his poetic trance, but his love for poetry was something that he cherished. It was as if he could feel the words sinking in and giving out a positive vibe that got him an ear to ear smile:)
Life becomes beautiful when we cherish things that we like, we should never forget the things that make us happy and should keep them close to us, so that whenever a tear rolls down our eyes it spreads into a smile.
Hope, contentment and peace linger on when they find a place to balance themselves, and what better place can they find than a heart that knows how to smile:)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Sacred Abode

Though I don't know what it was when partition happened or what the people felt at that point of time, but I am sure it would have been a painful struggle for them.Our home is not only a place where we reside, its a place where we are rooted, right up to our core. It forms an essential part of our identity, our memories, our existence. When a bride leaves her home in order to blossom in a new abode, its a painful decision for her, since she is taken away like a baby plant is taken out from its roots to be replanted in someones elses garden. It has to leave the mother plant, leaving behind the fragrance of its memories, just like a girl does. But there is always a possibility of a visit, of coming back and meeting the people with whom you've spent the initial leg of your life. But What would happen if you are dislocated and planted in an alien land, bounded by a border made of blood and gore, unable to reach out to the land to which you belong? Thats what partition was all about, a permanent journey towards an alien land, with nothing to look back for.
During partition many homes were left empty, which were then reinhabited by people. I have friends whose grandparents still talk about Lahore in Pakistan, and the home that they had left, their language, way of living everything has a fragrance of the long lost past. I still remember what nana had told me once. Okhla which is located in south Delhi and is called Okhla village, though its not a village, it used to have beautiful green fields all around, but now is quite a modernised part of south Delhi, with Jamia University, to enhace its beauty. So the incident goes like this, once okhla was being attacked by some people. Pandit Nehru, President Zakir Hussain and many others including nana,were there to take care of the area. Women and children were asked to gather in a big house so that they are safe there. Something happened that made a prominent personality laugh, on which Dr. Zakir Hussain responded with the following words,"its not a matter of laughter, its a matter of tears". Such was the love and respect for ones land, such was the dedication of the great leaders like Pandit Nehru and Dr. Zakir Hussain, who stood there to take the bullets on themselves, in order to save the people of their nation, such was the love for their country, their homeland. Nana never allowed his children or his grandchildren to settle in distint lands,"live in your country and let your progress be the progress of your land",These were the dutiful words of my beloved nana, full of love and respect for his motherland. Till date I remember what he said and wonder how love travels through generations.

I wandered in distant lands,
right from shore to shore.
Nothing gave me such immense peace,
as my beloved sacred abode.
And now as I lie in its arms today,
smeared with its love and care,
It makes me happy to realise,
that for my country , I was always there.

This post is with due respect to the people living in distant lands, its just what my grandfather felt and strongly believed in that I have narrated in my post. I do not intend to hurt anyones feelings.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Why is it that we get so fond of our roots, that it becomes impossible for us to leave our land?
Why is it that our neighbourhood, the familiar roads, the houses, the shops, the people, every thing is so precious to us that we never learn to live without them.. Why is it that a foriegn land, is always a foriegn land, however much we might try to make a home out of it? Why is it that even the familiar smell of plain food, makes us nostalgic? Why is it, that we feel so good when we meet a person from our land? Why is it that even a friend, seems as if he shares the same blood?
Why is it then that we fight with each other for reasons trivial? Why is that a single house is divided on disputes and quarrels? Why is it that age old relationships break apart, why is love suffocated in a corner of there heart? Why is it that the third takes advantage and wins?
Why can't we oppose such social evil?

Though we love our land, care for it and can't stay apart.
Though distances matter, tears flow out and friends are an important part.
Though seeds are sown for everyone irrespective of who they are.
Though each festival is a joyous one and plays an important part.
On such a land, with such feelings and such warm hearts, why is it that we stop thinking when evil drives us apart?
Oh! My Country, My land, My home just think for once atleast, what went wrong when such strong chords failed to cross boundaries.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Do we always get what we wish for , or is it better that God gives us what he thinks is the best for us? When we wish for something, at that very point of time, it becomes the most important thing for us, we do everything to achieve it, but what happens by the end of the day is beyond our thoughts and dreams.

A wish settled on my eyelash,
and forced it to shut down for a long blissful sleep,
a gush of wind took my wish away,
and I, now with my eyes wide open, saw the storm coming my way.
Oh what would have happened if my wish was to be fulfilled,
my dreams would have been washed away with the storm unpredictable.
Life has a wish concealed in every beat,
The ones that are fulfilled,
are the ones that were meant to be.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The lessons of life

When we toddle our way to maturity, its not just a period we cover, its a big chunk turned in the book of life..and when we flip the pages back for old times sake, we find numerous blots, scribbles, fine lines and things in bold..these are the moments that either went wrong or just went the way we wanted them too..these are the pages of our life that are stored in our mind and can be flipped through, whenever we lie back, a little away from the hum drum of the present.
Sometimes these pages seem like an old reel of the times that have passed and sometimes like a reflection of the life that waits ahead, how we grew up and the upcoming generations might grow up, or just as a teacher, yes, the times that have passed can serve as a teacher, someone who teaches us to learn from our mistakes and edit all the blots so that we can have a neat beginning, a clear path that waits ahead, and we do not repeat certain things that did not help us at all but pushed us away from our path.
Grandpa was correct when he said..life is a school, where we learn a new lesson everyday...its a learning process..we should learn from our mistakes and should keep mopping the path ahead, every new mistake would be a lesson to be learnt and every success would be a feather in our cap.....an indicator of how well we have learnt the varied lessons taught by life.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The virtual and the real

Its true that certain things cannot be described in words, its like a beautiful scenery, when we are there, what our eyes are treated to cannot be captured by the camera, all it can do is just catch hold of the replica that can be kept to remind us of all the lovely days that colour our lives, but the ultimate feeling just lingers on in our nerves and settles down deep in our heart. Its true that certain things may be preserved at face value, but the focus of a camera or the ink that flows from the pen, just find it too hard to accomodate the real feel...though both win to some extend but the real moment just stays smeared in the mysterious lanes of our mind.
I have been asked to write about my grandfather so that it can come in print....though words come out as my feeling push them to spill on paper, but the moments capture my mind in such a way that I find myself lost in the bylanes cherishing each moment with renewed enthusiasm, when the present taps at my door I find myself at a loss of words.
Yes, feelings can be poured down on paper, but what is it that stays behind?
Maybe its the touch of the real or a sense of belonging to the moments that refuse to be passed on.
Life is a yearning...a yearning for the varied hues....if the yearning would collapse..we would find ourselves without a clue...... be it a yearning of a lost past...or that of the mysteries that wait ahead.....its life and its numerous experiences that are unique to each one out there...each one of us yearn for the best that could be ... its our precious moments that make our lives....truely unique.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The chords shouldn't rust away with time

In our life we chase our dreams, attain our goals and do whatever pleases our heart, but what is it that makes every experience a special one. Many people say that they are independent, make their own living, are happy to be by themselves, but even they share something in common, with those who like to be dependent on the ones they love......what makes a house a home or an experience a joy.... Its none other than someone who completes our life..be it our parents, friends, spouse or a loved one... each experience in our life is made complete in their company.
Nana used to say this often...don't leave anyone... don't stop visiting the place of a relative whom you don't like...don't ever form such a divide that you can never bridge..coz life is not about living alone...its about living together....its about understanding...its about compassion....its about the presence that makes your life complete..if you would keep fighting with everyone, there would come a day when you'd find yourself all alone..unable to bear the cruel isolation of life.
However independent we may be, we would always need company to light up our day and make our life complete.. even if its a couple of friends who light up a smile and make our life glow.
Distances are important ..comfortable distances that allow the other one sufficient space to breathe...don't force your presence on anyone...but be their to share their joy or sorrow, thats what makes life a beautiful experience, so much so that when we need someone, we would not have to ask for it....even when we are no more, people would remember us for who we were.
Grandma used to force mom to visit people as soon as she came to meet her..mom used to get very annoyed as she wanted to spend time with her mother...today she knows how important it is to be there for people and to keep refreshing the chord that binds each one of us, she has continued abiding to what she was taught.
All of us need our space, but we can always find ways for keeping the link between us and others refreshed, so that tomorrow, the chords that bind us, don't rust away with time.
However independent we may be, but life is complete only when we become a special part of someones memory and have someone to celebrate the various phases of our being.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Memories

Memories smear our mind in such a way, that wherever we may be and however preoccupied our mind might seem, something or the other clicks in our mind and takes us towards the bygone days, making us remember those whose memories can never fade away.

It was a long drive to the hill top,
Where soothing breeze enveloped my heart,
certain memories faded away, though certain regained their charm.
I travelled leaving behind, the loss that can never be recovered,
least did I realise, that memories have an amazing power,
The power to hold on.....
where ever we may be,
For memories are a part of us .. a part of our being,
Its a memory that makes us smile, a memory that makes us weep,
and hand in hand with a row of memories, our life seems complete.
Covered in a blanket of memories I explored an alien land..
where I found my self again, a self well transformed.
Such is the power of memories my friends, that where ever you may be,
they would stand right next to you and would watch over in glee.

Friday, September 18, 2009

You lit my way in the dim paths of life

" Ek hi saf mein khade ho gaye mahmud-o-Ayaz,
Na koi banda raha aur na koi banda nawaz." - Allama Iqbal

Nana was very fond of urdu poetry, and the one given above was one of his favourites. Whenever he recalled it, he used to ask me, "do you know what it means?"and I well aware of its meaning used to ask him to repeat it again...and then came out the words which were another important lesson in life, he replied," it means, that every one is equal in the eyes of God, when we stand for prayers, every one stands together, be it a mason or a rich landlord and we pray, we pray to the Lord who made all of us and for whom no one has a higher or a lower rank, everyones equal."
Yes everyone is equal in the eyes of God, but we humans have carved out such boundaries that have solidified in the harsh heat of time.
Nana was very fond of all those who worked for him, be it the person who prepared his hookah ( an eastern smoking pipe designed with a long tube passing through an urn of water) or the neighbourhood barber, each one had a special place in his heart and each got his problems solved through their favourite babuji ( thats what they called nana).
"This is what would go with you, nothing else..nothing else, its the way you treat people and the things you do for them that would fill the account of your deeds..an account that opens as soon as a person gains maturity." He used to hate the term servant, "whose servant?" He would question, " we have sent on this earth to serve each other, to help the other in their times of need..no one's below us..no one's our servant...we should be greatful for their services, its because of their hardwork that we lead a comfortable life."
The words ones told turn into the greatest lesson for life, even when I am angry the voice whithin asks me to calm down so that I don't have to regret my deeds. I sometimes wonder, can someones absence be so strong that it can guard our presence and take it towards the right path? Today I believe that it does, coz the voice within is our greatest guiding light...its a blessing of a pure soul and the love that ignites.
This Eid wont be the same as he's no longer there, but his words and values would celebrate their existence in my heart for ever and would be passed on so that they find a home in every heart :) A very happy Eid to all, May our life forever celebrate the goodness within.

Travelling through time,
it struck me once,
each passing day is a short sojourn,
they come and go like a flash of light,
leaving a mark, gracing my mind,
and all these marks turn into the lessons,
that lit my way in the dim paths of life.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Distant Affection

I don't know what I see in the moon, but it has quite a gripping effect on me. Big, round and beautiful...sans words. It also seem to give me a silent feel since I fall short of words when I sit to describe it. I don't know what attracts me the most, its beauty, its pristine simplicity or the innumerable stories for which it has been a favourite abode.
A prince on a horse coming straight from the moon and taking the princess away :) I grew up listening to such stories, which my grandma used to describe in a beautiful way as we lay below the mysterious night sky, covered with a black veil studded with stars, where imagination played its games. Her stories were a bridge between my world and my dreams, tenderly putting me off to sleep.
Truth, purity, love and affection, these are the qualities that I relate to my beloved moon. The halo around it teaches us as to how we can outshine our troubles, however hard they might try to hold on to us. Our optimism would dampen their spirits.
This indeed is my distant affection, and I like a nomad wonder who do I like better, is it the pole star that shows me the way or the moon that lights up my path.

Friday, August 21, 2009


What is it to be immortal. Well, I don't really know, maybe a reminder of your existance at every breath even after you've gone away, away to a world from where you can never come back, leaving behind a bundle of deeds, deeds that resound in someones heart, that carve out a niche in someones soul, that flow in someones tears, that beat in someones heart....deeds that carve out a space, filling it with gratefulness and making one follow the traces left behind, which inspire us to be like the one if not at par.
Our deeds make us immortal, deeds that we silently shower for the betterment of the other, which then seep down reaching their soul and stay there forever. Such is the power of our deeds, that they make us immortal.
Being elder than someone is not a big deal, but when you are at a higher pedestal, you should always remember, that there are people standing below, who have their gaze on you, its your duty to set the right example, and it would be your deeds that would make you live forever.
A department to cater to the people suffering from tuberculosis had opened in Jamia, grandpa was a part of the department. Being a part of something only helps, when one actively participates in it and takes it towards the goal it has intended to achieve. Whoever suffered from TB got a quick ride on grandpas heavy bike, who then took them to the center to be cured. Many shared the seat, and many lives were cured, no one got to know, coz it just seeped in the heart of those who then made him live forever.
He is still alive, alive in the words of the people I meet, Alive in the twinkle of someones eyes as he/she takes his name, Alive as Mr. Abdul Sattar, A name people would never forget, a name that is smeared on every wall of the village called Okhla, in the memories of a University called Jamia, in the hearts of the people who loved him, and in the innumerable deeds concealed in every heart...be it known or unknown.......

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Oath that left an imprint....

Today, when I was posting a poem at musings (the other blog that I have), my eyes filled with tears. Once nana had told me, that ones country is ones home, its our duty to look after it. Let people say what they want to, let them criticise it and leave their duties for others to fulfill, simply by playing the blame game, but you as an Indian don't ever forget, that your country is your duty, always be there for it, go ahead and be the change that you want to see, don't ever let those down who have given you the freedom to express yourself, to live with dignity in your own land, don't let those down who gave you the freedom to decide...who blessed you with the words...for, by and of the people...its in your hands...your land...its your responsibility...take it towards the path of progress, you owe it to your motherland...you owe it to India..your home... your world!
I remember your words nana, I remember how unwell you were on the day of the election and still you went to the booth to cast your vote...I know how important it was for you...
You were a good son, you did realise your duties towards your motherland.
As Independence Day is fast approaching, I can smell the fragrance of my land in the air,
I am delighted at the innocent eyes and the little hands holding on to the flags at the red light,
I can feel the enthusiasm in the march past at the India Gate, all set and energised to celebrate the special day!I can feel the Amar Jawan Jyoti's rising flames, the young blood that did not think for a second before giving their life for their motherland!I am proud to belong to such a country, where the Saffron, White and Green coexist in wonderous harmony
..this is my country...my world..my land!May the fragrance of joy forever mesmerise my motherland :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Festive Delight!

Raksha Bandhan, a beautiful Indian festival, when Sisters tie rakhi on their brothers hand . Rakhi is a sacred thread of protection embellished with the love and affection of a sister for her brother. Its beautiful how relationships blossom with time, leaving a fragrance of love and affection for us to trace whereever we may be. Once my teacher told me, that in her days, sisters used to get up early in the morning, had a bath and sat down to make a beautiful rakhi out of colourful threads, at that time people did not prefer buying one from the market, it used to be a sacred affair. I believe its still sacred, whatever might have changed with time, the feelings, the promises, the belief and love is just the same, ever growing with the joy of human bonds:)
I feel the best thing about being an Indian, is the fact that whatever community, religion or region you may belong to, each and every festival celebrated by the people of our nation is relished by one and all. Its like different members of a family, with different habits, customs and beliefs, coming together to celebrate the festive spirit that colours life, with its ever refreshing glory!That's my country and I am in love with it :)
I remember how my siblings and I, used to gather at nanis place to tie rakhis to each other, it was a treat to get a chocolate in return to every rakhi that was tied. Time passed, we grew up and got busy, but today, when I messaged my cousins , to wish them a very happy rakhi, the fragrance of the bygone days smeared my mind....time passes but certain feelings remain intact forever.
Thank you Rush for encouraging me to write a new post today as you always do , you took me to the days that linger on like fresh dew, which works like a healing balm :)
A very happy Rakshi to all my friends out there!May God bless each relationship in your life with an enriching beauty that gets better with time :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Early Morning:)

Early mornings :) When we are little kids, its a torture to get up early in the morning!The alarm would ring, consciously unheard, waiting for the louder alarm to ring again and hoping that the latter fails to do so!The louder alarm...well mom who else..She'd come early in the morning totally aware of the ungreatful cheapness that we have to show towards the alarm clock;) and then follows the line of the day!"Oh!Already, I just slept a while back:("..and quickly a reply is shot back.."your while back has already completed ten hours!! Better be up"..how cruel is that! Whatever said and done, those were blissful days, when all the worries were definately not our baggage, but were taken care of by others..lol..blissfully carefree.
But as time passed mornings took a new role in my life, ones that brought out the positive from within..
Today as I sat in the lawn, the morning had yet another blissful flavour to it, smeared with fresh dew drops, under the clear blue sky, accompanied by the soft rays of the sun, which brought down the temperature in a jiffy. The cool breeze made sure, that our mind opens up to embrace all thats good in the world.The birds went about doing their work, building nests on the ever welcoming arms of the friendly trees, the butterflies danced around, enjoying the fragrance of the flowers which were happily dancing with the wind. The moving clouds seemed like a light blanket covering the sky step by step, while the rain waited for its chance to shower the earth with its gentle downpour and I amongst all this, could just say a few words, "Thank you God for a beautiful morning!"
Time indeed reveals the real taste of life :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Not So Idiot Box!

Memories have a huge storage capacity, they can preserve loads of incidences that in turn become an important lesson in life.In this fast changing world of cable and dish t.v., people are forgetting the presence of doordarshan, well that was one channel and a few others that used to enhance the t.v. set which then wasn't much of an idiot box, since there were many shows that left a great impact on our mind. I was in fourth standard when my uncle got a cable connection at my grandma's place. Since then it became a ritual for the whole clan, to go over to nani's place and watch "Antakshiri" , hosted by Annu Kapoor, followed by a huge family dinner :)
Before that, movies were not a regular feature and tapes could be hired to watch a movie. So whenever the senior members of the family planned to watch a movie, it used to be a festive delight for me and my cousins, since we got our share of fruity and chips! More than the movie, it was the treat that we looked forward to.
It so happened that once I was watching t.v. at home, though it was black and white, but I filled it with the colours of my imagination.I still remember that they had special programmes for kids during the summer vacations, " aaaa eeee ho gayi chutti" played the title track. Once they had this story about a kind little girl, who shared everything with others, even if it was a small little sweet,she used to share it with her parents, by dividing into half. So one day an angel visited the girl's place disguised as a poor woman. The little girl was having her food, the only two rotis which she had, as her parents were away for some work. When the angle asked her for food, the girl gave her whatever she had. Happy with the girl's generosity, the angel blessed her and told her, that she would never fall short of anything in life, happiness would be her jewel for the rest of her life!
After the story ended, I headed straight to the kitchen and hugged my mom, though she got a bit confused, she hugged me back and planted a kiss on my forehead. Then I went back to my room and took out all my toys and gave a nice new one to my maid's daughter, who was more or less the same age! I was happy that day and still am:)
Grandpa used to say, when you give a present to someone, give them what appeals to you the most, don't give them something you do not like, that indeed would be a real gift. He used to keep the best things for others while using the old ones, this habit irritated everyone in the family but I know how happy he felt :)
Everything in the world teaches us a lesson..........even the so called idiot box can be pretty useful! Isn't it ;)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Natural Balm

There is a cord that is struck when you find yourself at certain places. Those places make you realise, how deep and mesmerising the reality actually is. I remember the early mornings at my grandparents place, where you didn't need an alarm clock to wake you up, nature did the needful.
As I was asleep a beautiful sound entered my ears and resounded in my mind, it was a tiny dove playing distant music with its tone, going on repeating the words "Ya Dosto"as thats what I believed they were. In our faith, "Ya Dosto" is another name for God. As my grandmother used to tell me lovingly,"all the birds remember the Lord and keep taking his name, thats how they beautify the world, with their peaceful chant!"
Indeed. Today when I think of it, I know for sure that nature has its own healing powers, be it the soothing winds or the gracious chant of the birds, everything adds to the beauty of life.When people stuff their ears with head phones and jog in the parks, they don't realise what they are missing the most. Music does take one to another world, soothing each tussle that comes our way, but the music of nature is greater than what any living being can ever make. It works like a balm on the strained nerves and calms each breath that we take.
God has given us a beautiful world which protects us from everything that goes wrong in our life, nature indeed is our natural defence mechanism, its for us to hear its call and sing along with the blissful music that has the power to heal everything that it touches upon.

A little birdie perched high up in a tree,
Singing along with the winds to nature's melody,
A balm was the song to soothed every strain,
joy it brought to the rough terrains.
As I sat on the window sill,
the melody entered with a joyous jilt,
and then came in a new breathe of life,
it touched my day with a new found delight,
and as I got ready to face the world,
beloved nature resounded in my ears.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Everyones life got some plan........

I was just thinking, why does life give one a feeling of having everything but being empty.
Is it a loss of patience or loss of desires, or just an empty mind which is on fire?
But when we tend to combine all that goes on , in the stream of life which just flows by,
its then, that one gets to know, that its just but our nature...to think about life and the uncanny future ..........

It makes me think, and yet not understand,
that everyones life got some plan,
carving a niche or finding a cure,
life does take us through something for sure,
and when this something results in success,
thats when we cry out,"Oh!Everything happens, for the best!"

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Fragrance has this great power to trigger off memories. Each fragrance has an identity of its own, a soul that brings it alive in our minds eye.
I still remember the fragrance of new books for the new session, that had the power to attract the enthusiasm that made me look forward to cover them with crisp brown paper, irrespective of my mothers apprehension of spoiling them.
The fragrance of a new doll on my birthday, covered with a glittering wrapping paper and given to me with a big smile, though I might have forgotten the fragrance of the new doll, but the fragrance of the people that filled my life with love can never be forgotten.
The fragrance of ponds dream flower talc which then came in a steel bottle, was one of my favourite, I could relish it in my nani's dupatta, covering which I have spent many peaceful nights.
The fragrance of the earth when it comes in contact with the first few drops of rain, hugging them lovingly and dancing with joy,sharpening each and every feature of the earth, making the green go greener and caressing the paper boats that float with delight.
The fragrance of a new morning like the one of a new born, new in every sense of the word, fresh like a pleasant breeze that gives a new beginning..a new meaning to life.
There are so many things that have the familiar fragrance, one that refreshes our life and gives it its lost colour, though each fragrance has a unique identity, it merges within and generates a new energy .

As I smelled the air,It felt new today,
what is it that made it new?
a new victory or a new despair,
But whenever I pass the long lost lanes,
I know for sure that its a game,
a game of life, to renew the old,
a few cherished memories, a throbbing soul,
it is in life that I take delight,
the secrets piled in a secretive light,
the fragrance of new, the young, the old,
Gives my life the value of gold.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Loving Ways :)

Thud! went the bottle of coconut oil and a chair was pulled out in the sun. A pile of hair came down on her shoulders as she got ready to massage her hair in the everwelcomed winter sunlight. "Look if he's up ! " said grandma, "who?", I asked..."Your nana(grandpa)"."But why can't you take his name?", leaving her trapped in my question, I got busy playing with my blocks, trying hard to make a house with several unsuccessful efforts. "No, I can't!" came a stern reply. "But why?"I asked, giving her a questioning look, "because women are not supposed to take their husbands name."replied grandma, with a bit of irritation in her voice. "But mamma talks to pa directly?". Now tired of dealing with the storm of questions, my grandma lowered her face, narrowed her eyes and gave out a few but solid words.."are you going or not?"Though it was very rare with nani to get angry at anyone, but when she did, it was better to be on the safer side, therefore to cling on to the safe mode I jumped up and ran across the veranda to see if nana had risen from his long slumber.He was quite good when it came to sleeping, one can say he was a champion at that. On the day of his funeral when so many people had stories as to how he had helped them in life, I just thought whether he was doing it during his sleep?:)Thoughthere was a tight schedule that he followed and when he was busy, no one could be near his den(thats what we called it,though his grandchildren were born with a forever access card, it was the elders who had to suffer;)
As I came back with an affirmative reply, My grandma's open hair went straight back into a bun as she quickly headed towards the kitchen to prepare his breakfast..two slices of bread with a half fried egg..the only thing he ate with piping hot cup of tea.
There was something about my grandma's cooking that I can never forget..a different aroma, a simple but amazing taste and yes stuffed with loads of love. Whenever I came to her in the morning, I knew that she is going to say those magical words, "go, there's something for you on the dining table."Even a simple bread pakora stuffed with nothing at all, tasted heavenly! I still remember how she introduced me with my first piece of cheese. My grandparents house was a great place for me and my cousins to play hide and seek..it was huge...it still is..though Ive grown big in every sense of the word, but I think certain addictions never leave you, and I am happy they don't..so one day I was just playing alone as there was no one else to play with and decided that I would spend my time watching kites from the terrace..now the terrace was a forbidden area..kids not allowed kind of a place, so grandma never allowed me to go upstairs, except on certain fortunate occasions, when she had some work. So I got all prepared to request her for allowing me to go upstairs, being my grandma, she smelled the mischief and called me to the dining area, I went there with hurried steps, maybe this was my lucky day, may be she would grant me permission! There she was, with something wrapped in a silver foil.."come here, I'll give you some cheese to eat", "kya cheese?"I asked her..."Cheese, cheese!here you go!"
Thats how I got to eat my first piece of cheese and love it till date.
After nana was through with his breakfast, he too joined us in the lawn...while grandma got busy with her hair massage, as the coconut oil had melted by now and I got busy with the colourful blocks....the colour which makes my memories beautiful till date, nana got busy reading the newspaper along with his hookkah (a beautiful Indian version of a smoking pipe).
Yesterday as I was driving home after work, I heard a joke on the radio, which made me think as to how things have changed...the joke was on men, who become donkeys after marriage and thats precisely why women call them "AG"..the full form of which according to them should be "abe gadhe"(you donkey). Though I've never heard women calling there husbands "AG"(atleast not in the current scenario),but the joke did take me to the time when my grandma refused to take my grandpas name, out of her respect and love for him, or just "aap", if needed to be addressed directly and same was the case with grandpa. But the only difference was that he did take grandmas name most lovingly but that too was followed with an "aap". At that time I just could'nt figure out as to why this was the case, but today I 've understood the real reason, its a fact that would always be true...Respect and love are the two most essential ingredients for a beautiful realtionship..be it any, and this was one way through which my grandparents expressed their love and respect for eachother :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The steps that never returned

Its surprising that one event follows another in such a way that we are left totally numb. Recently I had described the friendship between my grandfather and his friend and today,I'd say that my grandpa has made his way to the heavenly abode,to be even closer to God and start a life which we can just think of ...the hereafter.
We attach ourselves to people, thinking that they are a permanent source of strength for us, its human nature to do that, but we forget something..a vital fact that we should accept and believe in..nothings premanent in this world,except for God, I am scared that the way we are making things work in the beautiful world that he has blessed us with, in no time even he would also say..I have had enough! Hope he doesn't , coz if that happens, we would actually be left with nothing at all.Lets make this world a beautiful place and pray that the God showers his blessings on us forever and ever.
Initially I had created this blog to compile all that my grandpa had to say about history and his various experiences, time passed and he became a bit repetitive, thus I was unable to do what I had initially planned and now its just impossible. But I am sure about one thing, he would always be alive through the values that he has left behind, for us as grandchildren and for his children to imbibe and lead a better life, may be now through this blog I would narrate the beautiful words that have become a part of my being..May God Bless His Soul. Amen
(He was taken to the hospital on the 29th of May 09 and passed away on the 12th of June 09)

When you were taking those steps out of the house,
Somehow I knew, you would not return;

When you looked at me and no words came out,
Somehow I knew you would not return;

When they took you in their care, claiming that everything would be alright,
Somehow I knew you would not return;

When you were in a tussle to survive;
Somehow I knew you would not return;

I knew it from the start and yet I believed,
may be life has more for you to see,
and now when you have closed your eyes,
my thoughts have stopped in disbelief,
the only promise that I want from you,
is to guide me wherever I might be,
coz you might have left for the other world,
but my heart is where you'd always be.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Eternal and Everlasting

Its amazing how relationships work, it feels like there is an automatically generated attachment that develops between people.
Unable to judge whats going on in the world, my grandpa told me something that left me quite zapped.
Yesterday I got the news of one of his friends demise, he was residing in a totally different city and both he and grandfather hadn't met each other for a long time now, but friendship is such a bond that has the power to transgress any amount of distance that exists between people. His friend I am sure was always a part of grandpa's prayers.
I remember all the stories that grandpa used to share with me and still does, he told me how he and his friends wrote innumerable plays and acted in them, the locality and the area nana lives in was a part and parcel of Jamia University and thus their life beamed with all sorts of cultural activities, there were plays, festive celebrations, be it Eid, Holy, Christmas. Nana (grandpa) got all excited when he narrated the various incidences, it looked as if a little child is narrating his days activities..he said, "and then we got the real buffaloe on stage, can you believe it!a real buffaloe, I made the village people sit on stage and gave my hukkah to one of them to smoke, like real villagers do..and the play became an instant hit." He sat in one corner, with his transistor, which was a great source of entertainment in those days and wrote innumerable plays, which unfortunately got lost with time.
While nana had a different life he shared this common interest with his friend Habib Tanvir (1 September 1923 – 8 June 2009) a popular Hindi playwright, theatre director, poet and an actor. Nana still remembers his role as a hawker in one of Tanvir Sahabs plays Agra Bazar..he had become a "kakri wala".With a sudden deterioration in his health, I never realised that nana would ever be aware of whats going on in the world, though he keeps surprising me time and again, but this time he shocked me beyond words.
When I got the news of his friends demise, everyone in the family decided that the sad news should not reach his ears at any cost since it would disturb him even more. With loads of thoughts flocking my mind I went and sat next to him, after a general talk about the daily happenings, he poured out the words..which most term as hallucination..."You know beta,Tanvir Sahab came to me last night, he was a great friend and I hope he gets a good place in the hereafter"...I was left zapped..every effort of hiding the news from him had gone in vain..it was a few day ago that I had seen him reciting the dialogues of the play.
Certain things in life are beyond explanation and there is no term to describe them, the more we try to know about them, the more confused we become, therefore leaving things to what they are is the best we can do.
The bond of friendship travels across borders, it has the power to bridge any gap that ever exists, it links one heart to another, creating such strong bonds that become eternal and everlasting.

Monday, June 1, 2009

An Awakening

Venerate life in all its forms,
distinct and pristine as it was born,
through endeavours that wreaked havoc on its fragile skin,
making it deplete in the storms self formed.
Pristine it was and would have been,
if the tides of humanity had been soothing.
Though the impure tags along,
a few pores of truth, have a short sojourn.
I, a dilapidated soul, when asked for repentance,
it stretched its arms to take me in,
and then I realised what a fool I was,
never saw the path,
towards a New Beginning.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hope will get us through

The myriad cords of our life are such, that each is interdependent on the other,though it might not seem to be the case. These cords give us a reason to live and enjoy life and once broken leave an irreparable void. Such are the cords of our life that if they were non existant, life would not have had a meaning.
Our cords..our loved ones, those for whom we live and in turn provide a leeway to their emotions. Such cords are called relationships.
God has his way of running the cycle of life, when a cord gets strained and breaks away, a new one takes its place, but does that mean it is the end of our connection with the former, it definately does not seem to be the case. When a cord breaks away, it leaves a void behind, though the damage is irrepariable, memories provide a balm of relief, though complete repair of emotions is not possible. Like blood flows through our veins, love flows through these cords, making our life work smoothly, though we know that the flow is going to stop one day, we keep rubbishing the thought and nurture them with love.
Memories act as a mirage, giving us relief when we need it the most, but when we come backto reality we have to encounter and bear the truth.What is it that can can give us relief in such times...its nothing but hope. Its hope that can make us believe in life and can keep us going.

The times may be rough,
the journey might be tough,
Hope will get us through.

Life may perspire,
Thoughts may be on fire,
Hope will get us through.

Eyes might be numb,
Thoughts in conundrum,
Hope will get us through.

The cords of life surround us,
and lead us to a path,
where love opens all doors,
and a magic spell is cast.

These myriad hues of life,
these cords of love that exist,
are liven up by hope,
on hope thus life exists.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Sometimes life just leaves us so amazed that we are left wondering why it keeps playing such games with us. When we are sad, it turns a new page to let happiness in and when we are happy it perches on our roof and attacks us with its sharp beak, snatching happiness away from our hands. But this is what life is all about; there is happiness with a tear of joy:) When the tear drops sadness prevails and when a curve appears ion our lips, it tends to push the sadness away.
Happiness is like a shower of rain on a hot sunny day, the heat gets vaporized in a jiff, it rises and vanishes away giving way to the soothing drops of water.
It’s a vicious circle, but what’s more important is to have an urge, a passion, a thirst for the best while the worst resides. If we stop looking forward to a new beginning.. the world would come to an end…not just any end…but a dead end. Therefore its best to get the tough going!

A ray of hope,
A new desire,

A thirst for joy,
An ambition on fire,

A light that burns,
A word that penetrates,

A hope that lingers on would never leave me in dismay,

The more I think,The more I find,
the game of life is quite devine,
it makes me laugh,
it makes me cry,
but it’s a bond that would never destroy,
it would keep me going when times are rough,
the problems in life are a temporary bug,

So delete em forever and smile with joy,
its one life dear friends,
make it worth every while:)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Second Childhood:)

Most people say that old age is second childhood. It doesn’t mean that old people are kids, but the fact is that in their age, they need the care and attention, that kids do. They sacrifice their life to bring up their children, though they do not demand it ,but their children should be there for them , making their twilight years , sparkle with peace and joy….which they truly deserve.
As I see my grandfather growing old, I often hear him repeating a line time and again,” I am old now”.It might seem to be just a realization of ones age , which is true, but theres something else to it aswell…….it also indicates towards the fact that, he feels sad that he cannot do anything for anyone anymore….which isn’t true.Its quite a discouraging factor for someone in his age, this is where my role starts.
Its very essential to make ones grandparents feel that they are important, and give them the attention that they need. They are indeed very important for us, its their blessings that bring a lot of stability in our life.To do this I’ve come up with a game that I play with him quite often, and those of you who have grandparents or are grandparents can try this aswell .
Whenever they say they’re old ask them about their age…
Me: How old are you grandpa?
Gp: Well, 80 my child.
Me: OK Now, change the numbers and place the latter before the former, then what would your age be?
Me:Yup! Now that you’re an 8 year old, try talking like an 8 yr old, while I'ii answer you, like an 80 year old!Let the fun begin!!!:)Initially he refuses but then the game starts!
Though this game wont actually make him 8, its just that it’ll fill that very moment with joy and you’ll see your grandparents, laughing and enjoying themselves as 8 yr olds do.
Theres an important rule to this game, if the second number of their age is greater than the first one , it would not be counted, in that case only the first one would be taken into consideration.;)So this way a 76 yr old will go back to being 67 or can remove the 7 and can just be 6…they have the liberty to choose in whatever way they would like to play along, as long as it does the trick.
Actually whats most important is to spend quality time. It might just be a simple conversation for us , but for them it’s the most important thing in their life. Thats why we see grandparents giving so much of importance and attention to what their kids have to tell them, even if its about the little adventure that their grandson had indulged in, the amount of importance given to it is commendable.
Their untiring, loving and doting behaviour for their children is something none of us can ever manage.I still remember , how as a little kid , I used to ask innumerable questions and none of them were ignored or left unanswered. Now when he asks me numerous questions, about my work, my studies and my friends, I try hard but fail to answer all….We can never love them the amount they’ve loved us, however much we might try to..

In your twilight years , I often wonder,
What is it that would make you happy ,
though I think of loads of things,
Some seem material , some just too crappy,
Then with a confused mind,when I stand by your side,
A smile sprouts up on your lips and your eyes twinkle with joy,
and then I realize how simple it is ….you just need my time and that’s about it………..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Make it Loud and Clear

I have felt this quite often,that when we love someone, be it in any relationship,we nurture the feeling in such a way that it feels as if we have bartered a part of our heart in the process . When unfortunate incidences happen,and the ones we love just drift away from our lives, a void gets formed which can never be filled, it remains there forever, however strong the winds of change might be.The void that gives us a sense of emptiness.
I read a story once, in which there was a competition for the most beautiful heart, a young enthusiastically pumping young heart thought that it would be the ultimate winner, but the prize was given to someone else, the winner was a heart with innumerable cuts on it, it looked as if someone had played jigsaw puzzle and had placed every patch incorrectly,on being asked the heart said," I am proud of the way I am, these cute that you see on me are pieces of hearts that I had exchanged from the people I came across, I gave them a piece of my heart and took a piece of their heart in exchange,thats why, though I have cuts, I am full of love and the best among the rest."
Love is to be distributed, it cannot be kept within, since that'll make it stagnate with time. We can't help but love people, its such a strong feeling that even when loved ones go away, a piece of their heart still resides within, making us love them forever, though we might not consciously do that, but it happens.
There are situations when we become really helpless, unable to do anything and while destiny plays the game,we are left blaming ourselves. Its not a new story and happens with each one of us, its just that however much we might try, certain things are never in our hands.No one knows what the next day would bring with it, but today, everything is in our hands,its for us to make the most of it.
We can be there for the people we love and can tell them what they mean to us. As certain facts are obvious but they still need to be repeated so that the people are always aware of their existance.Let your dear ones know that you love them, be it your grandparents, your parents, your wife , your kids or anyone else whom you love unconditionally, coz love is made of both words and feelings, while feelings connect it to your heart, words make the other realise how intensely it beats.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The way it goes

The day breaks and light peeps out of the horizon, it streaches its arms and spreads on the bed of the earth.With its long bewitching reach seeping into our life, it glows every corner and spreads delight.Watching the ritual being performed, the birds spread out their wings and leave their nests happily chirping with the winds.The dew drops fly back with a magnetic click, only to return the next day, when the light is still in the process, to fill the sky upto the brim.
Now the sun is out and raises an alarm," get up world! A new day has come."
The world wakes up with a jerk, "What!Already?Why are you always on time Mr.Sun, take an off sometimes and rest peacefully at home."The sun grins and plans to teach the silly thing a lesson,"Alright then Mister, we'll have it your way tomorrow morning.I'll take an off and wont come out on time, if procrastination is the trend, that is what I'll imbibe."
Tomorrow came but looked incomplete, the night was waiting in total disbelief."This is not what happens every day,where is the sun!When will the day break???"
The birds helplessly fly in the dark,"where is light!Has calamity struck?"
Alas it was time for the world to wake up, it had overslept and looked swollen and clogged up.All the duties that it had to perform were delayed,"Oh!Where is the sun," it cried out,"Please come out I pray!"
Hearing its frantic cry, the sun peeped out and gave an apt reply,"If all of us try to run away from our duties, life would come to a halt and would lose its beauty. If you want to be happy, keep this in mind..welcome each new day with a beautiful smile. As it is a fact that everyone should know,The way you treat a day, the way it goes!"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Touch Upon My Soul

Touch upon my soul, O dear God,
Heal it with your magic wand,
Lighten up the deep dark corners,
Dress it like a golden urn.
Since my soul is much deprived,
of your precious sacred light,
Ignite the goodness that hides within,
Be My Friend,My Companion, My Guide

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just be positive!

My grandmom had a line which she used as often as she could,"just be patient, everything will be fine".When my mom came to her with loads and loads of things that she needed to share, after listening to her patiently, nani(grandma), had just one thing to say, "don't worry, just be patient, everything will be fine", I often saw my mom getting angry at her for repeating the samething time and again..she would complain in an irritated tone,"how can things be fine on their own!Why do you keep saying this!", Grandma just smiled, since that was her confident reply. She had a firm belief that God tests our patience oft and on,he makes us believe in our abilities, he wants us to nurture the positive within us inturn controlling the negative thoughts and restricting them in a deep dark corner, never allowing them to surface again.
So friends,"Dont worry!Just be patient, everything would be fine"..very soon:)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

True Beauty

I often wonder what beauty is all about. Many people say that my grandmother was a very beautiful woman. When she came after marrying nana(grandpa), women from the neighbourhood used to make regular visits , as they had heard a lot about her.This was when she was young, but when she grew old there was something that still attracted the people towards her.As a granddaughter if I say that she had the most innocently soothing face that I have ever come across, people would say that I am being biased.But there was definately something about her, that even a stranger whom she had never met before,could relate to easily.At that time I was just a little kid , aware of my grandmothers implicit charms, but unaware of the reason behind them. What made her who she was?Today I know the reason....
Be it an ailing neighbour or an arrogant relative, an old friend or a new acquaintance, grandma was there for everyone.It was not only at the time of distress that she was with them, but she made it a point to celebrate their happiness as well. This was her life, she never carried malice for anyone in her heart.It was just that she genuinely cared, and thats what made her appear really beautiful.
I know about another beautiful woman whom I have always admired.. Mother Teresa..an epitome of love, a true beauty.Her beauty ran in her heart and was showered wherever she went.Its true that beauty isn't skin deep...it has much more to it that makes it complete..It includes a beautiful heart and a kind soul and yes it also includes a few words that have the power to heal any wound that it comes across.
True beauty penetrates through the heart and seeps down into the soul.Most of us crib about about our appearance...beauty that is skin deep. Just give yourself time and get to know if the beauty that you desire has penetrated into your soul...if it has , you are indeed beautiful and would stay that way forever, coz such beauty just gets better with time.
Beauty that perishes with time isn't true beauty, but is infact a mask that we wear since its not attached to our soul.
Remember its not the look but the essence that makes you look beautiful:)

Monday, May 4, 2009

It definately would...

Certain memories last longer than we think they would, turning into lessons for a life time.I believe children are like a blank paper, each moment in their life and each new lesson they learn gets typed in their minds eye and stays there forever. What happens when they see their elders performing certain duties, well!They just unconsciously follow them and make them a part of their life. On the contrary when they see their parents lying about something , they learn to lie, since it is a fact that our minds don't come with an editing machine,thoughts do linger on, whether positive or negative, its only when we mature and know the difference between right and wrong, we attach certain boundaries that we never attempt to cross,coz we know for sure that the winds are fatal on the other side!
We learn and imbibe a lot of things that we grow up observing and today one such incident that comes to my mind is the family trip to the polling booth.
It was ofcourse a holiday for us, so me and my cousins use to join the rest of the family and went to the polling boost,inspite of the fact that we very well knew that we would have to wait inside the car!Well that was not a problem,the thing that excited us the most was the car ride and yes then observing the people standing in the line to cast their votes. While we indulged in non serious stuff like running around the vehicle, as that was the boundary that we were ordered to stay within, the maturer part of our home, i.e. our elders took a step towards a new tomorrow , a ray of hope for their nation ,by giving it a leader who would hopefully be a soothing wind of change!
At that time I did not realise how important that one trip to the polling booth was, it was but a trip for me to enjoy and yes a break from school. I did not realise that this very duty that my elders performed will get registered in my mind forever.
Today when I hear people say,"What difference would it make if I don't vote",my mind goes back to the unforgettable memories, the sharp sunlight, the never ending line and the smile of satisfaction on my parents face after they have performed their duty..I just have one thing to say.."It would make a difference, it definately would:)"

Friday, May 1, 2009

The first bar of love

Yaadein, a beautiful word to describe the many pleasant memories of ones life. Stored, restored and then cherished forever, until you have a treasure chest full of loads and loads of moments, both happy and may be not so happy...but I am a bit choosy when it comes to preserving memories, I've lined up the happy ones and try to keep them at a "recall" away, so that as soon as my mind clicks, I can watch the pleasant reel of the bygone days:)
One such memory that keeps tickling my happy harmones is the one related to a bar of choclate! Yup!My very own five star, which when I was a kid used to come in a bigger version but at a cheaper rate. There was a new general store that had come up on the main road. It was quite close to my house. Though it was a regular store had nothing amazing about it, but for me it was a dream come true and I'll tell you why! Right there on the shelf, visible from any corner of the road, there sat the love of my life,my very first crush...a huge jar filled with loads and loads of bars of five star!Ummmmazn!
Whenever I was on my way to the bus stop or while crossing the road..which now happened more often...I could feel the stare of my love interest..and the smell of choclate, it went right into my nose, pulling me towards it, which was indeed surprising coz it was a tightly closed jar, to save it from people like me I guess;)
So it just happened that I got to walk with my grandpa in the evenings when he ventured out to cater to his social circle, as we walked together, right from the corner of the road I could feel the magical spell pulling me towards it,I looked longingly at nana and taking his hand into mine, I carefully poured out all the sweetness that had ever resided in my mouth..."Nana, can we ahem..like...you know what! I made an amazing painting in class, ma'am was really happy!...", Nana just smiled, "God is he bad with hints," I thought, but continued the struggle, "can you like get me a five star today", there was silence, but the smile on his face just lingered on...the hint was finally taken! and then came the best moment of my life! Staring at me, was the most pleasing, adorable and the irresistably huge jar of five star!
I was blessed with one of them and savoured it for hours on end:) Mmmmmm!thatz life!Memories can be recalled, cherished, enjoyed and yes relished as well!Though my loved one is not the same and has reduced in size, keeping up with the trend of smaller sizes I guess, but I am happy that the memories haven't changed.After all theres nothing like first love and no one can replace it ever!:)

Friday, April 24, 2009

When life comes to a halt...there's a restart!

Is it possible to stop people from ageing? Its quite a helpless situation when you see the people you love , in not the best of conditions and the worst part is, you cannot do anything about it. Nana( my grandfather) has been the most lively human being Ive ever encountered in my life. When I was a little kid, I would just be amazed at the different kind of activities he would indulge in .....social service, play writing , organising big functions where he would collect the people from the whole area and have a get together. Each and every festival was celebrated with equal delight, on Christmas we used to gather at Aunt Dorothys place, on Holi , nana's friends would barge into the house and carry him away to play holi, on Eid the whole house used to smell of delicacies with loads and loads of people pouring in:) It was just beautiful.
Today when I see him, lying on the bed, not in the best of moods, irritated with his eye sight, as he loves to read, all the bygone days come back in a flash and highlight the stark contrast. But the best part is, he never gave up and never will. There are days when he is in his best moods and at that point of time, I can see a young man, rejuvinated with the great spirit that he had always possessed and singing the good old tunes of life......simply at his poetic best;)

Friday, April 10, 2009

A small lesson

Nana often talks about the small but beautiful things in life. Having the honour of being taught and having the company of some of the great personalities of our nation, he has learnt an important lesson and swears by it day and night."Small things make a lot of difference . Your language, the way you talk and the company you seek determines a lot of things ".
There were people he met , who have left a sentence or two as a parcel of their fond memories, but those words are remembered and cherished till date. You never get to know but sometimes you end up saying some such thing, be it good or bad , that gets attached to you and is spoken about , whenever you are remembered. Therefore always try to leave such words that have a lasting impact, helping the other to build up precious momentoes , that bring a smile on their face. He remembers a line said by a great writer Kuwar Mahinder Singh, "each one of us tries to become a torch holder of ones religion, morals and values, but the genuine among them are those who do good things in life without preaching them oft and on, since their practise has the power to influence countless hearts.
Therefore I learnt a new lesson today ..walk on the right path, without trying to be a preacher who preaches, but is unable to take out time to practise his own lessons. Try to set the right example first....the rest would definately follow!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'll be there by your side

Nana is becoming older by each passing day.Yesterday when I forced him to come and have dinner with us, I knew it was very difficult for him, but he agreed. Sometimes I just wonder why at a young age we are unable to inherit such compassion and selflessness, is it just the lack of experience or that we just don't want to give a thought to certain things. Whatever it is I believe that such wealth can only be found in the hearts of the elders who have given all those wonderful years of their life to make us who we are today and still haven't stopped the process of giving.
Don't they expect anything from us? Of coarse they do. But our clocks run on such untouched, practical schedules that we don't get time to listen to our hearts, otherwise we would have been able to hear it call out to those who need us the most......and we need them too.
Yes we need them, coz we may realise it or not but the amount of stability the aged presence brings in our lives cannot be compared to anything. They might not say anything, they might be busy with the daily clock that they have happily set for themselves , but the fact that they are there makes all the difference. Its their prayers , love and innumerable blessings that surround us and guide us on the stony path of life, making it a bed of roses with a few words that last a lifetime.
"I know you are old, I know we need to talk, I know you need to complain, I know you always bless me whether I am there or not, but just be sure about one thing in your life, whenever you need me, I'll be there by your side".

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A box full of blessings:)

We grow up looking up to some people in life, then a time comes when these people start growing old. It feels as if something is slipping out of our hands, something really precious , something that we would want to cherish for the rest of our lives. The eyes that used to recognise you from a distance take time to explore our identity, once recognised they come back to you, full of joy."Aree ye to tum ho!", a few words that make you feel special.
Recently on my visit to the old age home, I realised that there is someone back home who needs the same amount of attention or even more, since certain duties start from home. One can never imagine the happiness one is able to fill in the eyes that keep waiting....for you to come and tell them that they are special and mean a lot.
There is a fragile thread that binds us with our elders, that needs to be nurtured with just a bit of time. We never realise this but the kind of stability that they bring to our life can never be brought by anyone else.
They are indeed a box full of blessings:)