Sunday, February 20, 2011

A New Chord

All that old people need is our love and attention. I've learnt this from the many angels whose company I have enjoyed since the day I learnt what love is all about.
When we're young , love doesn't mean boyfriends or girlfriends, at that time , love means our parents, our grandparents, our brothers and sisters and our friends.
Today I don't have any of my grandparents with me, but with time I also learnt that genuine feelings get transferred from one to another, without letting go of any. As I entered the marital chord, I did not know that it would bring with it many other relationships....the most amazing one being that of a grandmother.
I've always had this instant affection for old people, since they remind me of my beloved grandparents ...the other day amma, my grandmother-in -law, was telling me about her varied trips to the different parts of the world, as her husband served in the Indian foreign services, she told me about an incident when an Indian relative came to meet her abroad, I don't remember the country she mentioned, but I do remember the incident ..He came to visit her with a bag full of Indian grapes. When he passed one of the streets, he saw several carts full of grapes. As he was watching the explicit sight, to his surprise , one of the cart owners, picked up a bunch of grapes and gave them to the donkey tied to the cart.....When he reached home to told amma,"I feel like a fool to get grapes for you, all the way from India, In this country even the donkeys feed on grapes!!"(yahan to gadhe bhi angur khate hain) .
Amma, my grandmother-in -law, narrates several such stories when I sit with her......As a youth she enjoyed life to the fullest, married at a Young age , her husband was her constant companion and a real gentleman for sure. He was friends with nana, but at that time none of them knew that their families would be tied with a beautiful bond through their grandchildren....As I mentioned goes in circles, it's who we are and the imprints we leave is what makes us a wonderful human.Those people who have grandparents, I would say treat them like the most precious gift that you have, they're indeed a blessing, now and grandparents gave way to a bond that I would cherish forever!