Thursday, June 2, 2011

What is maturity all about!

Where does maturity come from? Does being mature means that one is growing in years ?? Can maturity be counted by numbers.
Yes, maturity does come from experiences, but sometimes it is just a fruit of a stable mind. A mind that knows it's pace, watches its steps and views life from a calm and composed angle.
A mature person can be young or old and immaturity can strike at old and young age alike.At a young age maturity is good when it gives a stable view to life , not such an unstable one that nothing can stand before it.
Sometimes maturity comes with a strong view on independence and separation..we are old enough..we can understand life and we can manage it alone. I would say, that's not an outcome of a mature mind, but of the one that is trying to break free in the facade of maturity.Observe an old person who is quite, composed and contented with life...this is because they are at peace with themselves. Some would say , that's because they have lived life and find no reason to challenge it...that's not true! Life becomes a challenge for them with new developing aches and pains each day!
It's true that at a young age we do have new challenges and an opportunity to charter new horizons, but that can be done with a little hold on ourselves , a little maturity that would comfortably reap the fruits of success, without the extra load of stress that keeps increasing each day!
Strive for the best but stop for a while and relish life as well, reap the qualities of a mature mind and honour those that have grown in years and in life's experiences, they have a lot to learn from....
Nourish a mind that is able to make peace with itself!