Friday, May 29, 2009

Hope will get us through

The myriad cords of our life are such, that each is interdependent on the other,though it might not seem to be the case. These cords give us a reason to live and enjoy life and once broken leave an irreparable void. Such are the cords of our life that if they were non existant, life would not have had a meaning.
Our cords..our loved ones, those for whom we live and in turn provide a leeway to their emotions. Such cords are called relationships.
God has his way of running the cycle of life, when a cord gets strained and breaks away, a new one takes its place, but does that mean it is the end of our connection with the former, it definately does not seem to be the case. When a cord breaks away, it leaves a void behind, though the damage is irrepariable, memories provide a balm of relief, though complete repair of emotions is not possible. Like blood flows through our veins, love flows through these cords, making our life work smoothly, though we know that the flow is going to stop one day, we keep rubbishing the thought and nurture them with love.
Memories act as a mirage, giving us relief when we need it the most, but when we come backto reality we have to encounter and bear the truth.What is it that can can give us relief in such times...its nothing but hope. Its hope that can make us believe in life and can keep us going.

The times may be rough,
the journey might be tough,
Hope will get us through.

Life may perspire,
Thoughts may be on fire,
Hope will get us through.

Eyes might be numb,
Thoughts in conundrum,
Hope will get us through.

The cords of life surround us,
and lead us to a path,
where love opens all doors,
and a magic spell is cast.

These myriad hues of life,
these cords of love that exist,
are liven up by hope,
on hope thus life exists.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Sometimes life just leaves us so amazed that we are left wondering why it keeps playing such games with us. When we are sad, it turns a new page to let happiness in and when we are happy it perches on our roof and attacks us with its sharp beak, snatching happiness away from our hands. But this is what life is all about; there is happiness with a tear of joy:) When the tear drops sadness prevails and when a curve appears ion our lips, it tends to push the sadness away.
Happiness is like a shower of rain on a hot sunny day, the heat gets vaporized in a jiff, it rises and vanishes away giving way to the soothing drops of water.
It’s a vicious circle, but what’s more important is to have an urge, a passion, a thirst for the best while the worst resides. If we stop looking forward to a new beginning.. the world would come to an end…not just any end…but a dead end. Therefore its best to get the tough going!

A ray of hope,
A new desire,

A thirst for joy,
An ambition on fire,

A light that burns,
A word that penetrates,

A hope that lingers on would never leave me in dismay,

The more I think,The more I find,
the game of life is quite devine,
it makes me laugh,
it makes me cry,
but it’s a bond that would never destroy,
it would keep me going when times are rough,
the problems in life are a temporary bug,

So delete em forever and smile with joy,
its one life dear friends,
make it worth every while:)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Second Childhood:)

Most people say that old age is second childhood. It doesn’t mean that old people are kids, but the fact is that in their age, they need the care and attention, that kids do. They sacrifice their life to bring up their children, though they do not demand it ,but their children should be there for them , making their twilight years , sparkle with peace and joy….which they truly deserve.
As I see my grandfather growing old, I often hear him repeating a line time and again,” I am old now”.It might seem to be just a realization of ones age , which is true, but theres something else to it aswell…….it also indicates towards the fact that, he feels sad that he cannot do anything for anyone anymore….which isn’t true.Its quite a discouraging factor for someone in his age, this is where my role starts.
Its very essential to make ones grandparents feel that they are important, and give them the attention that they need. They are indeed very important for us, its their blessings that bring a lot of stability in our life.To do this I’ve come up with a game that I play with him quite often, and those of you who have grandparents or are grandparents can try this aswell .
Whenever they say they’re old ask them about their age…
Me: How old are you grandpa?
Gp: Well, 80 my child.
Me: OK Now, change the numbers and place the latter before the former, then what would your age be?
Me:Yup! Now that you’re an 8 year old, try talking like an 8 yr old, while I'ii answer you, like an 80 year old!Let the fun begin!!!:)Initially he refuses but then the game starts!
Though this game wont actually make him 8, its just that it’ll fill that very moment with joy and you’ll see your grandparents, laughing and enjoying themselves as 8 yr olds do.
Theres an important rule to this game, if the second number of their age is greater than the first one , it would not be counted, in that case only the first one would be taken into consideration.;)So this way a 76 yr old will go back to being 67 or can remove the 7 and can just be 6…they have the liberty to choose in whatever way they would like to play along, as long as it does the trick.
Actually whats most important is to spend quality time. It might just be a simple conversation for us , but for them it’s the most important thing in their life. Thats why we see grandparents giving so much of importance and attention to what their kids have to tell them, even if its about the little adventure that their grandson had indulged in, the amount of importance given to it is commendable.
Their untiring, loving and doting behaviour for their children is something none of us can ever manage.I still remember , how as a little kid , I used to ask innumerable questions and none of them were ignored or left unanswered. Now when he asks me numerous questions, about my work, my studies and my friends, I try hard but fail to answer all….We can never love them the amount they’ve loved us, however much we might try to..

In your twilight years , I often wonder,
What is it that would make you happy ,
though I think of loads of things,
Some seem material , some just too crappy,
Then with a confused mind,when I stand by your side,
A smile sprouts up on your lips and your eyes twinkle with joy,
and then I realize how simple it is ….you just need my time and that’s about it………..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Make it Loud and Clear

I have felt this quite often,that when we love someone, be it in any relationship,we nurture the feeling in such a way that it feels as if we have bartered a part of our heart in the process . When unfortunate incidences happen,and the ones we love just drift away from our lives, a void gets formed which can never be filled, it remains there forever, however strong the winds of change might be.The void that gives us a sense of emptiness.
I read a story once, in which there was a competition for the most beautiful heart, a young enthusiastically pumping young heart thought that it would be the ultimate winner, but the prize was given to someone else, the winner was a heart with innumerable cuts on it, it looked as if someone had played jigsaw puzzle and had placed every patch incorrectly,on being asked the heart said," I am proud of the way I am, these cute that you see on me are pieces of hearts that I had exchanged from the people I came across, I gave them a piece of my heart and took a piece of their heart in exchange,thats why, though I have cuts, I am full of love and the best among the rest."
Love is to be distributed, it cannot be kept within, since that'll make it stagnate with time. We can't help but love people, its such a strong feeling that even when loved ones go away, a piece of their heart still resides within, making us love them forever, though we might not consciously do that, but it happens.
There are situations when we become really helpless, unable to do anything and while destiny plays the game,we are left blaming ourselves. Its not a new story and happens with each one of us, its just that however much we might try, certain things are never in our hands.No one knows what the next day would bring with it, but today, everything is in our hands,its for us to make the most of it.
We can be there for the people we love and can tell them what they mean to us. As certain facts are obvious but they still need to be repeated so that the people are always aware of their existance.Let your dear ones know that you love them, be it your grandparents, your parents, your wife , your kids or anyone else whom you love unconditionally, coz love is made of both words and feelings, while feelings connect it to your heart, words make the other realise how intensely it beats.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The way it goes

The day breaks and light peeps out of the horizon, it streaches its arms and spreads on the bed of the earth.With its long bewitching reach seeping into our life, it glows every corner and spreads delight.Watching the ritual being performed, the birds spread out their wings and leave their nests happily chirping with the winds.The dew drops fly back with a magnetic click, only to return the next day, when the light is still in the process, to fill the sky upto the brim.
Now the sun is out and raises an alarm," get up world! A new day has come."
The world wakes up with a jerk, "What!Already?Why are you always on time Mr.Sun, take an off sometimes and rest peacefully at home."The sun grins and plans to teach the silly thing a lesson,"Alright then Mister, we'll have it your way tomorrow morning.I'll take an off and wont come out on time, if procrastination is the trend, that is what I'll imbibe."
Tomorrow came but looked incomplete, the night was waiting in total disbelief."This is not what happens every day,where is the sun!When will the day break???"
The birds helplessly fly in the dark,"where is light!Has calamity struck?"
Alas it was time for the world to wake up, it had overslept and looked swollen and clogged up.All the duties that it had to perform were delayed,"Oh!Where is the sun," it cried out,"Please come out I pray!"
Hearing its frantic cry, the sun peeped out and gave an apt reply,"If all of us try to run away from our duties, life would come to a halt and would lose its beauty. If you want to be happy, keep this in mind..welcome each new day with a beautiful smile. As it is a fact that everyone should know,The way you treat a day, the way it goes!"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Touch Upon My Soul

Touch upon my soul, O dear God,
Heal it with your magic wand,
Lighten up the deep dark corners,
Dress it like a golden urn.
Since my soul is much deprived,
of your precious sacred light,
Ignite the goodness that hides within,
Be My Friend,My Companion, My Guide

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just be positive!

My grandmom had a line which she used as often as she could,"just be patient, everything will be fine".When my mom came to her with loads and loads of things that she needed to share, after listening to her patiently, nani(grandma), had just one thing to say, "don't worry, just be patient, everything will be fine", I often saw my mom getting angry at her for repeating the samething time and again..she would complain in an irritated tone,"how can things be fine on their own!Why do you keep saying this!", Grandma just smiled, since that was her confident reply. She had a firm belief that God tests our patience oft and on,he makes us believe in our abilities, he wants us to nurture the positive within us inturn controlling the negative thoughts and restricting them in a deep dark corner, never allowing them to surface again.
So friends,"Dont worry!Just be patient, everything would be fine"..very soon:)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

True Beauty

I often wonder what beauty is all about. Many people say that my grandmother was a very beautiful woman. When she came after marrying nana(grandpa), women from the neighbourhood used to make regular visits , as they had heard a lot about her.This was when she was young, but when she grew old there was something that still attracted the people towards her.As a granddaughter if I say that she had the most innocently soothing face that I have ever come across, people would say that I am being biased.But there was definately something about her, that even a stranger whom she had never met before,could relate to easily.At that time I was just a little kid , aware of my grandmothers implicit charms, but unaware of the reason behind them. What made her who she was?Today I know the reason....
Be it an ailing neighbour or an arrogant relative, an old friend or a new acquaintance, grandma was there for everyone.It was not only at the time of distress that she was with them, but she made it a point to celebrate their happiness as well. This was her life, she never carried malice for anyone in her heart.It was just that she genuinely cared, and thats what made her appear really beautiful.
I know about another beautiful woman whom I have always admired.. Mother epitome of love, a true beauty.Her beauty ran in her heart and was showered wherever she went.Its true that beauty isn't skin has much more to it that makes it complete..It includes a beautiful heart and a kind soul and yes it also includes a few words that have the power to heal any wound that it comes across.
True beauty penetrates through the heart and seeps down into the soul.Most of us crib about about our that is skin deep. Just give yourself time and get to know if the beauty that you desire has penetrated into your soul...if it has , you are indeed beautiful and would stay that way forever, coz such beauty just gets better with time.
Beauty that perishes with time isn't true beauty, but is infact a mask that we wear since its not attached to our soul.
Remember its not the look but the essence that makes you look beautiful:)

Monday, May 4, 2009

It definately would...

Certain memories last longer than we think they would, turning into lessons for a life time.I believe children are like a blank paper, each moment in their life and each new lesson they learn gets typed in their minds eye and stays there forever. What happens when they see their elders performing certain duties, well!They just unconsciously follow them and make them a part of their life. On the contrary when they see their parents lying about something , they learn to lie, since it is a fact that our minds don't come with an editing machine,thoughts do linger on, whether positive or negative, its only when we mature and know the difference between right and wrong, we attach certain boundaries that we never attempt to cross,coz we know for sure that the winds are fatal on the other side!
We learn and imbibe a lot of things that we grow up observing and today one such incident that comes to my mind is the family trip to the polling booth.
It was ofcourse a holiday for us, so me and my cousins use to join the rest of the family and went to the polling boost,inspite of the fact that we very well knew that we would have to wait inside the car!Well that was not a problem,the thing that excited us the most was the car ride and yes then observing the people standing in the line to cast their votes. While we indulged in non serious stuff like running around the vehicle, as that was the boundary that we were ordered to stay within, the maturer part of our home, i.e. our elders took a step towards a new tomorrow , a ray of hope for their nation ,by giving it a leader who would hopefully be a soothing wind of change!
At that time I did not realise how important that one trip to the polling booth was, it was but a trip for me to enjoy and yes a break from school. I did not realise that this very duty that my elders performed will get registered in my mind forever.
Today when I hear people say,"What difference would it make if I don't vote",my mind goes back to the unforgettable memories, the sharp sunlight, the never ending line and the smile of satisfaction on my parents face after they have performed their duty..I just have one thing to say.."It would make a difference, it definately would:)"

Friday, May 1, 2009

The first bar of love

Yaadein, a beautiful word to describe the many pleasant memories of ones life. Stored, restored and then cherished forever, until you have a treasure chest full of loads and loads of moments, both happy and may be not so happy...but I am a bit choosy when it comes to preserving memories, I've lined up the happy ones and try to keep them at a "recall" away, so that as soon as my mind clicks, I can watch the pleasant reel of the bygone days:)
One such memory that keeps tickling my happy harmones is the one related to a bar of choclate! Yup!My very own five star, which when I was a kid used to come in a bigger version but at a cheaper rate. There was a new general store that had come up on the main road. It was quite close to my house. Though it was a regular store had nothing amazing about it, but for me it was a dream come true and I'll tell you why! Right there on the shelf, visible from any corner of the road, there sat the love of my life,my very first crush...a huge jar filled with loads and loads of bars of five star!Ummmmazn!
Whenever I was on my way to the bus stop or while crossing the road..which now happened more often...I could feel the stare of my love interest..and the smell of choclate, it went right into my nose, pulling me towards it, which was indeed surprising coz it was a tightly closed jar, to save it from people like me I guess;)
So it just happened that I got to walk with my grandpa in the evenings when he ventured out to cater to his social circle, as we walked together, right from the corner of the road I could feel the magical spell pulling me towards it,I looked longingly at nana and taking his hand into mine, I carefully poured out all the sweetness that had ever resided in my mouth..."Nana, can we know what! I made an amazing painting in class, ma'am was really happy!...", Nana just smiled, "God is he bad with hints," I thought, but continued the struggle, "can you like get me a five star today", there was silence, but the smile on his face just lingered on...the hint was finally taken! and then came the best moment of my life! Staring at me, was the most pleasing, adorable and the irresistably huge jar of five star!
I was blessed with one of them and savoured it for hours on end:) Mmmmmm!thatz life!Memories can be recalled, cherished, enjoyed and yes relished as well!Though my loved one is not the same and has reduced in size, keeping up with the trend of smaller sizes I guess, but I am happy that the memories haven't changed.After all theres nothing like first love and no one can replace it ever!:)