Sunday, May 24, 2009

Second Childhood:)

Most people say that old age is second childhood. It doesn’t mean that old people are kids, but the fact is that in their age, they need the care and attention, that kids do. They sacrifice their life to bring up their children, though they do not demand it ,but their children should be there for them , making their twilight years , sparkle with peace and joy….which they truly deserve.
As I see my grandfather growing old, I often hear him repeating a line time and again,” I am old now”.It might seem to be just a realization of ones age , which is true, but theres something else to it aswell…….it also indicates towards the fact that, he feels sad that he cannot do anything for anyone anymore….which isn’t true.Its quite a discouraging factor for someone in his age, this is where my role starts.
Its very essential to make ones grandparents feel that they are important, and give them the attention that they need. They are indeed very important for us, its their blessings that bring a lot of stability in our life.To do this I’ve come up with a game that I play with him quite often, and those of you who have grandparents or are grandparents can try this aswell .
Whenever they say they’re old ask them about their age…
Me: How old are you grandpa?
Gp: Well, 80 my child.
Me: OK Now, change the numbers and place the latter before the former, then what would your age be?
Me:Yup! Now that you’re an 8 year old, try talking like an 8 yr old, while I'ii answer you, like an 80 year old!Let the fun begin!!!:)Initially he refuses but then the game starts!
Though this game wont actually make him 8, its just that it’ll fill that very moment with joy and you’ll see your grandparents, laughing and enjoying themselves as 8 yr olds do.
Theres an important rule to this game, if the second number of their age is greater than the first one , it would not be counted, in that case only the first one would be taken into consideration.;)So this way a 76 yr old will go back to being 67 or can remove the 7 and can just be 6…they have the liberty to choose in whatever way they would like to play along, as long as it does the trick.
Actually whats most important is to spend quality time. It might just be a simple conversation for us , but for them it’s the most important thing in their life. Thats why we see grandparents giving so much of importance and attention to what their kids have to tell them, even if its about the little adventure that their grandson had indulged in, the amount of importance given to it is commendable.
Their untiring, loving and doting behaviour for their children is something none of us can ever manage.I still remember , how as a little kid , I used to ask innumerable questions and none of them were ignored or left unanswered. Now when he asks me numerous questions, about my work, my studies and my friends, I try hard but fail to answer all….We can never love them the amount they’ve loved us, however much we might try to..

In your twilight years , I often wonder,
What is it that would make you happy ,
though I think of loads of things,
Some seem material , some just too crappy,
Then with a confused mind,when I stand by your side,
A smile sprouts up on your lips and your eyes twinkle with joy,
and then I realize how simple it is ….you just need my time and that’s about it………..


  1. I can relate to this nice article.Behind the prose I can see a caring and compassionate heart full of concern and love.Your grandpa is lucky.Nice one,Sana

  2. nice one Sana
    A beautiful person is seen in you

  3. Thanks Mr. KP and Laxmi for your kind words!

  4. this is amazing...u r totally adorable ((hugs))

    ur poetry is touching, very well written :)

  5. Thanks Rush that very sweet of you:)