Thursday, December 30, 2010

Building new memories with the crisp new year!

A friend once said, "we women have the power to get uprooted and bloom a new." She was right, We get uprooted from the flower bed of our parental garden and are planted on an alien land, a land with a new terrain, with winds that feel different, with love that's different in nature.
Each day the search for familiarity begins and ends on happiness though, but that too is mixed with the longing for the warmth that had sown the seed of our life.
Perhaps that's what life is all about, before we realise it turns the pages to a new chapter, and all those chapters come together to form a book on the year that has passed.
Today another book of our life would come to an end, and a new day would give us a fresh new start ....though the memories of the year that passed would be well preserved in our mind, the days ahead would enrich our present even more.
I remember what Nana (grandpa) had once said, the freshness in each day of our life is reflected by the freshness in our thoughts and outlook towards life....May our thoughts and outlook towards life be as fresh as the crisp new year ahead!
A Very Happy New Year to All!! :))

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Tune Resounds

"All things bright and beautiful,
all creatures big and small,
all things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all!!!!"

The lines given above are from the song that I used to sing at school, with auntie Eclairs on the piano and the whole class gathered around her. Junior and Tiny Tots was the name of my school, a tiny institution made inside the home of Auntie Babs, who was our principle, the war widow of Wing Commander S. B. Noronha, India's first recipient of the Maha Vir Chakra gallantry award. Everything was extremely grounded about the school, it was a second home for all the students...I guess I developed the love for music through the soft keys of the grand piano, played with beauty and ease by my music it Christmas carols, or songs on sharing, everything had a flavour that rung through the school and now in my memories.
Nana as I had mentioned earlier was into theatre, he wrote plays and acted in them..the last few days of his life had a reflection of the music that rung in his heart...the nurses took great delight in hearing him sing and make a few moves with his hands, while lying on the hospital bed...I guess the music of his memories kept him away from the pain that he went through in his last few days, before he let out a sigh of relief by taking his last breath.
Music rings in our heart, the music of memories, desires, pain, anger, friendship, love and care, it transports us to another world, bringing back the time when it was a part of our reality, witnessing our life and putting it at ease every now and then...The music of my childhood still rings in my heart.
I also remember the time when nani (grandma) asked me to sing for her. I as a little girl used to jump to the tune of "lakdi ki kathi"....she loved it when I sang for her, though I was quite out of tune :)
My father took loads of interest in music ...taking a plate and using it to create was fun singing with him, which we still do as now my brothers have joined the gang....
There are certain things in life that bring us together, creating a magical effect, which never fails to bring a smile on our face...
Life gives us a lot of things to cherish and be happy about...its entirely our decision to retain them or let go of them with time...I believe all that's good should be carried along , coz surprisingly the weight of such memories would always give us a fresh breeze that would lighten us at any point of time in our lives.

"A little song that rings in my heart, reminded me of the days,
When the sun shone bright, the flowers smelled better, and there was a soft misty haze.
The crisp mornings let out a song, a song my heart still sings,
Oh! how I cherish the lovely time,that still goes on within."

Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Answer!

Once I asked nana, what is more important, being happy or being rich, is it important to worry about material gains or is it better to give time to each moment that gives us the sweet flavour of happiness, is it good to let people be or being there, close to them, even if our mind tells us that we're not needed for the moment....
His reply was very simple and yet answered all the questions doing their rounds in my mind...he told me that there are two things that rule our judgement and our decision making is our mind and the other is our heart. Our mind is a more practical being, it has learnt to differentiate between the right and the wrong, it gives two clear aspects to everything, either a thing should be done or it shouldn't, our mind is also very formal in its nature, reserved to its thinking and setup, therefore the more practical, reserved lot in our society ask us to use our mind, while completely ignoring the interference of the heart.
Our heart is a creature who has its own say, it tells us what seems impossible and yet the thing that would make us happy....coz our heart is all encompassing, it knows what exactly we want, how we feel and how others would feel about us, sometimes it just goes beyond every boundary and signals about things that are going to happen and to our surprise most of the time it stands correct! Our heart has a negative aspect to it as well, sometimes it pulls us in several directions and yet roots us to one where we would finally land...that's our heart...the one that rules over our soul, coz it has the power to purify our soul with its love.
Do listen to your mind while searching for an answer but always consent your heart for its authenticity!
Being rich is good but can all the wealth in the world buy true love that gives us happiness....a labourer doesn't have wealth but he does have a smile of contentment, coz he knows that when he'd reach home he'd be welcomed by his family and would eat together with them...a rich man might be greeted by an empty home, coz his children have a lot more to do then to wait for their father...its good to have wealth but the amount that keeps us grounded and helps those in need. When you find your loved ones sad, its not necessary that you make your presence felt by making a big hue and cry or a loud announcement of affection, you can just be in the same room, or sit close would definitely make them realise that they are not alone to handle their worries, there is someone who cares.....leaving people alone and going away is never a cure.
We can get answers to all that goes in our mind, it's just a matter of striking the right balance between the head and the heart, coz those who love are rich and those who just run after material gains lose on the best moments in their life...

I ran to fulfill all my needs,
from day to night to the next eve,
and whenever I ran I got a call...
Dad come home soon, don't you miss us at all...
I turned them down and ran and ran..
until one day I could run no more,
and then when I called out to the time I missed,
there was nothing I had, to call my own.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Love takes hold on Almost Everything :)

Nani was never fond of dressing up, but she looked gracefully beautiful in whatever she wore. Be it her traditional Sarees, ghararas or a simple shalwar kameez..... she was a wonder to my eyes whenever I saw her. Nana with his crisp Sherwani and Nehru cap, always looked like a real gentleman....I wish all the generations that follow share the same grace :)

What is it about the people we love that appeals to us the most? Well of coarse the important bit is, that they are a special part of our life and make us feel special it just the warmth in their being, or a tide of love that comes our way whenever we are close to could also be that God has created some special chord that connects our heart and gets all the love flowing like a perennial river :)

Yesterday, my mother was looking at nani's clothes and narrated the stories behind them, each connected to a special occasion or some just saved for the of the silk sarees seemed to be a historical evidence of the amazing craftsmanship of India...

Relationships run deep and get entangled in everything close to the people we sure is deep...very deep....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life goes in circles!

When I used to accompany nana and his cycle through the bi lanes of the wonderland of my childhood, it seemed to be a magical walk. Houses, shops , streets, everything was larger than life...or may be I was too tiny as compared to everything else. A white frock with little red flowers on it and my favourite red shoes, the determination to walk and a secret desire for a treat on the way...that's how my journey was accomplished.
The walks were a routine for him, and I always looked forward to be a part...but rarely got a chance coz well I was a slow walker and nana like Gandhiji just marched with quick steps, teaching me how to cross the road and choosing the right side to walk.
There were many things that happened on our way....the usual brigade of nana's friends who lead out a loud roar from the other side of the street, The hawkers who spread the sweet aroma of the goodies they carried, the Old bicycle repair shop, the general store(which spread the fragrance of five star chocolate everywhere), Dr. Gupta's clinic, a park called Tikona, because it was triangular in shape and my bus stop from where I used to wait for my school bus everyday.
Than one fine day we shifted to another area, which was really gloomy as compared to our house near my grandparents' place.....I didn't like it at all, since it took me away from my friends and my locality! I adjusted with time but it could never give me the same great feeling as my old house did!
People say what goes around comes around...and that's what's happening with me!I'd be back to the same locality which now has turned into quite a posh area...but this time it won't be with my parents.....
Yes, I'd be getting engaged soon...well the proposal wasn't accepted because of the area lolz! But surprisingly it just happened!
Nana's rides would be a part of my memory and now I'd be stepping into another phase of my life...a ride new to me and something that every girl dreams of.....
and when it comes with the best things just makes it even better ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

The most magical part of life!

If you sit alone for sometime, lost in the world that resides within, the days that have passed come back in a's like a reel playing in our mind...a reel of innumerable memories baked in joy, blessed with love, some a bit tanned with emotions and others just as crisp and forever young....these are our memories and with these we remember an amazing life that has passed and prepare for the best that's yet to come....

The tricycle that became a permanent companion, the pillow that didn't leave our side,
the mud that catered to the worms within and the anger that was kept aside....
The chocolate that we wished would grow forever, the doll that closed it's eyes,
The hands that helped us cross the road and moments that can't be described!
The eyes that filled with tears of happiness, the lips that sang a song,
the birds that chirruped on tress of innocence and the subtle evenings abound.
The cake that made us proud with joy, the friends that made us smile,
The broken chairs of games we played , the wounds that could be hidden for a while.
The boundaries that could never exist as we broke them with our caress,
Childhood is just magical....the most magical part of life!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Secret delight!

As I walked through the gate into the courtyard, through the yellow gold laced blinds, I heard a loud welcome, much expected to my delight..."So, here you are...come...hurry up and go to the dining table, I've kept something for you"......."what nani!what is it ? I exclaimed unable to hold on to my excitement!", "go and see for yourself", said nani with a twinkle in her eyes..she was good at giving surprises...I ran to the dining room and there covered with a tiny saucer was the yellow coloured, delicious bread roll all puffed up to welcome my now flooded mouth...Wow!thank you nani, you kept it for me!!!!! " just for you my dear",she exclaimed and looked as excited as she could be! I ran to her and hugged her with all the strength that I then had as a puny little child, blown out of proportion with my grandma's generous showers of love.
I wonder is it the things that people do for us or just the fact that they love us selflessly that makes all the difference to our lives.
I remember my teacher in class fifth, we used to call her aunty Jyostna, as it was a trend in junior school to call our teachers aunty...and they didn't seem to mind at all:) so once we went to a play ground nearby, it was a cold month and one of the students had come to school with a half sleeves sweater, he was feeling very cold...I still remember what happened when aunty Jyostna saw him...she took off her shawl and wrapped it around the was the most beautiful gesture I've ever seen....that I think was one of my initial lessons on selfless love which I would never forget for the rest of my life.
I guess genuine feelings just know the way to a persons heart, however concerned people with fake intentions try to be, some may also try to please us with all their might but what's genuine comes across and what's not just falls and spills at the door of our heart, never being able to reach inside.
Every human being craves for's a natural feeling that comes from within and if that love is genuine I think that's the greatest wealth one can ever have.
We often get angry at our loved ones, accuse them of not understanding us and our feelings , but we forget that the love they shower upon us is what keeps us going..what if they disagree with us sometimes, it's not that they don't understand us at all, it's just that they want the best to happen, we may or may not understand their feelings.
Love is a precious gift, a secret delight, that hides in our heart and sends beautiful vibes to make our life amazingly wonderful...secret because no one else can know it's intensity and delight because it's simply delightful :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Emotions Undercover!

Greeting people with a smile seems to be a difficult task nowadays, with the rising tempers, stressful life, no time to breathe, we meet people just because we have to with that sunken look of ours...sans smile, sans warmth. Yes, we have become cold, though the burning heat of life keeps us ignited but deep within we have become really cold. Why is it that sometimes we just feel the need to be left alone, why is it that at times we cry for no specific reason, why is it that life seems to drag when the going gets tough, why is it so unbearable to be happy and spread the we have an answer to the reason behind the dilapidated state we constantly find ourselves in.
The answer lies in our decisions, the choices that we make in life.....we choose to run after the tomorrow we just don't have an idea about and in the process we never find time to stop and embrace the present.
I still remember the last time grandma asked me to stay back, I told her that I would not be able to...I can't remember the reason why I didn't stay back that day, most probably because I had to attend a lecture at college the very next day or was it that I just didn't feel like staying back coz I wasn't in the right frame of mind...too preoccupied with the petty things of everyday life...but the very next day I got the news that she was no more..........
Maybe if I wouldn't have be too preoccupied with myself, I would have spent some more time with her or maybe that's how God wanted it to be.
Each moment in our life is precious, we have to decide how we would like to spend our lives, would we spend it sulking for a tomorrow or a past that left us long back, or would we live each moment as it comes with a smile on our face.... a smile has the power to confuse sadness in turn banning it from entering our mind.
Smile and spread it among others, live for the moment never know when you can just save a life with a little smile!

Friday, June 11, 2010

This is the day when he went away!

As a kid whenever I got news about someones death and asked the elders as to where the person has gone, the reply would always be that people return to God's home, from where all of us were sent...I would always be inquisitive about the fact that if God had to call us back, why did he sent us here in the first place...and the reason that I received was always quite prompt..."coz he wants to test us and our capability of being able to judge between good and evil, God wants to see if we really deserve to be with him in his beautiful abode called heaven!"
It's a very practical answer that we understand even better as mature adults, but whenever a life takes exit from the world, we do cry for them....we are simply human aren't we?
Today is the 12th of June...the day when Nana went away..far away from this world to the heavens above...its not been much time but it seems that ages have passed, but sometimes it also feels that he sits right next to me, talking to me through the beautiful memories that he left behind.
Our grandparents are a blessing and so are our parents, they are a wealth that makes us richer with each passing day, they are a prayer that keeps us blessed, they are the goodness that resides within us, its through them that we learn how to stand in this world and to differentiate between right and wrong...In fact they are God sent teachers who show us the right path in life.
Respect for ones elders would not only make us a good human being but also the one who'd gain heaven on earth.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sharing : An Exercise for a big heart :)

Selfishness is something that takes the human in us and throws it far away, so much so that our feelings, our emotions, the tenderness in our heart, everything gets thrown away!Such is the impact of being selfish that only the self remains while the soul stands in a dark corner, covered with an old rag that used to be the conscience.
This incident happened a long time back, but its effect was such that it comes to my mind quite often....I had gone to a marriage of people who are quite high up in society, which means they for sure don't have a shortage of anything in their life.While I was busy talking to my mom, there a big hue and cry coming from outside...the reason behind the furor were two poor kids who had come into the marriage and had taken some food to eat.....
I am not supportive of robbery nor am I saying that it's good for gate crashers to come in any function and become a part of it uninvited..but these were two poor kids for heavens sake, they could have just given them some food and should have asked them to leave..all the shouting and screaming and snatching of food ..what for????
In another incident a driver who had accompanied his boss, was questioned at the gate...he was so heart broken that he left without entering the venue and the gentleman with him excused himself and left with him as well...a good slap on the host for sure!
My grandfather made arrangements for people's marriages ..he was not into catering :) but due to so many acquaintances and having a good taste in things, he was approached for help...people used to complain to know Sir, you arrange for too much of food...what if it gets wasted???
His reply would always be, "so that you don't have to worry about the uninvited ones"..the remaining food was distributed among the poor.
God has taken the responsibility of looking after each one of us, we won't become poor by sharing what we have....but our heart would become ten times bigger and better for sure :)
Compassion, kindness, love, care..these are not just words..these are the essence of a beautiful life.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memories well preserved :)

Its surprising how the various elements of nature trigger our emotions and take us towards the long lost memories of the times that have passed.
Whenever the morning sun peeps through my window and the birds can be heared singing their chirpy song, it takes me back to the time when as a little kid I was picked up from my bed and couriered to my grandmoms' place, while my mom made her way to her work place.The smell of the crisp morning took away the sleep that lingered on and lighted up my eyes as staying at grandmas place has always been an appealing invitation for me.
The morning sun light also takes me back to the time when grandma sat on the white cane chair in the huge courtyard, and kept the old tin of coconut oil to melt in the sunny winter morning....I could just spend hours sitting next to her playing with my toys while, my grandfather (nana), sat right across in the same courtyard reading the morning paper or reciting the holy Scriptures.....the two blessed souls sure had a way of giving a beautiful feel to the whole environment.One could also see my uncle going in and out of the kitchen preparing his favourite drink, a fresh cup of tea. My grandma used to tell him..."too much of tea is not good for you,"my uncle with his usual innocent smile had the same old reply every time, "this is my last cup aapa(that's what he called his mom), the last one for sure...but everyone knew that this indeed wasn't the case.
The morning sun rested on the terrace and stretched across the gave us warmth till late in the afternoon, as everyone in the house turned into their rooms for an afternoon nap after having the sumptuous lunch that one ate to the hearts content.The afternoon sun blazed away and sharpened its rays as if to warn all the kids in the house to stay indoors, grandma too kept an eye on us since she was scared that we might fall sick in the afternoon heat, but as soon as her eye lids were heavy with sleep, I sneaked out carefully without waking her up.
So yes the sun, the wind, the colour of gulmohar,the shade of the zizyphus, the night sky full of stars, the moon, the early mornings, everything takes me back to the most cherished memories of my life...
When I grew up things changed and people left, but whenever the sun peeps through my window or a dove sings its lively song, I go back to the times when as a little girl, my grandparents were my world.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Soft Embrace For Life

Today as I reached the yoga centre, my car came to a halt as I saw an ambulance parked inside the gate . I froze for's not that I haven't seen an ambulance before, it's just that the very sight of it, with its rear door ajar, wasn't a pleasant sight at all. For sometime I just sat inside the car, without making an attempt to go inside..when I saw a lady from my class entering the gates and looking equally surprised, I gathered the strength and followed her in. A stretcher was lying in the portico and the door to the house on ground floor was open...When I reached my class, on the first floor, I got to know that it was an ailing old lady who was being taken to the hospital.
I don't know why but ambulance, hospitals, stretchers...all these things just leave me a little numb..Maybe it's after nana passed away in the hospital, that I started reacting this way...can't say..Nana used to say, all of us have to die one day, there's nothing to fear, it's just that our deeds should be such that we won't have second thoughts in entering God's abode...the judgement day would be easy for us.
Our deeds make our stay and our end both quite easy and good deeds give us a happy life and an end, after which one is remembered and blessed by people. If we're rude to people, no one would like to talk about us and we'd become history very soon, facing the deterioration brought by a stale life and unknown death sans love..sans happiness!
We've come to this world, not just to live , but to set good examples for others to follow...If we lead a good life, even death would take us comfortably in it's arms, placing us on the heavens above.
Live a life that would be remembered after you, love humanity, pray to God, be kind to those in need...Good deeds don't demand much ... they just require a soft embrace to lighten up your life forever!
Dear Friends,
I'd be a little busy for sometime so wont be able to post anything new! Would be back soon with precious memories and loads of stories!
Till then, take care, build beautiful yaadein and preserve them forever :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

A push towards a better tomorrow!

All of us love swings, as kids when we conquered one, each push aimed towards greater heights!
Every time our heart longed to touch the sky and we tried hard to do so....

Sitting on a swing, a good push makes our feet point towards the sky, it feels as if we have achieved what we longed for...even if it's just the idea that keeps us kicked, we do feel good for sure. Be it a little village boy, or an urban kid, once the swing goes higher both of them share a similar feeling of joy!!

Our efforts are an important factor in our life, they help us reach greater heights.
Nana ones told me, we never know what life has in store for us, it's the best preserved secret that is beyond our imagination, but we can create a positive influence on our future which would help us gain confidence and would strengthen our hope...our efforts do the needful in this regard...our efforts are the only key that make the inevitable future a lot more stable, coz whatever happens, whichever course life may take...sincere efforts never go wasted..
Just like a swing...when we try to swing towards the sky, we try to go higher each time...we might not reach the sky but our efforts do give us a lot of pleasure in the process.

Wherever you are..whatever work you do...put in your sincere effort...your work would speak for itself!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dignity of Labour

The guest was about to of grandpa's close friends....every thing was in order, right from the delicious food that was making every ones mouth water with it's unique aroma...yeh..unique is the word...though grandma was an excellent cook, it was always something special for the guests!!
Irshad's hotel, another trade mark in my list of memories, was an important part of the occasion as well, since a huge container of wheat dough was sent to him to be converted into piping hot naans (bread)....right out of the tandoor (a clay oven) was a treat to watch the naan, going into the tandoor and coming out well cushioned and full of tender aroma that reached every corner of the muhallah (neighbourhood).
All the kids in the house were super excited. Nana as usual was in his calm and composed state, going about his daily routine as was well expected from him....
Everything was in order.... when all of a sudden the phone was the guest on the other side of the uncle took on the job to explain the route to him.."ya, you take a right and then a no not there, yes one thing, just call me up when you reach the main road, I'll send a servant to help you reach here..."
That was it!!!Nana peeped out of his room...."whose servant are you talking about?"
Uncle got a little unnerved, but he poured out an answer carefully..."our servants bhaijaan" (all his children use to call him bhaijaan, which actually means an elder brother, but since they had taken to addressing him that way...the word remained the same..feelings counted as they usually do)
No one is a servant in this house!!!!!Nana shouted out.....they are not your slaves!!! They are here to help us with the work we find difficult to do...address them by their name! Just because they are doing a job which you do not consider up to your standards, doesn't give you the right to degrade the person doing it! Don't you believe in dignity of labour!
Uncle was a bit embarrassed but got the message did I.

People call their helpers, Ayah, Bua..servant e.t.c...they too have a name and should be addressed with makes them feel happy and gives them a sense of identity.
No one likes to wash someone else's dirty clothes or utensils, but life has a different story for each one of's just that we should be respectful towards the less privileged, they deserve it...after all as nana put it...."they do what we find difficult to do."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nana ki Patang...

Kites have a lot to do with the way our mind works, be it our dreams or imagination. Our imagination tries to soar high, just like kites, but when reality hits hard, they come flying down. Like a Kite goes through multiple owners, in the same way many people share the same dreams , for some they become reality , cutting and reaching above the rest and for others just a short play. Therefore flying kites can contribute towards the over all development of a child. I was unaware of the said fact, till one day, I overheard my nana talking to nani..
We loved to fly kites, my cousin controlling the kite while I was given the duty to hold the manjha..the roles were interchanged for sure!!
Nana(Grandpa): Don't worry about the kids, let them be, what's the harm in flying kites??
Nani(grandma): Don't you see...both the kids go to the terrace and are totally lost in the play, what if they slip and fall...they are so engrossed....
Nana: All of us are engrossed in achieving our goals, those who aren't have never made an attempt to achieve anything..they are happy with being stagnant and I don't want my grandchildren to be like them.
Look at them, they want their kite to fly high, higher than they expect it to go, higher than their dreams and one day when they'd take the kites of their life in their hands, they'll never get tired of trying and achieving the best...I can see two happy souls in the making.
The conversation ended, no one could argue with nana, he was indeed a born winner.
As the wind got high on its spirits, our kite began to give up.....Oh no! what now, It'll get cut and someone else will take it, my cousin cried out.
Nana: It surely will if you give up my boy!
Cousin: But what can I do, I can't control the wind dada!
Nana: The least that you can do is to keep trying....try harder!
"Try Harder", two words and a life long package of strength...
Whenever I am on a verge of giving up, nana's words resound within and I get a grip on the kite of my life....If nothing else the least I do is to try....try harder!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Princess and Her Moon!

Once there was a little princess, who was a happy soul, as her father catered to every need that her heart could ever hold. Happy she was as she possessed, the choicest of all the things...beautiful gardens, lovely rivers and creatures that could sing.
While looking outside her window one night, she saw a brand new moon, as thin as it could possibly be and as white as the pearl in her room.
The next morning she called for her father and asked him to fulfill her wish, "get me the moon, oh father dear as this is my only wish!"
The king got worried as he very well knew that it's impossible to get what she wanted, he called all the men from the royal court and asked them to think of something!
Then one wise man got up and went straight to the princesses room, he asked her as to how exactly would she describe her moon.
Oh!My moon is a small little thing as big as the nail in my thumb and it has a curve, a nice little curve, like the one you see in my thumb.
The wise man went to a silversmith and asked him to make a new moon, one as big as the princesses nail with a curve that would make it look cool!The silver smith made him a little moon and hung it in a chain. The princesses happiness knew no bounds as she got her moon that day.
The next night, the king got worried as he saw the moon in the sky, the princess came to him and said, "Look dear father, that's a new one up there!"
The king heaved a sign of relief as he was happy that the problem was solved, the princess got her moon as its replica was safe in the sky! ;)

I read this story as a little kid and since then it has become a special part of my memories. Fairy tales have always been a part of every girls dreams. I remember,what nani told me once, fairy tales are not just a part of our imagination, they are a dream that we can make possible through our endeavours. When we read about a good human getting the best in the end, it holds true for our life as well, if we strive to become a good human being, happiness comes to our door, uninformed, as a surprise that colours our life forever.
Fairy tales are not just a story, they are sugarcoated reality, in fairy tales one can witness instant results while reality is a little slow but who says it doesn't have a happy ending!
The king fulfilled an impossible wish since he was determined to make his daughter happy..if we are determined to make our life a success, our wish would definitely be fulfilled, since then we would work hard to succeed!
Don't ever stop dreaming, life may not be a fairy tale but it can definitely have a happy ending leading to a new beginning :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nani Ki Beri : The zizyphus tree in nani's courtyard

There was a huge zizyphus tree in my grandma's' courtyard, we used to call it "beri ka ped"!
It had the tastiest ber (zizyphus) hanging from its branches.
The afternoons were mostly deserted as my grandparents took a short afternoon nap....anything that had to it playing in the sun, or turning on the water hose and playing with water...all the mischievous plans came into action, as the soft rays of the late afternoon sun, sat on the eyelids of our elders, making them sleep like a log ;)
And it was one such afternoon, when me and my cousin who is a year younger, decided to climb on the beri (the zizyphus tree) and relish the fruits to our hearts content.
A great plan as it seemed, needed a lot of preparation for it to be a success....making it come out well, sans thrashing from the elders.
An iron ladder, which often worked as a train when laid down was the first tool that we used to work out the plan....
Cousin: You climb up first and drop as many fruits as you can then I'd take my turn!
Me: Alright, but hold on to the ladder or I'll slip.
Cousin:Ok (quite unsure about his strength)
I climbed on the ladder with an unbeatable zest and............slipped back with even greater force!!
Both of us were in a shock as the broken ankle and the noise of the dropped ladder were enough to wake everyone up!!!
Nana came running out of his room....
Nana: What happened !!! what was that chaos about!!!
Nani: I heard it coming from the Beri (tree) !
Us: Beri !!!!!!!!!!!
We ran as fast as our legs could carry us and hid next to the pile of coal lying in the backyard!
Well, I think what we learnt that day was the fact that it's very difficult to fool your elders....
Caught red handed, with our clothes smeared in coal, we were taken to the courtyard, where the adult team cornered us from every side possible and we what then looked like the emblem of innocence , tried to wear a long long as it could possibly be!
Nana: Do you like that fruit!!
Me:No nana!
Nana: Then what were you doing up there.....dancing on the tree???
Cousin:Aaaaaa, we were trying to collect some fruits for's your birthday!
Nana: There's an year to go!
Me: But this fruit is seasonal isn't it????
Laughter broke out from the vessels full of anger and we like sprinklers of joy, danced ( I with a slight limp) around relieved but not without punishment....
We had to press grandpa's legs until he fell asleep :(
With Iodex smeared on my ankle and a slight limp, I was a centre of some extra care...much to my cousins dismay, who had to hear the advise against climbing trees..repeatedly..for as long as the topic was hot! But not for long, as we were good at giving a new reason everytime ;)
Memories, the piece of our past that lingers on and flashes on the road towards a new us light when we need to find our way through darkness!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Travel through ages.....

Certain feelings never leave our mind, once you encounter them in life, they keep sprouting up on different occasions. It can be the feeling of excitement, the feeling of something new, our state of trance so on and so forth. These feeling are in some way connected to our childhood memories....though not always but most of the time..
I still remember the day when I entered the new school..a much bigger version of the one I was used to and had spent quite a few years with a huge building staring straight at me, it was quite a different feeling, the kind I can feel till date when I encounter a change in my life.

I remember the time when I got full marks in second or third was euphoric..a girl came to me and tallied my paper with her paper, she got back to the teacher and asked her to raise her marks as she had similar answers teacher called me and deducted my marks since I had allowed another person to take my paper and tally it with was quite a set back.... that was a difficult session for me and it was the first time that I had scored so well...I still remember the girl and can't forgive her till when I meet people who try to cheat on someone to make their way, my patience goes beyond it's limits , giving them a piece of my mind.

Success too has a flavour of its own that clings on us and stays there forever.
I remember the day when I was in K.g. and my painting was chosen to be shown to the was a great feeling..till date when I succeed in my endeavours the same feeling dances upon my minds eye spreading my lips in a big smile.

Feelings ...they do travel through ages and keep reminding us of certain phases of our life...what's important is to get over the sad ones and take on the best to pump up on our energies for a great journey ahead!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The whole deal about mangoes ;)

I remember watching "Mirza Ghalib", with nana, starring Nasirruddin Shah, it was quite a sought after movie in those days, or it appeared to be as nana was super excited about watching it. Though I couldn't understand the heads or tails of it as I was very young, what kept me glued to my place were the delicacies being served to us by my aunt while the movie was on. As the movie proceeded, there was a scene in which the protagonist had a bucket full of mangoes dipped in water, and everyone around was busy taking in the sweet flavour and enjoying every bit of it, even the peels weren't spared and were flattened to perfection..all of a sudden nana gave out a loud exclamation.."See! This is how we are supposed to eat mangoes, after dipping them overnight in a bucket full of water!" "Look child", he looked at me, "ask your mother to dip mangoes in a bucket of water, so that you don' t have to suffer the boils your refrigerated mangoes invite."
I could see nana's mouth watering at the sight of mangoes, while I enjoyed my favourite mango squash, indifferent to the boil terror the adult world endorsed.
Be it sugar canes or mangoes, every fruit was celebrated like a festival. Grandma made arrangements for the slim plastic knit beds called "folding",to be laid in her huge courtyard as the whole family collected with a bucket placed next to each bed, and everyone enjoyed the sweet delights of nature while me and my cousins being stupid kids, ignorant about the joys of the famous fruit, ran around the courtyard, contributing to the festive feel of the day.
On my recent visit I saw, that the same courtyard has now shrunk to an unrecognisable size, coz the whole place has embraced the ever changing times, but when I sat down and closed my eyes, the air smelt of the same old fruit, as memories flashed back like a pack of cards piling up within, happily, I laid them out through my mind and savoured the taste of the most cherished days of my life :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Toying A Special Bond

As a kid I've had a special bonding with toys, especially dolls or one can say mostly with dolls. On every birthday my wish list would start with a doll and would end on one! "What do you want for your birthday?"- A doll was the quick reply!!
I have no count of the amount of dolls my Nani (grandma) had gifted me on my birthdays, yes, later on with the ascending flavour of age , the request moulded itself into pretty dresses and other stuff, but it sure for a quick halt, as one fine day my love for dolls came to a abrupt end :(, when a friend told me that dolls wake up and walk around the house....Grrrrr!! I was so angry with her for breaking my loving bond with the plastic mortal..but that was that....
Before the ghastly secret was revealed to me, dolls were my friends, soul mate, a great confession box for all the naughty childhood deeds that I was a part of.
I still remember the fragrance of a new doll, it was a very happy feeling, like a new book with fresh brown cover and new labels- though they couldn't beat the dolls, as with time books smelt more like enemies than friends ;)
Nani's presents used to be wrapped in a neat newspaper, she would announce her entry into the house and would give me a big hug and would hand over the neatly newspapered doll, I on my part always acted surprised about the present though I very well knew that there was a doll inside :)
Certain feelings can only be enjoyed as a child coz I think that's when we are more conscious and vocal about our feelings, with maturity a row of dos and dont's stuff themselves in our natural behaviour...But sometimes we do like to just let go, turning into a four year old, happy to be able to enjoy life!
Emotions colour our life in such a way, that each colour mingles together and creates a magical hue to spread a big smile on our face :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Unforgettable Innocent Craze

It crawled into the courtyard and sneaked into the sun soaked afternoon,
It was the childhood I can never forget..
It smelled the aroma and kissed the magical hands that blessed the kitchen ,
It was the childhood I can never forget...
It swung happily on the swing hanging from the mango tree and often used to steal a few delicacies...
It was the childhood I can never forget...
It was sweeter than the sugarcane dipped in tubs and as joyful as the song sung by a group of ducks,
It was the childhood I can never forget..
It was as pure as grandmas prayers and as white as her shiny hair,
It was the childhood I can never forget...
It danced like the smoke from grandpas chilum (part of a hokkah-traditional smoking instrument) and twirled like his unchanging decorum,
It was the childhood I can never forget...
And today when I see a smile on a little one, I can hear life singing to the same rhythm, and then my heart dances to the tune of the days, when life used to rejoice with an innocent craze.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Smile is Contagious--Strive to Spread it :)

The bond between a child and an adult is ironical, not just because of age gap, but because it's from a child that an adult learns the selfless meaning of a smile..I still remember the days when grandpa was not too well and preferred staying in his room, my little cousin used to bang into his room and would announce his presence "dada I , your friend is here"..which would be accompanied by an enthusiastic Salaam. All the other adults would stop him from making too much of noise, since they thought that he would be disturbing grandpa, but one could see the beam of light that used to spread on grandpas face, it came with the fact that this little kid was full of hope....hope that gave grandpa the strength to get up and give him a tight hug with a big smile, something that had become quite rare because of his ailment.
I remember what someone told me...prefer the company of people who make you feel's not that you should not be there for the ones who are in pain, but people who have loads of complaints every now and then are the ones that curb your enthusiasm, so much so that you stop enjoying life.
Now I know why grandpa was loved by one and all...his enthusiasm, positivity and so called childish pranks, made everyone enjoy themselves and left a beautiful smile on their face.
So friends stay happy, spread happiness, spend time with little angels and let life dance on the tune you play.....coz the time that goes away never comes back!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The lasting fragrance

Childhood is the most beautiful phase of our life. We blossom in a secure environment and bloom in our's just amazing. Everything tastes better and more valuable, be it a pack of chips or the food at our neighbours place, which we savour without letting our mother know about it, and then to be scolded and coming to the conclusion that mothers are magicians, one can never hide anything from them.
There was something about aunty that always made me go to her house, her daughter was my best friend and aunty a fairy godmother in disguise. We used to play in her courtyard, I and her daughter who was a year younger than me. Whenever sweets came in their house, a share was kept aside for me. Uncle was a bit..umm..well a little sometimes gave me the feeling that aunty was like Rapunzel, caged in his three room castle. Nonetheless I was a regular visitor at auntys place. I still remember the day before my birthday, when she asked me what I wanted as a present, I quickly replied..a doll!! Instantly my dad who was standing next to me , pinched me on my hand .. what a perfect pinch it was..aunty could never get to know why I changed my mind instantly and refused a gift completely and my dad could never get to know that I still haven't forgiven him for hampering my prospects of getting a doll :( but I got a nice one on my birthday nonetheless!
There are some people who carve out a special place in our heart and mind, and they never leave it..aunty is one such person..though the visits have stopped.. the memories still linger on in my minds eye.
I can never forget the hands that fed me amazing rice and veggies with a dash of ghee that came from her village, I've never tasted such amazing food ever after that..
Was it the taste of food, her love for me or the innocence of childhood that had cast the magic spell..Now when I look at life as an adult, maybe the picturesque charm of the bygone days has given way to an alert mind, wary of people around me, but certain things never change, a stranger with a lovely smile still makes my can never leave this world coz we thrive on it :)