Thursday, September 2, 2010

Love takes hold on Almost Everything :)

Nani was never fond of dressing up, but she looked gracefully beautiful in whatever she wore. Be it her traditional Sarees, ghararas or a simple shalwar kameez..... she was a wonder to my eyes whenever I saw her. Nana with his crisp Sherwani and Nehru cap, always looked like a real gentleman....I wish all the generations that follow share the same grace :)

What is it about the people we love that appeals to us the most? Well of coarse the important bit is, that they are a special part of our life and make us feel special it just the warmth in their being, or a tide of love that comes our way whenever we are close to could also be that God has created some special chord that connects our heart and gets all the love flowing like a perennial river :)

Yesterday, my mother was looking at nani's clothes and narrated the stories behind them, each connected to a special occasion or some just saved for the of the silk sarees seemed to be a historical evidence of the amazing craftsmanship of India...

Relationships run deep and get entangled in everything close to the people we sure is deep...very deep....


  1. Those days they bought for occassions and so a story with each wear. Nowadays we buy often and nothing interests after a while.

  2. the stories connected to each and every item of the person we love has a very special story in them...that we carry in the depth of our indeed is really really deep

  3. well What is it about the people we love that appeals to us the most ? Hmmm its the look they have on there face when they look at you.. IT says WE ARe there for you ALWAYS right or wrong..

    We will side you
    we will stand by you...

    THe look of warmth and the smile they have when we do something gooood...
    and the love they have for us ...

  4. We love people for what they are. And naturally, everything about them appeals to us. :)

  5. I have always loved people that are close to me for what they are and the love they gave me in many ways. Their love thought me that it is okay to love and share my feelings without any reprimand. This is a great post, once again it makes us think. Thank you for coming by.

  6. Yes, love is deep, deeper than the soul..:)

    God is actually GREAT.



  7. It makes no difference how deeply seated the trouble may be,
    how hopeless the outlook
    how muddled the tangle
    how great the mistake;

    A sufficient realization of Love will dissolve it all!

  8. All valuable things which money cannot buy tend to have a story attached to them. We surely love our family members for not because we like them but also for who they really are. A sufficient realization of Love will dissolve the anger, hatred involved in a flash!!

  9. Some relationships are meant for 'ever'. And everything about them (the people we love) means much more than what mere eyes can see.

  10. Very True KK, I totally agree on that one :)

    Yes Lakshmi, very deep indeed :)

    I guess ts everything about them Bikram, that appeals to us, coz we love them for loving us selflessly.

    Very True Veena :)

    Thanks or sharing your thoughts Margaret :)

    Thanks Nipun!

    Indeed Dr. Antony, thanks for visiting my blog and being a part of it :)

    True Akshay :)

    Totally Agreed RGB :)

  11. Such a lovely post! A lovely thought behind it. Bless your loving heart.