Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Repetitions I love

Old people repeat things, sometimes the incidents that have been narrated a while ago, are narrated again. Some people find it very irritating,"why are you repeating the same thing grandpa" or " You have told this before baba", these are the comments that our generation often has for the beautiful stories shared by our grandparents. What if they are repeated...even if repetition happens, it's narrated with so much of love and with the spark of happiness of old days that it sounds new if heard carefully.
We are moving so fast in life that we don't have time for repetitions, we don't even have time for the day we are spending, it's like sitting in a train with things just passing by....I'm sure, and I regret the fact that let alone repetition we won't even have stories for our grandchildren, as we have forgotten to enjoy life, to relish great mornings...we're just spending life to fulfill our needs.
Have we ever enjoyed the sparkling drops of the morning sun...our grandparents have, they can tell us all the stories about early mornings, the fresh aroma of breakfast...our breakfast is in such a hurry that it forgets to leave its aroma.

Have we ever stopped and enjoyed moonlit nights, maybe sometimes when we have drowsy days or a bad morning, then too our mind is bursting with thoughts that sure know how to bring us down.

Try sitting with your grandparents and listening to their stories, or just giving them company with an addition of a few sparks of laughter , One would learn how to enjoy life and take it as it comes and our company in turn would give their life a whole new meaning.

Life is all about living and Loving , don't just spend it .... relish each moment that you come across and fight those that let you down. Treasure the people who love you and pray for your happiness, they are your greatest treasure, as love and happiness doesn't come cheap in this world of costly traumas.