Thursday, December 30, 2010

Building new memories with the crisp new year!

A friend once said, "we women have the power to get uprooted and bloom a new." She was right, We get uprooted from the flower bed of our parental garden and are planted on an alien land, a land with a new terrain, with winds that feel different, with love that's different in nature.
Each day the search for familiarity begins and ends on happiness though, but that too is mixed with the longing for the warmth that had sown the seed of our life.
Perhaps that's what life is all about, before we realise it turns the pages to a new chapter, and all those chapters come together to form a book on the year that has passed.
Today another book of our life would come to an end, and a new day would give us a fresh new start ....though the memories of the year that passed would be well preserved in our mind, the days ahead would enrich our present even more.
I remember what Nana (grandpa) had once said, the freshness in each day of our life is reflected by the freshness in our thoughts and outlook towards life....May our thoughts and outlook towards life be as fresh as the crisp new year ahead!
A Very Happy New Year to All!! :))