Thursday, December 30, 2010

Building new memories with the crisp new year!

A friend once said, "we women have the power to get uprooted and bloom a new." She was right, We get uprooted from the flower bed of our parental garden and are planted on an alien land, a land with a new terrain, with winds that feel different, with love that's different in nature.
Each day the search for familiarity begins and ends on happiness though, but that too is mixed with the longing for the warmth that had sown the seed of our life.
Perhaps that's what life is all about, before we realise it turns the pages to a new chapter, and all those chapters come together to form a book on the year that has passed.
Today another book of our life would come to an end, and a new day would give us a fresh new start ....though the memories of the year that passed would be well preserved in our mind, the days ahead would enrich our present even more.
I remember what Nana (grandpa) had once said, the freshness in each day of our life is reflected by the freshness in our thoughts and outlook towards life....May our thoughts and outlook towards life be as fresh as the crisp new year ahead!
A Very Happy New Year to All!! :))


  1. YEs each day has freshnesss in it for sure .. :) same will be for the new year ...

    a very happy new year to you and every one around you...

    god bless


  2. Very nicely written.Transplantation in some plants bring out the best in them.In a way girls too when they relocate after marriage get new skills and ability to manage people and things that the sheltered parental home denied them.I think this should apply to men too but the poor guys rarely relocate being the losers in the process!!

  3. Happy New Year to you and your hubby,Sana

  4. Happy New Year!!
    We wish you a joyful life
    full of healthy, happiness and pleasure :)

    Hugs Love Anya

    Kareltje =^.^=

    Betsie =(^.^)=

  5. And how true Nana can be:) Happy new year

  6. One more thought from Nana to cherish.:)
    A very happy new year to you Sana!

  7. Well said Sana.
    Every day is new.
    It becomes better for the people who accept it and are ready to change.


  8. Changes are inevitable.And that leads life.Everything becomes a monotony with time. That is why changes keep us busy.
    " I lie down and sleep, I wake up because the Lord sustains me"
    Life is as simple as that.

  9. A good write up Sana. Happy New Year 2011 to you too. Your grandpa was right :)))

  10. Well written. Wish you a happy new year.

  11. Beautiful Sana.. Happy new year!!

  12. Your grandfather was a wise person. A very nice read and hope your new year will be bright with happiness. Thank you for coming by.

  13. Dear Sana,
    Good Evening!
    Happy New Year!
    I love your beloved Nana's great thought.
    A change in the attitude and thoughts for better is always welcome!
    Wishing you more fragrant and beautiful blooms in the garden of your life,

  14. freshness in our thoughts
    well said

  15. Your granpa said it all. :)
    I hope the year's start is coming along great for you!