Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The washed Footprints

As we move on, we leave behind loads of things , our past, our deeds, the days spent in the year that has gone by and the people who have ceased to continue the journey with us, people who had become an integral part of our being, it's like having a jovial company and all of a sudden we are left alone coz that person had to get down on his or her station..can we stop them, no we can't , everyone has a destined station where our journey would end, though we do not know when our station would come, but we do have the power to make our journey a fruitful one.
We can either waste time being unhappy, we can worry about our future that's yet to come, or we can look out of the window and breathe in some fresh air and thank God for whatever he has blessed us with....for making us sit on the right side of life, for giving us great company so that we can spend happy time, for making us a human and not an ant who has to crawl on the ground and for everything that has made us complete.
Before stepping into 2010 take out time and think about all that you've been blessed with, I'm sure you won't have words to express your gratitude.
A simple new day, with so called monotonous routine, is one of the greatest miracles of God, it's for us to understand and realise its importance.
May the new year fill our life with peace, happiness and contentment. May the joy of fulfillment smear our senses with thankfulness for the Almighty.
As I step into a new year I feel a bit empty coz I don't have my nana by my side, but today I do know that wherever he may be, his blessings would always be with me, along with a treasure of memories which I would definately keep sharing with all of you, since today I feel that the memories shared are the ones that are refilled with a new life :)
Loads of love and Best Wishes,

Monday, December 21, 2009

I can still feel the warmth!!

Weather has a lot to do with our memories... winters, along with the chill brings with it the warm shower of the days gone by...days of pet names, cute faces, warm hands and a soft whisper that makes its rounds till date. The days of never ending stories, stubbornness, a soft laugh , a happy smile, a little tear or the warmth of a pleasantly surprising sunny winter sky....The days of running around without a sweater, the days of anger that was meant for the better..the days of peeping out through a cosy quilt, the days of a little red coat and aunty's kindergarden, the days of a cold sea-saw and a warm never ending laughter..the days of an ice cream that ceased to melt faster..the days of a courtyard that cradelled with love and still does..... when I go running after the memories of a bright sunny day.... of a winter in a harbour of love that now rests in my mind and would be there forever.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cute little Angels :)

Yesterday I watched "Paa", a beautiful movie indeed. There was a scene when Auro (the protagonist, a little boy of 13) is in the hospital and is alone in his room, he is shown playing with the plugs on his fingers, that are there to monitor his health. It made me realise how old people too become kids and behave like them, afterall they are the angels who guided us throughout our lives.
I remember when nana was admitted, it was the first time he had to stay in a hospital, he had been a perfectly healthy man all his life, but may be it was time. Anyways so I would describe the way my little grandpa behaved. For a few days he dealt with things in the best way possible, but with time, I guess things became a bit difficult for him, he had to go through a lot of pain, I could hear the pain in his voice, I still remember the last time when I was leaving he asked me as to when I'd be back, I said I'd be back soon, but then his state deteriorated and I guess he became unaware of my presence, though I doubt.
But nana taught me to live life, in the last few days, though he couldn't talk much, he used to sing songs, dance (moved his hands) sitting on his bed and was enjoying himself in his own world(the nurses around him, enjoyed aswell), he had been into theatre afterall :) sometimes I could understand what he said, but most of the time it was a treat to see him happy by himself.
Yes, old people do become kids and need the kind of love and care that little kids need. If you guys have old people around, shower loads of love on them and keep them with care and respect, they are indeed the epitome of love, love that never fades away and grows with time...We got to learn the true meaning of selfless love from them, it's time to keep them cosy in the soft blanket of their teachings.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Keep that smile within your reach!

"Kaga sab tan khaiyo chun chun khaiyo maas,
Do naina mat khaiyo mohe piya milan ki aas..."

A smile stretches out on my face, when I recall how tastefully nana used to say the aforementioned lines. I used to tease him whenever he got into his poetic trance, but his love for poetry was something that he cherished. It was as if he could feel the words sinking in and giving out a positive vibe that got him an ear to ear smile:)
Life becomes beautiful when we cherish things that we like, we should never forget the things that make us happy and should keep them close to us, so that whenever a tear rolls down our eyes it spreads into a smile.
Hope, contentment and peace linger on when they find a place to balance themselves, and what better place can they find than a heart that knows how to smile:)