Monday, December 21, 2009

I can still feel the warmth!!

Weather has a lot to do with our memories... winters, along with the chill brings with it the warm shower of the days gone by...days of pet names, cute faces, warm hands and a soft whisper that makes its rounds till date. The days of never ending stories, stubbornness, a soft laugh , a happy smile, a little tear or the warmth of a pleasantly surprising sunny winter sky....The days of running around without a sweater, the days of anger that was meant for the better..the days of peeping out through a cosy quilt, the days of a little red coat and aunty's kindergarden, the days of a cold sea-saw and a warm never ending laughter..the days of an ice cream that ceased to melt faster..the days of a courtyard that cradelled with love and still does..... when I go running after the memories of a bright sunny day.... of a winter in a harbour of love that now rests in my mind and would be there forever.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog

  2. You hv captured beautifully the memories that all of us pass through.A simple theme made wonderful in your charming prose.

  3. With this cute post of yours you have brought back the warmth of many other sweet things..


  4. Dear Sana.. i feel like i must call u a butterfly.. i dont know why! :)its a pleasure reading u.. and the title makes us too feel the warmth.. i read this post.. i was smiling caz i could truly relate to almost all that was in it.. i wanted to tell u that u write in a really simple yet sweet n powerful way.. no word is an excess... i loved the post so much that i am right now gonna share this with Diya! she is right near me while i read and explain all what u've written here.. for her its all in the present.. and for me, its all past..

    Loved the post.. ur description.. the expressions.. are awsome..!!! Very very cute.. claps !! :)

  5. It was a pleasure willdie hard :)

    Thanks Gp:)

    Im glad I could do that Swatantra, give my love to Sid:)

    Thanks Sindhu thats very sweet of you and thanks for sharing it with Diya, kids are the most beautiful flowers that fill our life with a lovely fragrance, give my love to her. I loved being called a butterfly. Thanks a ton:)

  6. A wonderful post.Wish you Merry Christmas.
    God bless.

  7. hey
    u knw our blogs have the same look :) i felt i was at my space... so this is my first visit here.. u have a beautiful name ... Sana ....wat does it mean ....
    an dyes winters are enigmatic... especially delhi winters... the song Delhi ki sardi is so true.... i m in a hostel in pune... but delhi winters haunt me ... the sunny lazy afternoons and endless cups of tea... oh god i m craving delhi yet again :)
    hope the festive season is treting u well... c ya arnd

  8. I miss my sunny days. I wrote about it in my post earlier.


  9. stumbled across the blog..
    loved the way you wrote it.
    cool work

  10. Same to you Surjit and wish you a beautiful year ahead:)

    Hey Nups, thanks..Sana means a prayer..delhi is beautiful during winters, even pune has lovely weather :)

    Will read that yayathy:)

    Thanks Sorcerer:) do come again!

  11. Thank you so much for leaving that sweet remark about my blog in your interview....It made me sooo happy! :)
    And nice pic Sana :)

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  13. Memories usually suffocate me ( . but ur post just made me feel very warm and cosy...thank you for making me realise the importance of memories and filling me with warmth that just melt my heart...

    Thanks for ur comment on my blog.take care and have a very happy new year!

  14. Its a pleasure Veena, your one of my special blogger friends after all :)

    You too Ananya, have a great year ahead and do come again, it was great to see you here :)