Friday, December 11, 2009

Cute little Angels :)

Yesterday I watched "Paa", a beautiful movie indeed. There was a scene when Auro (the protagonist, a little boy of 13) is in the hospital and is alone in his room, he is shown playing with the plugs on his fingers, that are there to monitor his health. It made me realise how old people too become kids and behave like them, afterall they are the angels who guided us throughout our lives.
I remember when nana was admitted, it was the first time he had to stay in a hospital, he had been a perfectly healthy man all his life, but may be it was time. Anyways so I would describe the way my little grandpa behaved. For a few days he dealt with things in the best way possible, but with time, I guess things became a bit difficult for him, he had to go through a lot of pain, I could hear the pain in his voice, I still remember the last time when I was leaving he asked me as to when I'd be back, I said I'd be back soon, but then his state deteriorated and I guess he became unaware of my presence, though I doubt.
But nana taught me to live life, in the last few days, though he couldn't talk much, he used to sing songs, dance (moved his hands) sitting on his bed and was enjoying himself in his own world(the nurses around him, enjoyed aswell), he had been into theatre afterall :) sometimes I could understand what he said, but most of the time it was a treat to see him happy by himself.
Yes, old people do become kids and need the kind of love and care that little kids need. If you guys have old people around, shower loads of love on them and keep them with care and respect, they are indeed the epitome of love, love that never fades away and grows with time...We got to learn the true meaning of selfless love from them, it's time to keep them cosy in the soft blanket of their teachings.


  1. Second childishness is cute.......


  2. **Tears in my eyes**!! Speechless is all I can say. Maybe, I'll come back once I am able to read it without getting emotional.

  3. Hi Sana,

    Very true. This is the basic cycle of life, after a certain age they behave like children cause they just wanna enjoy the past and get the real care they deserve for having been guiding us all our life. It is their right and its great to be looking at them when they go to the past and behave like kids. And this keeps life moving, the cycle of life.
    Nice post, guess even i should watch Paa.. :)

    Keep Blogging! :)

  4. I feel like a child myself sometimes, when I get down to play with my kids. So, when you have children, children's children and then their children, it is quite natural for them to behave like children...Hmmm...I guess, life is one big circle.

  5. true indeed Sana....we become kids as we age...........
    showering love and care to our elders is the best way to express our gratitude to all they have done for us....

  6. It's difficult - the second childhood. For the old people, they seem to be loosing the links, the importance or heirarchy of relations. Sometimes, we end up scolding them just like we scold children, which at times may hurt them and we too feel awful later. Your advice of limitless love sometimes just doesn't happen

  7. That's such a relevant thing you've's really shocking to see people abandoning their parents labelling them as a 'burden' when they grow old....

  8. Indeed Yayathy, thats for the visit :)

    Hope you're fine Akshay!

    @ my life is a lesson:Ya watch Pa, its a beautiful movie.Thanks for the visit :)

    yup a big circle :) and that was cute!!

    Very true Lakshmi and they deserve it :)

    You know KK, I have observed that the elderly are never disconnected with their responsibilities, they take it as a responsibility to bind the family and keep everyone together. They might get cranky, and I'd say thats because of age but the best thing is to be patient with them, afterall they've been patiently handling us all our lives and we have to be in their place one cranky or may be a lot more :)

    Yes Veena, its shocking but such things happen, I guess ppl forget that they too would grow old one day. I believe both heaven and hell are here on earth, people do get paid for what they do. Im just surprised at the audacity of such ppl..they are simply shameless and thankless, they dont deserve to be with such angels. Old ppl are better off without them!

  9. totally agree ! I'm very close to my nani and she is the most important person in my life..the most ! I love her and I too think that now it's time for to give her love,care,time and what all she needs...she has taught me for so many years...

    Nice post and a nice blog here :)

  10. M touched.
    Gr8 wrk..
    What more can i say...
    I am following u now..


  11. Yes Nu, grandparents are such a blessing :)Thanks for your visit!

    Hi Nipun, thanks for that :)have a nice day!

  12. Very touching words! Caring for elders is the best way to shower our love and gratitude.

    Best wishes. :)

  13. hey i dont understand .. i thought i was following yaadein too.. sad.. that i was only following musings.. last day i wanted to ask u why there are no posts in yadein and then happened to check it here.. and knew that it was my mistake..

    its great to read about ur nana.. today is my grandpa's death anniversary.. a lot of memories come fresh while reading ur post here..

  14. Nice Blog.. Pl do visit my blog..

  15. Same to you Chandrika!Thanks for coming!

    Thanks Shimmer , good to see you here :)

    Hey Sindhu, its never too late, Your grandpa would be proud to hv such a lovely grand daughter, his blessings would always be with u whereever he may be..

    Will do so will diehard, thanks for the visit :)

  16. I too watched 'PAA', and found it simply brilliant! Grandparents are indeed a blessing...Your post was a kind of emotional experience for me...I was reminded of my Paternal Grandfather's last time (though it was not in the hospital)...I really miss them and wish I still have them with me.
    Your post actually left me speechless when I read it yesterday so I am posting a comment today..thanks