Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Tune Resounds

"All things bright and beautiful,
all creatures big and small,
all things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all!!!!"

The lines given above are from the song that I used to sing at school, with auntie Eclairs on the piano and the whole class gathered around her. Junior and Tiny Tots was the name of my school, a tiny institution made inside the home of Auntie Babs, who was our principle, the war widow of Wing Commander S. B. Noronha, India's first recipient of the Maha Vir Chakra gallantry award. Everything was extremely grounded about the school, it was a second home for all the students...I guess I developed the love for music through the soft keys of the grand piano, played with beauty and ease by my music it Christmas carols, or songs on sharing, everything had a flavour that rung through the school and now in my memories.
Nana as I had mentioned earlier was into theatre, he wrote plays and acted in them..the last few days of his life had a reflection of the music that rung in his heart...the nurses took great delight in hearing him sing and make a few moves with his hands, while lying on the hospital bed...I guess the music of his memories kept him away from the pain that he went through in his last few days, before he let out a sigh of relief by taking his last breath.
Music rings in our heart, the music of memories, desires, pain, anger, friendship, love and care, it transports us to another world, bringing back the time when it was a part of our reality, witnessing our life and putting it at ease every now and then...The music of my childhood still rings in my heart.
I also remember the time when nani (grandma) asked me to sing for her. I as a little girl used to jump to the tune of "lakdi ki kathi"....she loved it when I sang for her, though I was quite out of tune :)
My father took loads of interest in music ...taking a plate and using it to create was fun singing with him, which we still do as now my brothers have joined the gang....
There are certain things in life that bring us together, creating a magical effect, which never fails to bring a smile on our face...
Life gives us a lot of things to cherish and be happy about...its entirely our decision to retain them or let go of them with time...I believe all that's good should be carried along , coz surprisingly the weight of such memories would always give us a fresh breeze that would lighten us at any point of time in our lives.

"A little song that rings in my heart, reminded me of the days,
When the sun shone bright, the flowers smelled better, and there was a soft misty haze.
The crisp mornings let out a song, a song my heart still sings,
Oh! how I cherish the lovely time,that still goes on within."