Thursday, September 29, 2011

The fragrance that lingers.........

lakdi ki kathi, kathi pe ghoda.....daur daura dum uthake daura....
Certain melodies take you to the days which were indeed the best part of our life.....lakdi ki kathi,I guess was the first song I started singing as a little girl. My grandmother who loved to hear me sing, used to say..."child, sing once more, you have a very nice voice" I know that it wasn't my voice that was nice, it was her heart that loved all that her little grandchild did.
Memories have such permanent colours, that every place that they took place in and every fragrance that came from them lingers in our heart forever.
I still remember the "ponds talcum powder" that Nani used to use, at that time it came in a tall tin container, I can say for sure that it has never smelt the same again.........but sometimes when I sit in the quiet of the daylight, I can smell the fragrance coming from my memories, which puts my heart and soul at complete peace and contentment.
It's the peace and love of the old memories that applies a soft balm to the never ending struggles of life.
The quiet winter mornings, the soft smell of the coconut oil that grandma placed in the courtyard, for it to melt in the winter sun, the soft sprinkle of the clothes that were hung , and the cool sensation of the dupattas when they were dried in the courtyard, and I loved to stand below them so that I could enjoy the light sprinkle of water coming on me as the dupatta was stretched and dried, by my amma and nani, holding it from either sides.
The little paper boats still stir the memories attached to the rainy days.....and the little surprises kept in the dining room by my grandma just made my day.
Years have passed but my memories have enriched their colours many folds........
It is true that the time spent in loving people and taking in the joyous essence of life, is the time that stays with us forever.