Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The washed Footprints

As we move on, we leave behind loads of things , our past, our deeds, the days spent in the year that has gone by and the people who have ceased to continue the journey with us, people who had become an integral part of our being, it's like having a jovial company and all of a sudden we are left alone coz that person had to get down on his or her station..can we stop them, no we can't , everyone has a destined station where our journey would end, though we do not know when our station would come, but we do have the power to make our journey a fruitful one.
We can either waste time being unhappy, we can worry about our future that's yet to come, or we can look out of the window and breathe in some fresh air and thank God for whatever he has blessed us with....for making us sit on the right side of life, for giving us great company so that we can spend happy time, for making us a human and not an ant who has to crawl on the ground and for everything that has made us complete.
Before stepping into 2010 take out time and think about all that you've been blessed with, I'm sure you won't have words to express your gratitude.
A simple new day, with so called monotonous routine, is one of the greatest miracles of God, it's for us to understand and realise its importance.
May the new year fill our life with peace, happiness and contentment. May the joy of fulfillment smear our senses with thankfulness for the Almighty.
As I step into a new year I feel a bit empty coz I don't have my nana by my side, but today I do know that wherever he may be, his blessings would always be with me, along with a treasure of memories which I would definately keep sharing with all of you, since today I feel that the memories shared are the ones that are refilled with a new life :)
Loads of love and Best Wishes,


  1. What better way to begin a year than reading these words of wisdom? You said it all. Our life is a blessing. :)
    Wishing you a very happy new year! :)

  2. May the journey continue in all vigor...
    your words - a simple monotonous day being the greatest miracles of God .. got me thinking... so easy for us to not think of the blessings right in front of us... We take things for granted most of the time...
    Thanks for the post...
    And I am sure your nana's blessing will be with you...

  3. If we could just hold the reins of the mind...which just sways between so many things, joy would be ours. Nice thoughts. May Nana guide the way for you

  4. Best wishes to you as you embark on the new year.I consider your blog as one of the countless blessings granted for me by God

  5. we both share this loss. well, i haven't sat back and contemplated as yet...every new day is a new beginning for me...every new month brings along a change.
    i hope u have a fab 2010 and have tons of pleasant surprises up ahead.

  6. A very happy new year to you too Veena :) May God bless you with loads of happiness:)

    I'm sure Issam, a very happy new year to you too, May all your dreams come true :)

    Very True KK, It has been lovely knowing you, may we have a great bloggers journey together, it's a priveledge to share such amazing thoughts.
    A very happy new year to you !

    Gp, youve been a blessing, your stories have taught me a lot and your messages keep me going. I wish you peace health and goodwill in countless years to come. A very happy new year:)

    Hey Rush, I have no words to describe how happy and priveledged I feel to get a friend like you..you've been an inspiration for me and I miss your blog every day :( Hope one day I get a beautiful surprise..a post from you:)
    May God bless you with loads of happiness and may all your dreams come true, I wish you and Anil a very happy, prosperous and peaceful new year and many more to come.

    Friends, the journey with you has been beautiful and I'm sure it's beauty would grow many fold in the years to come. Best wishes to all of you..Thanks for being there..your words get me going...thanks a lot :)

  7. Wisdom showers at the end of year. Looking ahead refreshed with those words.:)

  8. Happy New Year!!!

    have a fantastic New year

  9. All the very best to u crazy 4 :)

    Hey Sorcerer!A very happy new year to you too!!May you be showered wih loads of happiness!

  10. That was a brilliant way of beginning the new year! Best wishes for the coming year!

  11. Nice way to start a new year.. you have shown a new window, a new opportunity to start a new year!!!

    Thanks for such a lovely post!!

  12. Thanks Amrit and Swatantra! I wish both of you all the very best in life, hope God showers his blessings upon you!Have a great year ahead!:)

  13. Sana
    well u couldn have summed it up better.... its funny hw years roll past us ... we witness n keep moving... we have to... move on... it may pain us but change n transition is life..
    m sure ur Nana has his ways of looking after u... he is watching over u...
    wish u a peaceful year :) with warmth of love n happiness...

  14. You always know the right words, this is such an interesting post and I did enjoy it very much. I know I have many a washed footprints behind me and if it is Gods will I may have many ahead. God Bless you in this new year, may your journey ahead be fruitful. Thank you for taking the time to come by.