Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life goes in circles!

When I used to accompany nana and his cycle through the bi lanes of the wonderland of my childhood, it seemed to be a magical walk. Houses, shops , streets, everything was larger than life...or may be I was too tiny as compared to everything else. A white frock with little red flowers on it and my favourite red shoes, the determination to walk and a secret desire for a treat on the way...that's how my journey was accomplished.
The walks were a routine for him, and I always looked forward to be a part...but rarely got a chance coz well I was a slow walker and nana like Gandhiji just marched with quick steps, teaching me how to cross the road and choosing the right side to walk.
There were many things that happened on our way....the usual brigade of nana's friends who lead out a loud roar from the other side of the street, The hawkers who spread the sweet aroma of the goodies they carried, the Old bicycle repair shop, the general store(which spread the fragrance of five star chocolate everywhere), Dr. Gupta's clinic, a park called Tikona, because it was triangular in shape and my bus stop from where I used to wait for my school bus everyday.
Than one fine day we shifted to another area, which was really gloomy as compared to our house near my grandparents' place.....I didn't like it at all, since it took me away from my friends and my locality! I adjusted with time but it could never give me the same great feeling as my old house did!
People say what goes around comes around...and that's what's happening with me!I'd be back to the same locality which now has turned into quite a posh area...but this time it won't be with my parents.....
Yes, I'd be getting engaged soon...well the proposal wasn't accepted because of the area lolz! But surprisingly it just happened!
Nana's rides would be a part of my memory and now I'd be stepping into another phase of my life...a ride new to me and something that every girl dreams of.....
and when it comes with the best things attached....it just makes it even better ;)


  1. Mubarak ho. Hope your life ahead is full of happiness and you have sweet memoriies of this phase too when you grow older. And tell us something more about the Shahzada soon.

  2. Congratulationsss .. and yeah its a circle .. all the best for the new phase in life.. God bless... ENJOYYyy ...

    Ps:- so when's the partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. hearty congratulations sana...
    and lovely memories to hold on to....

  4. Wow, how nice...You're going to go back to live in a place you've always wanted to be. Wishing you the very best in life!

  5. You have made me very happy with this good news.Hearty congratulations.I wish and pray for the best in your life.

  6. "...and when it comes with the best things attached....it just makes it even better ;)..."

    Much much better, dear Sana. May God pour out in abundance blessings of joy, happiness, peace, success, prosperity, good health, and so much more... into your life wherever it takes you. God bless you!

    Congratulations on your engagement. :-) :-)

  7. So happy for you...Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!

  8. Congratulations Sana. I am new to ur blog and I like your style.

    May God bless ur life with so much love and happiness. I will come back to know more about you

  9. Ahem!!! Hearty Hearty Congratulations. Now you can bring your better half as well for my event :)

  10. Thanks KK...Ive yet to know the shahzada a little more :)

    Thanks Bikram...you mean the bloggers bash!lolz!

    Thanks Lakshmi, thanks a ton :)

    Yup RGB, Though it's not the same, but hopefully they'd be other great things to look forward to :)

    Thanks a lot GP :)

    Thanks for the beautiful wishes Ellen:)

    Thanks Neena :)

    Hey Stranger, thanks a lot, hope to see you again!:)

    Ahem!!To you too Issam...what if both the days clash :) My good wishes would always be with you:)

  11. May be you will complete this circle with some other sweet person... Take care..

    The new look on the blog suits your post. The green color is giving the same freshness as we get in our life through your posts..

  12. I don't ever remember any walks with my parents or grandparents, so you are lucky to have these memories. Congratulation on your new phase of life, I wish you all the best.

  13. Thanks Swatantra :)Thanks a lot for such sweet wishes:)

    Thanks Margaret, wish you a lovely life ahead!

  14. كيف أتيت إلى هنا
    لآ أعرف ؟

    مآ أعرفه حقا

    أن الذكريات أمل نريده أن يتجدد

    دمتي بود ...

  15. I dont believe this..your blog seems to have somethign against my comments! :( Keeps disappearing. I was here to see your reply to my comment and...anyway Sana, Hearty congratulations from the bottom of my heart. I am sure this new phase will bring you lots of happiness and cheer. :)

  16. That shouldnt happen Veena, youre too precious :)
    Thanks for your wishes and I wish you a great life ahead too dear friend :)

  17. @ the gentleman who has written in Arabic...
    Assalawalaikum, I am really sorry but though I read the Quran, I can't understand Arabic very well. Thanks for your comment :)

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  19. Very good. Congratulation..so you are shifting to which part of Delhi...I miss Delhi.

  20. Hi Sana :-)

    Visiting your blog after a long time...and am really glad I dropped by at the right time :-)

    My hearty wishes and prayers for a happy married life. So, this phase of ur life is gonna take u back to ur childhood, eh? Congrats!

    Have a blessed time!

  21. Hi A its south delhi :)

    Hey Mani, its been quite a long time...childhood well lets see..its quite a mature phase in life but the memories would keep resurfacing oft and on :)