Friday, July 16, 2010

The most magical part of life!

If you sit alone for sometime, lost in the world that resides within, the days that have passed come back in a's like a reel playing in our mind...a reel of innumerable memories baked in joy, blessed with love, some a bit tanned with emotions and others just as crisp and forever young....these are our memories and with these we remember an amazing life that has passed and prepare for the best that's yet to come....

The tricycle that became a permanent companion, the pillow that didn't leave our side,
the mud that catered to the worms within and the anger that was kept aside....
The chocolate that we wished would grow forever, the doll that closed it's eyes,
The hands that helped us cross the road and moments that can't be described!
The eyes that filled with tears of happiness, the lips that sang a song,
the birds that chirruped on tress of innocence and the subtle evenings abound.
The cake that made us proud with joy, the friends that made us smile,
The broken chairs of games we played , the wounds that could be hidden for a while.
The boundaries that could never exist as we broke them with our caress,
Childhood is just magical....the most magical part of life!


  1. Can't better the recollection of childhood. Beautiful verse.

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  3. Reminiscence of those good old days, that read like a song filled with joy and hope. We all miss our childhood days - the best days of our lives, don't we!

  4. Why childhood?Even the present times like the happiness that I felt as I read your wonderful post envying the way you play with the words as the juggler plays with many multicoloured balls with his two hands!!!

  5. Beautiful...just about everything we miss about our magical childhood. You took me back in time..:)

  6. Yes, You are right.............

  7. KK,RGB, GP,Veena,and Amin, yes Indeed those were some magical days and all of us miss them, thanks you all for your wonderful comments..
    Gp, learning to juggle well like you, though miss the catch quite often :)

  8. wowo you have beaten my article this one really bring all those chidlhood memories flooding back mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    it is MAGICAL indeed

  9. When reading this, it brought back a life time of memories. Our childhood is such a fleeting memory of days gone by, that perhaps we would like to relive some of them. This was such a nice post, enjoyed it very much. Have a great week and thank you for coming by.

  10. No Bikram your post was one of a kind :)

    Im glad it did Margaret, have a great week ahead!

  11. Summed it all. :)
    I'm nostalgic now!

  12. Memories warp and fade,but never die.