Sunday, July 4, 2010

Secret delight!

As I walked through the gate into the courtyard, through the yellow gold laced blinds, I heard a loud welcome, much expected to my delight..."So, here you are...come...hurry up and go to the dining table, I've kept something for you"......."what nani!what is it ? I exclaimed unable to hold on to my excitement!", "go and see for yourself", said nani with a twinkle in her eyes..she was good at giving surprises...I ran to the dining room and there covered with a tiny saucer was the yellow coloured, delicious bread roll all puffed up to welcome my now flooded mouth...Wow!thank you nani, you kept it for me!!!!! " just for you my dear",she exclaimed and looked as excited as she could be! I ran to her and hugged her with all the strength that I then had as a puny little child, blown out of proportion with my grandma's generous showers of love.
I wonder is it the things that people do for us or just the fact that they love us selflessly that makes all the difference to our lives.
I remember my teacher in class fifth, we used to call her aunty Jyostna, as it was a trend in junior school to call our teachers aunty...and they didn't seem to mind at all:) so once we went to a play ground nearby, it was a cold month and one of the students had come to school with a half sleeves sweater, he was feeling very cold...I still remember what happened when aunty Jyostna saw him...she took off her shawl and wrapped it around the was the most beautiful gesture I've ever seen....that I think was one of my initial lessons on selfless love which I would never forget for the rest of my life.
I guess genuine feelings just know the way to a persons heart, however concerned people with fake intentions try to be, some may also try to please us with all their might but what's genuine comes across and what's not just falls and spills at the door of our heart, never being able to reach inside.
Every human being craves for's a natural feeling that comes from within and if that love is genuine I think that's the greatest wealth one can ever have.
We often get angry at our loved ones, accuse them of not understanding us and our feelings , but we forget that the love they shower upon us is what keeps us going..what if they disagree with us sometimes, it's not that they don't understand us at all, it's just that they want the best to happen, we may or may not understand their feelings.
Love is a precious gift, a secret delight, that hides in our heart and sends beautiful vibes to make our life amazingly wonderful...secret because no one else can know it's intensity and delight because it's simply delightful :)


  1. secret delight is well written.selfless love..i am glad about the teacher who has taught the most important lesson through her simple gesture.keep going..cheers.

  2. Love. :)
    Thanks for dropping by at my blog.
    You've a new follower!!

  3. Love is a beautiful feeling even if you give it away it just comes back to you. It is truly a precious gift that resides in our heart and sends out vibes to make our life worth living. The spelling of your teacher should be Jyotsna and not Jyostna. Hope you correct it soon. I'm preserving your blog in my diary to hand over to my kids.

  4. oh yes definitely .. fake love and affection is easily recongnisable if not the first time then after some time it does come to the fore..

    Genuine love is what u said your nani did , or the teacher did.. its selfless..

    Thats what we are lacking in our communities these days , once genuine-ness comes back a lot of good will come back tooo AMEN to that..

  5. Hi Blue apple welcome to the blog..I love your blog name it sounds name and crisp, will visit your blog soon :)

    Hi Komal, Im glad to have you as a follower:)

    Hey Auradha, mnames are proper nouns so a name can be spelt any way we want...she spelt it this way :) And hey thanks for preserving my post and Im sure youd be a great mother whenever the day comes :)

    Yes Bikramjit, I agree with you, hope that happens:)

  6. It's great to be loved and still more wondrous when you can love and you see the love well accepted.

  7. I should not let my parents read this post. What if they adopt you and disown me? Kidding ;)
    You are just too good a human being Sana! Sorted, mature and sensible :)

  8. for sure kk..for sure :)

    Veena, I'm sure youre even better and one with the best sense of humour..the feelings mutual ;)

    thanks Swatantra :)

  9. "Selfless love" - about loving unconditionally, expecting nothing in return...Wish God is more generouos in distributing this virtue among us mortal beings.

    And you have such a wonderful post here that reminds us to appreciate what we have in hand and spread the love around :)

  10. genuine feelings just know the way to a persons true.
    wonderful post!