Monday, June 28, 2010

Emotions Undercover!

Greeting people with a smile seems to be a difficult task nowadays, with the rising tempers, stressful life, no time to breathe, we meet people just because we have to with that sunken look of ours...sans smile, sans warmth. Yes, we have become cold, though the burning heat of life keeps us ignited but deep within we have become really cold. Why is it that sometimes we just feel the need to be left alone, why is it that at times we cry for no specific reason, why is it that life seems to drag when the going gets tough, why is it so unbearable to be happy and spread the we have an answer to the reason behind the dilapidated state we constantly find ourselves in.
The answer lies in our decisions, the choices that we make in life.....we choose to run after the tomorrow we just don't have an idea about and in the process we never find time to stop and embrace the present.
I still remember the last time grandma asked me to stay back, I told her that I would not be able to...I can't remember the reason why I didn't stay back that day, most probably because I had to attend a lecture at college the very next day or was it that I just didn't feel like staying back coz I wasn't in the right frame of mind...too preoccupied with the petty things of everyday life...but the very next day I got the news that she was no more..........
Maybe if I wouldn't have be too preoccupied with myself, I would have spent some more time with her or maybe that's how God wanted it to be.
Each moment in our life is precious, we have to decide how we would like to spend our lives, would we spend it sulking for a tomorrow or a past that left us long back, or would we live each moment as it comes with a smile on our face.... a smile has the power to confuse sadness in turn banning it from entering our mind.
Smile and spread it among others, live for the moment never know when you can just save a life with a little smile!


  1. I too want to smile and spread the cheer. But sometimes, its just too much and you get into the off mode. Have been going through one such phase at home. Hope, it ends soon.

  2. SO very true.. SO TRUE... We dont understand that when we say no, it might be the last time .. Life as you say has become too busy.. we all are so much living in our own little shell..

    and yeah i beleive in it too SMILE.. and SMILE A LOT.. no harm in saying thank you, sorry , hello .. to a complete stranger ... I make it a point that when i enter my office building i say good morning or hello to EACH AND EVERYONE.. and for a change a few do reply back .. its only taken a few years but its goood ...

    I am so sorry to hear about your grandma.. God.. may her sould rest in peace.. please convey my condolences to everyone at home..
    god bless

  3. I cannot add anything.You have said it all.We should endeavour to smile and live the present.But life does not lend itself to such easy ways.We do put up a scowl on our face when confronted with uncertanties.
    You write extremely well,Sana.Reading your posts leaves me happy

  4. Hey KK cheer up , everything will be fine :)just get that magical smile of yours to the needful ;)

    Thats a great gesture Bikra,you know even if ppl dont reply, there is something that always ticks a happy chord :) youre making a difference everyday..congrats!!!:)Both my grandparents left me long ago, but I often smear their memories on Yaadein , a blog dedicated to the wonderful souls :)

    Hey Gp, Im glad my post do that..keep smiling always!!!

  5. Some parts of this post seemed to be specifically written for me! I am actually sulking for something now... I don't know...Sometimes I am just too confused. I really hope this phase gets over soon...

  6. It will Veena, sometimes we are worried and cant figure out the reason why...thats us..were human...we have the right to be wierd ;)dont worry I know from experience that God loves to keep our sunny side up :)

  7. True Sana..

    It happens many a times that we have to choose between our duties and work.
    I dont know much difference between the two but it surely creates a divide that we have a choice always..

    It isn't our fault that some events might occur at times we are not present but we just cant sit and wait..
    Stil the choice is ours...



  8. Very True Nipun, its not our fault, but it does become a lesson for the rest of our life.

  9. Well written...Running after tomorrow kills the present.

  10. Hi Sana!!

    Very beautiful post!! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Thanks Neena and Swatantra :) Have a great week ahead!

  12. Hi, it is me again. Your blogs are very good, they inspire people to think.
    A smile blesses and cheers both the giver and the receiver and,it doesn't cost anything. So spread the smile!