Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sharing : An Exercise for a big heart :)

Selfishness is something that takes the human in us and throws it far away, so much so that our feelings, our emotions, the tenderness in our heart, everything gets thrown away!Such is the impact of being selfish that only the self remains while the soul stands in a dark corner, covered with an old rag that used to be the conscience.
This incident happened a long time back, but its effect was such that it comes to my mind quite often....I had gone to a marriage of people who are quite high up in society, which means they for sure don't have a shortage of anything in their life.While I was busy talking to my mom, there a big hue and cry coming from outside...the reason behind the furor were two poor kids who had come into the marriage and had taken some food to eat.....
I am not supportive of robbery nor am I saying that it's good for gate crashers to come in any function and become a part of it uninvited..but these were two poor kids for heavens sake, they could have just given them some food and should have asked them to leave..all the shouting and screaming and snatching of food ..what for????
In another incident a driver who had accompanied his boss, was questioned at the gate...he was so heart broken that he left without entering the venue and the gentleman with him excused himself and left with him as well...a good slap on the host for sure!
My grandfather made arrangements for people's marriages ..he was not into catering :) but due to so many acquaintances and having a good taste in things, he was approached for help...people used to complain to him..you know Sir, you arrange for too much of food...what if it gets wasted???
His reply would always be, "so that you don't have to worry about the uninvited ones"..the remaining food was distributed among the poor.
God has taken the responsibility of looking after each one of us, we won't become poor by sharing what we have....but our heart would become ten times bigger and better for sure :)
Compassion, kindness, love, care..these are not just words..these are the essence of a beautiful life.


  1. We try to be good but truth is that differences remain.For most of us, it is still sharing of excess of leftover food with the disadvantaged. only few will like to dine at a wedding feast with a beggar or destitute or shabbily dressed person. We have a long way to go before we grow to that stature.

  2. So very true. A little bit of sharing, a little bit of caring, can make this world a better place.

  3. yeah, so true, when the self in us disappears, and we start to see the world in a wide manner, thats when we see the true happiness of this world
    well written thoughts

  4. While I agree by and large, there is no place for gate crashers,young or old.It is the prerogative of the host to determine whom to invite and whom not to.If is a kindly man , he would make arrangements to feed the poor too on the joyous occasion but separately nd not along with invited guests.Compassion is a ncessary quality but does not mean exhibiting it in haphazard way.

  5. I agree with you...they could have just given them the food and left it at that. Why the hue and cry? A thoughtful post again...and your blog has a new look! I like this :)

  6. You have a very wise and kind Grandfather. Sharing is one thing we all should do, especially if we know people that are in need, especially now days with so many out of work. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  7. You are right, my friend! They should just fed those guys instead of making fuss. That too, in a marriage function!

    Am remembered of Buddha. He said, "By giving away your food to the hungry ones, you become strong!" Contradictory, as it may seem, but its true. Not while we eat, but it's only when we give, we become strong!

    Kudos to your post, sana :-)