Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memories well preserved :)

Its surprising how the various elements of nature trigger our emotions and take us towards the long lost memories of the times that have passed.
Whenever the morning sun peeps through my window and the birds can be heared singing their chirpy song, it takes me back to the time when as a little kid I was picked up from my bed and couriered to my grandmoms' place, while my mom made her way to her work place.The smell of the crisp morning took away the sleep that lingered on and lighted up my eyes as staying at grandmas place has always been an appealing invitation for me.
The morning sun light also takes me back to the time when grandma sat on the white cane chair in the huge courtyard, and kept the old tin of coconut oil to melt in the sunny winter morning....I could just spend hours sitting next to her playing with my toys while, my grandfather (nana), sat right across in the same courtyard reading the morning paper or reciting the holy Scriptures.....the two blessed souls sure had a way of giving a beautiful feel to the whole environment.One could also see my uncle going in and out of the kitchen preparing his favourite drink, a fresh cup of tea. My grandma used to tell him..."too much of tea is not good for you,"my uncle with his usual innocent smile had the same old reply every time, "this is my last cup aapa(that's what he called his mom), the last one for sure...but everyone knew that this indeed wasn't the case.
The morning sun rested on the terrace and stretched across the gave us warmth till late in the afternoon, as everyone in the house turned into their rooms for an afternoon nap after having the sumptuous lunch that one ate to the hearts content.The afternoon sun blazed away and sharpened its rays as if to warn all the kids in the house to stay indoors, grandma too kept an eye on us since she was scared that we might fall sick in the afternoon heat, but as soon as her eye lids were heavy with sleep, I sneaked out carefully without waking her up.
So yes the sun, the wind, the colour of gulmohar,the shade of the zizyphus, the night sky full of stars, the moon, the early mornings, everything takes me back to the most cherished memories of my life...
When I grew up things changed and people left, but whenever the sun peeps through my window or a dove sings its lively song, I go back to the times when as a little girl, my grandparents were my world.


  1. Some memories are meant to be cherished for a lifetime. And we have little reminders in our everyday lives that take us on these flashback journeys. Nice!

  2. This was an enjoyable read, you have very good memories of childhood. It is always nice to have our memories to fall back on, I believe they keep us going. Thank you for coming by.

  3. Hi Sana
    Lovely childhood you had :-)
    I could almost feel your happines in this story!!

    Nice to see you back :-)
    I hope you are total relaxed now !!!!
    We have missing you very much ....

    Kareltje & Anya

  4. Very True RGB, very true indeed!

    Yes they keep us going Margaret and keep us reminding as to how blessed we've been, giving us innumerable reasons to thank God :)

    Hey Anya!Thats so sweet of you and K :)Yes it was a welcome changed, Im all pumped up to begin afresh!!:) :)

  5. You are lucky to have happy memories of childhood. You can always go back there:)

  6. Treasure these memories sana.
    U sure had a lovely time and so preserve it in any form.
    You sure will laugh over all these little thigs when u will grow old..:)
    Lovely work as always..



  7. KK and Nipun, each one of us possess both good and bad memories, there were gey patches too but if we concentrate on the sunny side of life thats what makes us be happy and recall the happy event in your life, they'll sure raise your spirits!!:)

  8. There is no pleasing thing than to relive the old and pleasant memories when we were less guile and much quicker in appreciating simple things and acts of affection.Childhood in most cases is carefree and joyful

  9. WELL SAID ... VERY WELL SAID .. MEMORIES .. but the best thing is .. they remain with us .. people leave or go .. but those memories make us smile.. when the thought comes to our minddd. :) lovely