Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Soft Embrace For Life

Today as I reached the yoga centre, my car came to a halt as I saw an ambulance parked inside the gate . I froze for's not that I haven't seen an ambulance before, it's just that the very sight of it, with its rear door ajar, wasn't a pleasant sight at all. For sometime I just sat inside the car, without making an attempt to go inside..when I saw a lady from my class entering the gates and looking equally surprised, I gathered the strength and followed her in. A stretcher was lying in the portico and the door to the house on ground floor was open...When I reached my class, on the first floor, I got to know that it was an ailing old lady who was being taken to the hospital.
I don't know why but ambulance, hospitals, stretchers...all these things just leave me a little numb..Maybe it's after nana passed away in the hospital, that I started reacting this way...can't say..Nana used to say, all of us have to die one day, there's nothing to fear, it's just that our deeds should be such that we won't have second thoughts in entering God's abode...the judgement day would be easy for us.
Our deeds make our stay and our end both quite easy and good deeds give us a happy life and an end, after which one is remembered and blessed by people. If we're rude to people, no one would like to talk about us and we'd become history very soon, facing the deterioration brought by a stale life and unknown death sans love..sans happiness!
We've come to this world, not just to live , but to set good examples for others to follow...If we lead a good life, even death would take us comfortably in it's arms, placing us on the heavens above.
Live a life that would be remembered after you, love humanity, pray to God, be kind to those in need...Good deeds don't demand much ... they just require a soft embrace to lighten up your life forever!
Dear Friends,
I'd be a little busy for sometime so wont be able to post anything new! Would be back soon with precious memories and loads of stories!
Till then, take care, build beautiful yaadein and preserve them forever :)


  1. Ambulance Sirens and Hospitals put me off too. But you've got a strong message there. Be good and do good unto others, and you have nothing to fear!

  2. When I see a ambulance ,
    I have the same feelings ,
    its always scary !!
    (I follow also yoga lessons )
    Its so relaxing for body and mind :))

    Take the time you need Sana
    we all waiting on your new stories !!!

  3. Stay blessed....hope to see you back soon.

  4. Ambulance sirens surely put me off!! I really like the way you put the strong message there. It's scary when I hear them similar to the way kids react when they are told ghost stories. I'm here waiting for your new stories till the time you're back.

  5. Yup RGB and we'll have nothing to fear ;)

    Thats great Anya!Yoga sure is relaxing :)Thanks, will be back soon :)

    Thats very sweet of You Annapurna :)would look forward to coming back to the blog :)

  6. Thanks May :) Wish you lovely days ahead!!

  7. Rightly put Sana.
    Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. :)

    Take care

  8. I don't like to see Ambulances, we have had our share at the house. Hope where ever you are going is very relaxing, catch you when you return.

  9. a very nice post... take care of yourself and hope to catch you soon with your new interesting and intellectual posts... have a great time..

  10. Right Veena, u too take care and enjoy your sisters marriage :)
    Thanks Margaret :)
    Thanks Jayant :)
    Take care all of you!!

  11. Hey, Thanks for visiting! I'll come back soon and read your blog in more detail :)

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  12. No on knows what fate has in store for us. So love everything around you and spread joy, stop showing hatred.
    Surely its a strong message out there starting from a suspense. I was literally wondering what is going to happen as I read through the post.

  13. Nice one as always from you!!