Monday, April 19, 2010

A push towards a better tomorrow!

All of us love swings, as kids when we conquered one, each push aimed towards greater heights!
Every time our heart longed to touch the sky and we tried hard to do so....

Sitting on a swing, a good push makes our feet point towards the sky, it feels as if we have achieved what we longed for...even if it's just the idea that keeps us kicked, we do feel good for sure. Be it a little village boy, or an urban kid, once the swing goes higher both of them share a similar feeling of joy!!

Our efforts are an important factor in our life, they help us reach greater heights.
Nana ones told me, we never know what life has in store for us, it's the best preserved secret that is beyond our imagination, but we can create a positive influence on our future which would help us gain confidence and would strengthen our hope...our efforts do the needful in this regard...our efforts are the only key that make the inevitable future a lot more stable, coz whatever happens, whichever course life may take...sincere efforts never go wasted..
Just like a swing...when we try to swing towards the sky, we try to go higher each time...we might not reach the sky but our efforts do give us a lot of pleasure in the process.

Wherever you are..whatever work you do...put in your sincere effort...your work would speak for itself!


  1. I needed that advice. Was feeling a bit low at workplace.

  2. I I captain..:)
    Swing was very beautifully connected to heights..
    The push is all one need..:)
    Kudos to u..:)



  3. Hundred percent and nothing less in all that you do is the way to go.Sana,you are absolutely right.

  4. Hey KK cheer up!everything would be back to is like a swing comes back to the ground coz it has to ;)

    Thanks Nipun :) yes a push is all we to try hard!!

    Thanks Gp :) learnt it from you :)

  5. "when we try to swing towards the sky, we try to go higher each time...we might not reach the sky but our efforts do give us a lot of pleasure in the process." lovely said... indeed our pleasure should matter at the end rather than how high we go... liked the post

  6. Such a meaningful post, Sana. I can actually see you typing out one insightful post after another with that sorted, sensitive and sensible mind of yours. How do you do it? :)

  7. Indeed Jayant..if we are happy everything seems beautiful , if we arent..nothing matters at all :)

    Hey Veena...Love the way you never fails to get a smile on my face and Im sure on others do you do it :)I appreciate people who spread joy and make others happy..I sure am blessed to have a blogger friend like you :)

  8. True Hard work always gets success.. Maynot be there immediately but it comes.. SO yeha i like what u said PUSH.. yourself and work hard and Wait for the success to come.. . Nice article

  9. It is a very meaningful post Sana! True hardwork does get us the success. This beautiful post reminds me of that line from the movie, Roja, which said, "Chaand taaron ko chhune ki asha, aasmaanon mein udne ki asha." Swings are connected to heights in a way, it's just that we need someone to push us most of the times.

  10. rightly said...a push is all we need!:)

  11. The best kind of friend
    is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word,
    then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation that you ever had ..... :)))))

    Lovely post !!
    Have a nice evening :)

  12. Thanks Bikram, Anuradha , Angel and Anya..lets push ourselves towards a great tomorrow :)

    Anradha, welcome to yaadein, Im happy to see you here!:)