Friday, March 19, 2010

The Princess and Her Moon!

Once there was a little princess, who was a happy soul, as her father catered to every need that her heart could ever hold. Happy she was as she possessed, the choicest of all the things...beautiful gardens, lovely rivers and creatures that could sing.
While looking outside her window one night, she saw a brand new moon, as thin as it could possibly be and as white as the pearl in her room.
The next morning she called for her father and asked him to fulfill her wish, "get me the moon, oh father dear as this is my only wish!"
The king got worried as he very well knew that it's impossible to get what she wanted, he called all the men from the royal court and asked them to think of something!
Then one wise man got up and went straight to the princesses room, he asked her as to how exactly would she describe her moon.
Oh!My moon is a small little thing as big as the nail in my thumb and it has a curve, a nice little curve, like the one you see in my thumb.
The wise man went to a silversmith and asked him to make a new moon, one as big as the princesses nail with a curve that would make it look cool!The silver smith made him a little moon and hung it in a chain. The princesses happiness knew no bounds as she got her moon that day.
The next night, the king got worried as he saw the moon in the sky, the princess came to him and said, "Look dear father, that's a new one up there!"
The king heaved a sign of relief as he was happy that the problem was solved, the princess got her moon as its replica was safe in the sky! ;)

I read this story as a little kid and since then it has become a special part of my memories. Fairy tales have always been a part of every girls dreams. I remember,what nani told me once, fairy tales are not just a part of our imagination, they are a dream that we can make possible through our endeavours. When we read about a good human getting the best in the end, it holds true for our life as well, if we strive to become a good human being, happiness comes to our door, uninformed, as a surprise that colours our life forever.
Fairy tales are not just a story, they are sugarcoated reality, in fairy tales one can witness instant results while reality is a little slow but who says it doesn't have a happy ending!
The king fulfilled an impossible wish since he was determined to make his daughter happy..if we are determined to make our life a success, our wish would definitely be fulfilled, since then we would work hard to succeed!
Don't ever stop dreaming, life may not be a fairy tale but it can definitely have a happy ending leading to a new beginning :)


  1. you reminded me of the story that had almost vanished from my mind-set... thanks for that... but more than just a reminder, the message you have tried to convey holds the real essence... perseverance in the long run pays well... fairy tales have always influenced us, to make a better person of a child... thanks sana... :)

  2. you're right Jayant, fairy tales have indeed had a great effect on us...whats the story that came to your share :)

  3. fairy tales sure have a wonderful impact on our minds as kids....they are deeply engraved...and we carry it with us forever.I do remember reading that soft and sweet

  4. Sana,I admire the way you bring out a lesson for all of us out of a simple fairy tale:))

  5. Yes Lakshmi, it is from one of the primary school texts books, its in the form of a chapter, I just converted what I remembered into a poem...sought of a poem :)

    Hey Gp, thanks for appreciating, certain things just stay in our mind forever :)

  6. Wow...loved that story. Who said, there are no fairy tale endings in real life? I totally believe in my dreams. Dreams come true :)

  7. This was a very nice story. From childhood we tend to follow our dreams and if we hold fast to them they will become reality. You always write such nice stories. Have a great day.

  8. Hey Veena, would love to believe in them and follow them always, hope reality smears a bit of a fairy tale on it ;)

    True Margaret and thanks a lot :)

  9. I love fairy tale stories. Thanks for sharing this to us, Sana. :)

  10. Thanks for such a lovely story :-)

  11. Hey Grace!Thanks for the visit :)We grow up on such stories, cuteness at its best isn't it!

    Thnaks Anya :)Happy Easter!

  12. Hey, Sana, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments.

    I wasn't sure which of your blogs to comment on but I chose this one because I liked the idea of new beginnings!

    I look forward to revisiting your blog again soon :)

  13. Hey butterfly! you know thats one of those stories which have really impressed me!! i need to say that to diya tomorrow at bedtime! :) thanks a lot Sana.. you fill us with chidlhood and cheer..

  14. Only problem is we guys stop dreaming as we grow old thinking logically

  15. Hi! Sana,
    Thats a real nice connecting thought u gave thru the fairy tail,...
    Yeah!U could take the reader back to his childhood, and again to the present with the thoughts u penned...
    really nice one sana... :)

  16. How lovely was that...:)
    just loved it..
    A lesson learnt for sure..