Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nana ki Patang...

Kites have a lot to do with the way our mind works, be it our dreams or imagination. Our imagination tries to soar high, just like kites, but when reality hits hard, they come flying down. Like a Kite goes through multiple owners, in the same way many people share the same dreams , for some they become reality , cutting and reaching above the rest and for others just a short play. Therefore flying kites can contribute towards the over all development of a child. I was unaware of the said fact, till one day, I overheard my nana talking to nani..
We loved to fly kites, my cousin controlling the kite while I was given the duty to hold the manjha..the roles were interchanged for sure!!
Nana(Grandpa): Don't worry about the kids, let them be, what's the harm in flying kites??
Nani(grandma): Don't you see...both the kids go to the terrace and are totally lost in the play, what if they slip and fall...they are so engrossed....
Nana: All of us are engrossed in achieving our goals, those who aren't have never made an attempt to achieve anything..they are happy with being stagnant and I don't want my grandchildren to be like them.
Look at them, they want their kite to fly high, higher than they expect it to go, higher than their dreams and one day when they'd take the kites of their life in their hands, they'll never get tired of trying and achieving the best...I can see two happy souls in the making.
The conversation ended, no one could argue with nana, he was indeed a born winner.
As the wind got high on its spirits, our kite began to give up.....Oh no! what now, It'll get cut and someone else will take it, my cousin cried out.
Nana: It surely will if you give up my boy!
Cousin: But what can I do, I can't control the wind dada!
Nana: The least that you can do is to keep trying....try harder!
"Try Harder", two words and a life long package of strength...
Whenever I am on a verge of giving up, nana's words resound within and I get a grip on the kite of my life....If nothing else the least I do is to try....try harder!


  1. How lucky you are! Your nana is inspiration personified. Thanks for sharing his ideologies with us. :)

  2. Your nana is truly a born winner and inspiration personified. Kites are indeed similar in a way with our dreams. Thanks a lot for sharing his ideologies with us :).

  3. wonderful guide you have in your Nana....thanks for sharing such beautiful thoughts

  4. All Hail Ur NANA!!
    A true Winner he is..:)
    What a way to give messages..
    "I get a grip on the kite of my life."
    Never lose these lines..



    p.s. Chek out my page..

  5. a thought that has been guiding we human beings since ages... all developments possible today is only because of the unfailing effort of the great souls... we have to strive for our living... this is the truth...an inspirational post... thanks sana... :)

  6. I am with the others, it is a very inspirational post as always. It is great to have a nana to give such wish advise, we need this kind of advise to help us on our way, encouragement from others help us to reach our goals. Thank you for coming by. Have a very nice Easter.

  7. Nice that you are sharing
    your thoughts on your blog !!

    Nani is a funny name
    we say in Dutch ~ Oma ~
    Nana is ~ Opa ~
    I learn many languages ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend
    Anya :-)

  8. Thanks for appreciating them Veena :)

    Thanks for being a patient reader Akshay :)

    Thanks Lakshmi :)

    I wont Nipun..read your post....youve written it very well :)

    "a thought that has been guiding we human beings since ages... all developments possible today is only because of the unfailing effort of the great souls..." Beautiful comment Jayant...very true!!

    A very happy easter to you too Margaret :)

    Im learning Dutch from you Anya :) keep inspiring...nana means grandpa ...every language has a taste of its own :)

  9. Thanks pinkz :)

    Hi fellow Delhiit...its an honour to find you here :)

  10. Hi , Ive given the meaning of most of the hindi words hope you'd have no difficulty :)

  11. The words from your Nana are really great!! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Fly high as a kite and beware of other who might bring you down. This unique angle to kite flying- only nana can see the inner meaning of the sport.

  13. the very first itself line makes me think sooo deep..

    ok lemme read the rest now :)

    hmmm.. yes.. i can imagine what great support those two words can be.. and from now.. i too would remember those words when i face dificulties too..

    Sana, thanks for sharing these small incidents and thus giving us big lessons..

    Thanks to your Nana too.. :)