Monday, January 18, 2010

A Smile is Contagious--Strive to Spread it :)

The bond between a child and an adult is ironical, not just because of age gap, but because it's from a child that an adult learns the selfless meaning of a smile..I still remember the days when grandpa was not too well and preferred staying in his room, my little cousin used to bang into his room and would announce his presence "dada I , your friend is here"..which would be accompanied by an enthusiastic Salaam. All the other adults would stop him from making too much of noise, since they thought that he would be disturbing grandpa, but one could see the beam of light that used to spread on grandpas face, it came with the fact that this little kid was full of hope....hope that gave grandpa the strength to get up and give him a tight hug with a big smile, something that had become quite rare because of his ailment.
I remember what someone told me...prefer the company of people who make you feel's not that you should not be there for the ones who are in pain, but people who have loads of complaints every now and then are the ones that curb your enthusiasm, so much so that you stop enjoying life.
Now I know why grandpa was loved by one and all...his enthusiasm, positivity and so called childish pranks, made everyone enjoy themselves and left a beautiful smile on their face.
So friends stay happy, spread happiness, spend time with little angels and let life dance on the tune you play.....coz the time that goes away never comes back!


  1. a great message through a sweet and short example... indeed happiness is measured by small things like Arundhoti Roy said.. thanks for the small happiness you have given me by visiting my blog and I hope this also brings smile to your face... great work!!

  2. I liked the post, Sana, for its great message and for your inimitable style

  3. say cheese and smile... The second smile post I've read today :)

  4. Thanks God youre back Gp, beeon a loooong time:) Hope ure feeling better??

    Issam :) :)

  5. Wow!!
    That's what my new post is about. Spread love and happiness all around.
    Great post..

    Cheers to life and Love..


  6. My grandfather had become very irritated and restless during his last days. He had complete loss of memory and would not allow anyone to enter his room. We were all afraid to go into his room as he used to shout at us. But there was one person who was always welcome into his room. Who used to enter his room fearlessly and sat on his lap to play, and make him smile. Make him laugh. My two year old cousin. :)
    Your posts have a very important message without being preachy. Keep up the good work. :)

  7. Only innocence can bring that sunshine. We may try, but it comes across as an effort only. Old people have seen much during life and can see through the sham.

  8. I had a great opportunity to be teacher in a school in the beginning of my career. And I would say that that experience has been the happiest of my life till now.

    The sheer innocence and joy that you can observe in a child's face somehow has strength to restore any mood back turning you into a happy person.

    "spend time with little angels"

    I would prescribe that!

  9. That was a lovely post! It made me smile :)
    I love to make people smile. And I am more than glad when people smile because of I always try doing that by adding a touch of humour to my talk.

  10. Hey Nipun, can we say great minds think alike!

    Ya Veena, sometimes old people do get irritated, its time when we should hold our patience as they had always been there patiently by our side.

    Very True kk.

    Hey Akshdeep, I look up to your profession and to a teacher like you :)

    Thats a great thing to do Amritbir, I think thats what makes the world beautiful:)

  11. I love to be around people weather they smile or not, I think people that don't smile does not mean they are not happy. This is another great post. My grandfather was always ill with his ear, but he was a great person, wish he had lived longer because I would like to have known him better. Thank you for coming by.

  12. It was a pleasure Margaret!! Have a great week ahead :)