Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just be positive!

My grandmom had a line which she used as often as she could,"just be patient, everything will be fine".When my mom came to her with loads and loads of things that she needed to share, after listening to her patiently, nani(grandma), had just one thing to say, "don't worry, just be patient, everything will be fine", I often saw my mom getting angry at her for repeating the samething time and again..she would complain in an irritated tone,"how can things be fine on their own!Why do you keep saying this!", Grandma just smiled, since that was her confident reply. She had a firm belief that God tests our patience oft and on,he makes us believe in our abilities, he wants us to nurture the positive within us inturn controlling the negative thoughts and restricting them in a deep dark corner, never allowing them to surface again.
So friends,"Dont worry!Just be patient, everything would be fine"..very soon:)


  1. In hindsight we have always known that a little patience helps in clearer thinking and more often than not the problems get resolved smoothly unlike the earlier threatening picture.

    Sana, thanks for this post

  2. Hey! these days I am truly confused and clueless...your post somehow made me feel better....:)

  3. Yes, its true that things become fine, its just that we have to be a bit patient. Its one of the ways in which God tests our devotion and faith in him:)

  4. I am sure to remember your nani's advice whenever i am impatient.. :) thanks to your nani.. and thanks for the post.