Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Make it Loud and Clear

I have felt this quite often,that when we love someone, be it in any relationship,we nurture the feeling in such a way that it feels as if we have bartered a part of our heart in the process . When unfortunate incidences happen,and the ones we love just drift away from our lives, a void gets formed which can never be filled, it remains there forever, however strong the winds of change might be.The void that gives us a sense of emptiness.
I read a story once, in which there was a competition for the most beautiful heart, a young enthusiastically pumping young heart thought that it would be the ultimate winner, but the prize was given to someone else, the winner was a heart with innumerable cuts on it, it looked as if someone had played jigsaw puzzle and had placed every patch incorrectly,on being asked the heart said," I am proud of the way I am, these cute that you see on me are pieces of hearts that I had exchanged from the people I came across, I gave them a piece of my heart and took a piece of their heart in exchange,thats why, though I have cuts, I am full of love and the best among the rest."
Love is to be distributed, it cannot be kept within, since that'll make it stagnate with time. We can't help but love people, its such a strong feeling that even when loved ones go away, a piece of their heart still resides within, making us love them forever, though we might not consciously do that, but it happens.
There are situations when we become really helpless, unable to do anything and while destiny plays the game,we are left blaming ourselves. Its not a new story and happens with each one of us, its just that however much we might try, certain things are never in our hands.No one knows what the next day would bring with it, but today, everything is in our hands,its for us to make the most of it.
We can be there for the people we love and can tell them what they mean to us. As certain facts are obvious but they still need to be repeated so that the people are always aware of their existance.Let your dear ones know that you love them, be it your grandparents, your parents, your wife , your kids or anyone else whom you love unconditionally, coz love is made of both words and feelings, while feelings connect it to your heart, words make the other realise how intensely it beats.


  1. u got me here..very truly said.Its to be spoken loud and clear, i dunno why sometimes we hold our feelings back!!

  2. Love is not always a two way street.It can be one sided also where we genuinely like a person.Yes we must demonstrate it in every possible way by words and feelings whenever we can

  3. Hi
    Nice post about Love.
    Yes sometimes we have to repeatedly tell people/express to them our love.
    But it is also true that love is a feeling that should come deep from one's heart. It cannot be forced upon people. Forced love never lasts long right.

  4. Thank you Rush,Mr.KP and Laxmi for you beautiful and valuable comments:)Love is a feeling beyond all bounds, as Mr.KP said it can be one sided, but you know what I think even if its just once in your life, tell the people you love that you love them, you never know if theyre just waiting for you to speakup, love also comes with respect, you respect the people you love, it has innumerable avatars to it, its for us to figure out which one suits us the most:)

  5. Sometimes we hold back because we are scared of rejection, sometimes because the ego stops us. But yes you are right...we should not stop ourselves from expressing our love.After all, this is the emotion that makes the world seem all right.

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  7. I do agree with you to an extent.
    I think it's applicable to a relationship which is still young. Where there is true love,words have little to do...even silence speaks volumes..if your loved one understands you well, they would know it from your eyes...but yes, as you said..atleast convey it through your eyes...convey it somehow...
    loved the last sentence...:)

  8. Love must be expressed.. i believe in it..
    the heart story was nice..

  9. you said it right..really nice work..