Friday, May 1, 2009

The first bar of love

Yaadein, a beautiful word to describe the many pleasant memories of ones life. Stored, restored and then cherished forever, until you have a treasure chest full of loads and loads of moments, both happy and may be not so happy...but I am a bit choosy when it comes to preserving memories, I've lined up the happy ones and try to keep them at a "recall" away, so that as soon as my mind clicks, I can watch the pleasant reel of the bygone days:)
One such memory that keeps tickling my happy harmones is the one related to a bar of choclate! Yup!My very own five star, which when I was a kid used to come in a bigger version but at a cheaper rate. There was a new general store that had come up on the main road. It was quite close to my house. Though it was a regular store had nothing amazing about it, but for me it was a dream come true and I'll tell you why! Right there on the shelf, visible from any corner of the road, there sat the love of my life,my very first crush...a huge jar filled with loads and loads of bars of five star!Ummmmazn!
Whenever I was on my way to the bus stop or while crossing the road..which now happened more often...I could feel the stare of my love interest..and the smell of choclate, it went right into my nose, pulling me towards it, which was indeed surprising coz it was a tightly closed jar, to save it from people like me I guess;)
So it just happened that I got to walk with my grandpa in the evenings when he ventured out to cater to his social circle, as we walked together, right from the corner of the road I could feel the magical spell pulling me towards it,I looked longingly at nana and taking his hand into mine, I carefully poured out all the sweetness that had ever resided in my mouth..."Nana, can we know what! I made an amazing painting in class, ma'am was really happy!...", Nana just smiled, "God is he bad with hints," I thought, but continued the struggle, "can you like get me a five star today", there was silence, but the smile on his face just lingered on...the hint was finally taken! and then came the best moment of my life! Staring at me, was the most pleasing, adorable and the irresistably huge jar of five star!
I was blessed with one of them and savoured it for hours on end:) Mmmmmm!thatz life!Memories can be recalled, cherished, enjoyed and yes relished as well!Though my loved one is not the same and has reduced in size, keeping up with the trend of smaller sizes I guess, but I am happy that the memories haven't changed.After all theres nothing like first love and no one can replace it ever!:)


  1. Cute post. I have very fond memories associated with chocolates too. I'm a self-confessed chocoholic! nice post, keep em coming

  2. Sweet and crisp article as the Five Star chocolate

  3. Thanks Ajai and Mr. KP and all the best to you!

  4. aww...that's a really cute one....:)

  5. More than the five star experience, I liked the bit about a child and her grandfather going for a walk and bonding.. It is a bond that lasts a lifetime and sometimes several lifetimes..



  6. Thanks Vish, youre absolutely right:)

  7. :),, a smile is what the post leaves on one's face.. the 5 star effect.. a very "sweet" post indeed!...

    your post actually made me think.. we never know which of our actions and memories are gonna be treasured by our kids.. if we try a lil more we will be able to give a lot of sweet memories to kids and they would be cherished for a life time.. the more sweet memories.. the more sweeter life becomes.. like a 5 star!

    loved this post.!!