Wednesday, May 6, 2009

True Beauty

I often wonder what beauty is all about. Many people say that my grandmother was a very beautiful woman. When she came after marrying nana(grandpa), women from the neighbourhood used to make regular visits , as they had heard a lot about her.This was when she was young, but when she grew old there was something that still attracted the people towards her.As a granddaughter if I say that she had the most innocently soothing face that I have ever come across, people would say that I am being biased.But there was definately something about her, that even a stranger whom she had never met before,could relate to easily.At that time I was just a little kid , aware of my grandmothers implicit charms, but unaware of the reason behind them. What made her who she was?Today I know the reason....
Be it an ailing neighbour or an arrogant relative, an old friend or a new acquaintance, grandma was there for everyone.It was not only at the time of distress that she was with them, but she made it a point to celebrate their happiness as well. This was her life, she never carried malice for anyone in her heart.It was just that she genuinely cared, and thats what made her appear really beautiful.
I know about another beautiful woman whom I have always admired.. Mother epitome of love, a true beauty.Her beauty ran in her heart and was showered wherever she went.Its true that beauty isn't skin has much more to it that makes it complete..It includes a beautiful heart and a kind soul and yes it also includes a few words that have the power to heal any wound that it comes across.
True beauty penetrates through the heart and seeps down into the soul.Most of us crib about about our that is skin deep. Just give yourself time and get to know if the beauty that you desire has penetrated into your soul...if it has , you are indeed beautiful and would stay that way forever, coz such beauty just gets better with time.
Beauty that perishes with time isn't true beauty, but is infact a mask that we wear since its not attached to our soul.
Remember its not the look but the essence that makes you look beautiful:)


  1. You are hundred percent correct.It is the inner beauty that counts.No amount of perfume or apparel or facial features can hide the stink of a dirty mind/heart.

  2. Hi Sana
    Nice posting. Beauty that is reflected in one's face is the beauty that is seen in their heart soul and mind.

  3. Hi! I agree with you hands point cribbing about hollow cheeks or a big waistline or pimples or blackheads or acne or whatever..true beauty indeed lies in the heart...:)
    n btw, very well written! :)

  4. Thanks Mr. KP, Laxmi and DS for your generous comments:)

  5. Truthful words:
    '...True beauty penetrates through the heart and seeps down into the soul...
    Beauty that perishes with time isn't true beauty..'
    I fully admire your insights.Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
    God bless.

  6. Thanks Surjit, may God bless you too:)

  7. thats very true.. reading your posts i see that you too are beautiful like your grandma.. which wont perish with time..