Sunday, May 17, 2009

The way it goes

The day breaks and light peeps out of the horizon, it streaches its arms and spreads on the bed of the earth.With its long bewitching reach seeping into our life, it glows every corner and spreads delight.Watching the ritual being performed, the birds spread out their wings and leave their nests happily chirping with the winds.The dew drops fly back with a magnetic click, only to return the next day, when the light is still in the process, to fill the sky upto the brim.
Now the sun is out and raises an alarm," get up world! A new day has come."
The world wakes up with a jerk, "What!Already?Why are you always on time Mr.Sun, take an off sometimes and rest peacefully at home."The sun grins and plans to teach the silly thing a lesson,"Alright then Mister, we'll have it your way tomorrow morning.I'll take an off and wont come out on time, if procrastination is the trend, that is what I'll imbibe."
Tomorrow came but looked incomplete, the night was waiting in total disbelief."This is not what happens every day,where is the sun!When will the day break???"
The birds helplessly fly in the dark,"where is light!Has calamity struck?"
Alas it was time for the world to wake up, it had overslept and looked swollen and clogged up.All the duties that it had to perform were delayed,"Oh!Where is the sun," it cried out,"Please come out I pray!"
Hearing its frantic cry, the sun peeped out and gave an apt reply,"If all of us try to run away from our duties, life would come to a halt and would lose its beauty. If you want to be happy, keep this in mind..welcome each new day with a beautiful smile. As it is a fact that everyone should know,The way you treat a day, the way it goes!"


  1. A highly imaginative and interesting piece.

  2. My God!! What an opening! I thought I was reading a novel written by a Booker Prize winner. Summing it up, it is a highly imaginative piece.

  3. WOW very informative and inspiring

  4. brilliant piece... The opening was beautiful...
    And the message - truly global :)

  5. Thanks everyone, hope all us welcome each day of our life with love and enthusiasm, its we who make it beautiful:)

  6. hey...its really was so rhythmic ,felt like i was reading anita desai

  7. Thanks Angel thats very sweet of you:)

  8. That was very imaginative,.. and sweet.. more like a poem.. i loved it... :) hope to see more !

  9. wow..that was really amazing..loved it..