Friday, May 29, 2009

Hope will get us through

The myriad cords of our life are such, that each is interdependent on the other,though it might not seem to be the case. These cords give us a reason to live and enjoy life and once broken leave an irreparable void. Such are the cords of our life that if they were non existant, life would not have had a meaning.
Our cords..our loved ones, those for whom we live and in turn provide a leeway to their emotions. Such cords are called relationships.
God has his way of running the cycle of life, when a cord gets strained and breaks away, a new one takes its place, but does that mean it is the end of our connection with the former, it definately does not seem to be the case. When a cord breaks away, it leaves a void behind, though the damage is irrepariable, memories provide a balm of relief, though complete repair of emotions is not possible. Like blood flows through our veins, love flows through these cords, making our life work smoothly, though we know that the flow is going to stop one day, we keep rubbishing the thought and nurture them with love.
Memories act as a mirage, giving us relief when we need it the most, but when we come backto reality we have to encounter and bear the truth.What is it that can can give us relief in such times...its nothing but hope. Its hope that can make us believe in life and can keep us going.

The times may be rough,
the journey might be tough,
Hope will get us through.

Life may perspire,
Thoughts may be on fire,
Hope will get us through.

Eyes might be numb,
Thoughts in conundrum,
Hope will get us through.

The cords of life surround us,
and lead us to a path,
where love opens all doors,
and a magic spell is cast.

These myriad hues of life,
these cords of love that exist,
are liven up by hope,
on hope thus life exists.


  1. Hi Sweetie..You are a very gifted and talented should definitely think of having it published and make sure to copyright it! By the way hun...just wanted to ask your name so i can address you rightly next time :)

    Thanks for sharing and stay in touch hun..

    Sandy :)

  2. itz that hope keeps us alive in this world..we never like what we have n we never get what we want..thats life,still we stay happy hoping that everything will be alrite one fine morning..
    nice post..

  3. Thanks Sandy,I am Sana, thanks for your wonderful comment:)
    Hi Uncertain Princess, thats for the beautiful lines:)

  4. Vancouer Canada has said it all.What more can I add?

  5. beautifully written sana...loved ur piece on hope

  6. Thank you all for your wonderful comments:)