Monday, May 4, 2009

It definately would...

Certain memories last longer than we think they would, turning into lessons for a life time.I believe children are like a blank paper, each moment in their life and each new lesson they learn gets typed in their minds eye and stays there forever. What happens when they see their elders performing certain duties, well!They just unconsciously follow them and make them a part of their life. On the contrary when they see their parents lying about something , they learn to lie, since it is a fact that our minds don't come with an editing machine,thoughts do linger on, whether positive or negative, its only when we mature and know the difference between right and wrong, we attach certain boundaries that we never attempt to cross,coz we know for sure that the winds are fatal on the other side!
We learn and imbibe a lot of things that we grow up observing and today one such incident that comes to my mind is the family trip to the polling booth.
It was ofcourse a holiday for us, so me and my cousins use to join the rest of the family and went to the polling boost,inspite of the fact that we very well knew that we would have to wait inside the car!Well that was not a problem,the thing that excited us the most was the car ride and yes then observing the people standing in the line to cast their votes. While we indulged in non serious stuff like running around the vehicle, as that was the boundary that we were ordered to stay within, the maturer part of our home, i.e. our elders took a step towards a new tomorrow , a ray of hope for their nation ,by giving it a leader who would hopefully be a soothing wind of change!
At that time I did not realise how important that one trip to the polling booth was, it was but a trip for me to enjoy and yes a break from school. I did not realise that this very duty that my elders performed will get registered in my mind forever.
Today when I hear people say,"What difference would it make if I don't vote",my mind goes back to the unforgettable memories, the sharp sunlight, the never ending line and the smile of satisfaction on my parents face after they have performed their duty..I just have one thing to say.."It would make a difference, it definately would:)"


  1. Superb post bringing out the message that vote is our birthright to be exercised responsibly.

  2. Kudos girl! Way to go...if only everyone thought like u....sigh!

  3. Thanks KP and DC for your encouraging comments. People would realise its imp one day, but it'll take some time:)