Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Do we always get what we wish for , or is it better that God gives us what he thinks is the best for us? When we wish for something, at that very point of time, it becomes the most important thing for us, we do everything to achieve it, but what happens by the end of the day is beyond our thoughts and dreams.

A wish settled on my eyelash,
and forced it to shut down for a long blissful sleep,
a gush of wind took my wish away,
and I, now with my eyes wide open, saw the storm coming my way.
Oh what would have happened if my wish was to be fulfilled,
my dreams would have been washed away with the storm unpredictable.
Life has a wish concealed in every beat,
The ones that are fulfilled,
are the ones that were meant to be.


  1. Splendid. Words of wisdom. Keep them coming

  2. Marvellous Sana. I am totally bowled over by the depth of those words. Great work! :)

  3. Very enlightening lines....filled with wisdom!

    "The ones that are fulfilled,
    are the ones that were meant to be."

    Admirably said sana :-) Loved it.

  4. totally spectacular lady...this must be published, please please do something...let the world see this stormy writing..i am so Woow!! right now, i have no words!!

  5. Wow...awesome words...I truely believe that GOD always knows what is best for us and we hardly know however badly we wish something whether that is actually good for us or not.

    But you know sometime, some wishes you want so badly, so obvious are those wishes that you wish if those come true and you are ready to face whatever may come!!

    BTW just curious though, is this post inspired from your comment on my post :D?

  6. Splendid... Cannot write more due to the severe loss of words!!

  7. Thanks KK, your wisdom is contagious ;)
    Thanks GP :)
    Thanks Veena, lets say a bunch of great friends, inspire you to write well:)
    Thanks NW, When is the next post from the "brilliant four" coming up :)
    Mani, still cant cast a spell like you do , through just a few words:)
    :)Rush- thanks soul mate ;)
    can be the case Mustaf :)
    When is the next post coming up Akshay!:)

  8. This is awesome.. I agree on rush's comments.. it should be published..

  9. A Very well written post mate. God is the best in predicting our life as only he knows our future.