Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Why is it that we get so fond of our roots, that it becomes impossible for us to leave our land?
Why is it that our neighbourhood, the familiar roads, the houses, the shops, the people, every thing is so precious to us that we never learn to live without them.. Why is it that a foriegn land, is always a foriegn land, however much we might try to make a home out of it? Why is it that even the familiar smell of plain food, makes us nostalgic? Why is it, that we feel so good when we meet a person from our land? Why is it that even a friend, seems as if he shares the same blood?
Why is it then that we fight with each other for reasons trivial? Why is that a single house is divided on disputes and quarrels? Why is it that age old relationships break apart, why is love suffocated in a corner of there heart? Why is it that the third takes advantage and wins?
Why can't we oppose such social evil?

Though we love our land, care for it and can't stay apart.
Though distances matter, tears flow out and friends are an important part.
Though seeds are sown for everyone irrespective of who they are.
Though each festival is a joyous one and plays an important part.
On such a land, with such feelings and such warm hearts, why is it that we stop thinking when evil drives us apart?
Oh! My Country, My land, My home just think for once atleast, what went wrong when such strong chords failed to cross boundaries.


  1. First to comment! :)

    Sana, you have raised a very nostalgic, sensitive and touching issue here. As usual, in a beautiful way. :)

  2. Another thought provoking post.
    When such questions face us, we wonder. Is memory really a bliss or a curse. To rise beyond the material world is not everyone's cup of tea. We are bound by many strings and some of become really taut at times when the mind becomes the devil's playground making us behave in ways foreign to us. Gaining control themind is the only way for eternal peace, beit with surroundings, people , culture or brethren.

  3. if we all let go of our roots and roam the global village would come to be..all barriers might brake..but then life would become dull with no individuality and thats scary..free

  4. Sana, you have raised the bar very high.
    I am left speechless when I read your posts.They transport me to realms of joy and happiness that Sana can weave such gems of beauty so effortlesssly,post after post

  5. I just wanted to say that I do not have anything to say, actually I do not have any answer for you :(

  6. These are some profound questions, I enjoyed reading your post, you do raise some very interesting questions. Thank you for coming by, have a great day.

  7. Hey Veena,yes first as always:) thats very sweet of you, much love and hugs:)

    "Gaining control themind is the only way for eternal peace, beit with surroundings, people , culture or brethren."KK youve got that one..I totally agree with you, beautifully commented I must say..I guess that the kk way:)

    Hi Soin, thats for a great comment and your visit, do come again:)

    Hey GP, Thanks a lot, Im much inspired by the way you write, so the credit goes to you :)

    Hey Mustaf, thats ok, every question doesnt have to have an answer, its more important that it makes you think :)

    Hey Margaret, its a pleasure reading your posts, you too have a great week ahead :)

  8. It's because of our identifications! We all limit ourselves with what we identify. We should embrace universe as a whole; every living creatures as a part of ourselves. In other words, LOVE ALL :-)

    Though just easily wrote it in a few seconds, it is very tough, and sometime takes lifetimes to simply love everyone, Sana!

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful questions, which I think each one of us, should ask ourselves :-)

  9. Thanks for reflecting on them Mani :)

  10. Very touching Sana...
    A question I keep asking... especially regarding infighting... Somehow senses evade us and trivialities prevail many a times causing untold miseries...
    Let's hope for a brighter tomorrow.

  11. its good to question, but how about an answer? we are left clueless and speechless when a sensitive issue comes up, we have fought battles for centuries but it still exists. We all want peace but have we slowly started to accept terrorism?
    Carol just posted this quote that touched me - "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
    Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    I am in love with ur work Sana, u really create masterpieces :)

  12. Yes Issam, Amen to that.

    Rush thanks for the beautiful quote and the warm words of appreciation, they keep the fire of words lit within me:)

  13. If only we could answer all the whys in the world. :)

    Nice post. :)

    Do drop by mine too. Cheers.

  14. Dear Sana,
    Good Evening!HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY!
    a thought provoking post,good one.all the whys can not be answered and should not be answered.if we can,bring awareness about the right and wrong among young generation.catch them young and nurture them.the future will be bright!please contact me on mail.[personal].
    Love and only love conquers the minds.
    wishing you a wonderful weekend,

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  17. hmm.. that was thought provoking.. very easy to understand way of writing.. keep writing..