Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The chords shouldn't rust away with time

In our life we chase our dreams, attain our goals and do whatever pleases our heart, but what is it that makes every experience a special one. Many people say that they are independent, make their own living, are happy to be by themselves, but even they share something in common, with those who like to be dependent on the ones they love......what makes a house a home or an experience a joy.... Its none other than someone who completes our life..be it our parents, friends, spouse or a loved one... each experience in our life is made complete in their company.
Nana used to say this often...don't leave anyone... don't stop visiting the place of a relative whom you don't like...don't ever form such a divide that you can never bridge..coz life is not about living alone...its about living together....its about understanding...its about compassion....its about the presence that makes your life complete..if you would keep fighting with everyone, there would come a day when you'd find yourself all alone..unable to bear the cruel isolation of life.
However independent we may be, we would always need company to light up our day and make our life complete.. even if its a couple of friends who light up a smile and make our life glow.
Distances are important ..comfortable distances that allow the other one sufficient space to breathe...don't force your presence on anyone...but be their to share their joy or sorrow, thats what makes life a beautiful experience, so much so that when we need someone, we would not have to ask for it....even when we are no more, people would remember us for who we were.
Grandma used to force mom to visit people as soon as she came to meet her..mom used to get very annoyed as she wanted to spend time with her mother...today she knows how important it is to be there for people and to keep refreshing the chord that binds each one of us, she has continued abiding to what she was taught.
All of us need our space, but we can always find ways for keeping the link between us and others refreshed, so that tomorrow, the chords that bind us, don't rust away with time.
However independent we may be, but life is complete only when we become a special part of someones memory and have someone to celebrate the various phases of our being.


  1. ur post reminds me of a scenario i am presently facing....i somehow did the opposite, ur post makes me rethink...but i feel like going with my instincts and they tell me, its better to keep a distance that pretend to be a friend.

  2. Lovely thoughts.... Agreed Sana :-)

    In one way or the other, we're all dependent as Human Beings. And being with our friends, relatives and loved ones, as you've beautifully said, make our life glow.

    But , I also feel we should do this out of joy and love....and not out of fear that we may be left alone in the future.

  3. A very true thought.....yes we must afreshen the chords...your friendships and relations do need nourishings at frequent intervals or they die!..Wise blog..

  4. The people we love complete us. I fully agree with you. But I have always kept a distance from the people I dislike or whose presence makes me uncomfortable. As Manivannan said, it should be out of love and not out of the fear that we might be left alone.....

    Well written, like always...:)

  5. A very true thought and yes, we must keep a distance than pretend to be a friend. Your post made me realize that deep down the line, we are dependent on each other. I second your opinion that our chords should not rust away with time. Very beautifully written. Really, I'm feeling very worthless when I compare your blog with mine.

  6. Hi Sana,

    Your posts are very beautiful.. I liked the title.. Thanks for sharing!! I am feeling inspired..

  7. HI Sana,

    My first visit here..and i got hooked to this post very much..every word that u said was absolutely true and the best lessons that one can share and spread..Thanks to ur Nana for such useful stuff..

    yeah..never walk away from ppl..and yes, life is all about living together..and also comfortable distances are much more important...thanks for sharing this ..nice blog and keep writing..

  8. A well written post.Aren't we doing this already?I think it is good to keep away from people who dislike you than to attempt building bridge of understanding

  9. Hey Rush, I totally agree with you, pretensions are very harmful,safe distance is a better option for sure.
    Very True Mani:)
    Thanks Big B:)
    Thanks Veena, well commented aswell;)
    No Akshay youre doin a great job..just keep at it;)
    Thanks Swatantra, Sid inspires me much more:)
    Thanks Pramoda keep visitn:)
    Yes Mr KP but we should know if they really dislike us or its just that there are certain other problems that might not be related to us...:)

  10. Sana, very touching post.I agree to both the school of thoughts here, we shd always keep that bonding with our loved ones and secondly, the relationship shd be always from the heart and not face value.At the same i would also like to add, even for people whom we don't like and we don't have a bonding, still we shdn't close the doors for ever. People change and with time, so u never know the person u dislike the most today might be one of ur closest one tomorrow..

  11. Beautiful thought: "...life is complete only when we become a special part of someones memory and have someone to celebrate the various phases of our being."
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.

  12. as important as space and solitude is, so are the connections we need to have with others. nice post.