Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The virtual and the real

Its true that certain things cannot be described in words, its like a beautiful scenery, when we are there, what our eyes are treated to cannot be captured by the camera, all it can do is just catch hold of the replica that can be kept to remind us of all the lovely days that colour our lives, but the ultimate feeling just lingers on in our nerves and settles down deep in our heart. Its true that certain things may be preserved at face value, but the focus of a camera or the ink that flows from the pen, just find it too hard to accomodate the real feel...though both win to some extend but the real moment just stays smeared in the mysterious lanes of our mind.
I have been asked to write about my grandfather so that it can come in print....though words come out as my feeling push them to spill on paper, but the moments capture my mind in such a way that I find myself lost in the bylanes cherishing each moment with renewed enthusiasm, when the present taps at my door I find myself at a loss of words.
Yes, feelings can be poured down on paper, but what is it that stays behind?
Maybe its the touch of the real or a sense of belonging to the moments that refuse to be passed on.
Life is a yearning...a yearning for the varied hues....if the yearning would collapse..we would find ourselves without a clue...... be it a yearning of a lost past...or that of the mysteries that wait ahead.....its life and its numerous experiences that are unique to each one out there...each one of us yearn for the best that could be ... its our precious moments that make our lives....truely unique.


  1. I am first! Yay! :)
    On a serious note...those precious moments often become a reason to live..right?
    You have been asked to write about Nana? His words have inspired us all...thanks for sharing them with all of us...:)

  2. Sana,

    Beautiful is the word for this post!! Precious moments that makes our life truly unique... mast hai!!

  3. The real and the virtual meet when magic happens. It is in the magical power of the wielder of the pen to transport one to times past , to lands new and emotions unknown. You have the gift. So, don't worry, just write and Grandpa will live in your ink.:)

  4. Well said Holy Lama.It cannot be improved upon.Sana,we are waiting to read your work on your Nana.Any deadline for completing it?

  5. A highly responsible task you've got at hand now. Let nothing deter you. Allow your hands to transport us into this magical realm of yesteryears - and capture the essence of your grandfather's life.

  6. i replied something similar to ur comment when u say i had captured it all...so true, what the eyes see, the mind feels can possibly never be re-created. However, our yearning for it gets us close...ur idea of penning down the moments and history with Nana, thou not close but powerful enough to create history all over again.
    looing forward to it Sana...(((hugs)))

  7. Thanks Veena,its a pleasure.
    Hi swatantra, thanks a lot:)
    Hey kk those are some beautiful lines:) Thanks for making the comment so beautiful.
    No Sir theres no deadline, just a task to be fulfilled.
    Yeh RGB, Thanks for the encouragement:)Will try my best.
    Hey Soul mate :) thanks a lot, loads of hugs and love to u too.

  8. Hello!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Your kind words, and friendship mean a great deal to me!! I'll be back to visit again, after I kick my post-surgery painkillers!! ~Janine XO

  9. Dear Sana,
    The moments so dear n precious,
    They make us live a meaningful life,
    They remind us that we have promises to keep,
    They become the source of inspiration,
    We hold them close to our heart,
    The memories are so dear forever!
    Let everyone know about your Grandpa,
    That will be your dedication for Him!
    enjoyed your post felt the honesty in feelings.
    have a great sunday!

  10. "...feelings can be poured down on paper, but what is it that stays behind?...."
    I don't have enough words to express my feelings after reading your post. A very well-worded one indeed! I could experience a yearning of the varied hues of life.

  11. Thanks sniffles, Anupama and Amritbir:) Thanks a lot for all your warm comments!!

  12. But already you do that....don't you sana? :-) You bring in front of our eyes the world you weave with words....You're already gifted, and blessed :-)

    Moreover, I always feel, works about great men will always be great! So, I'm sure the noble endeavour you're taking up for your Nana will be a fruitful one.

  13. how do u write so effortlessly and convey everything u want to say with so much of ease!