Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The lessons of life

When we toddle our way to maturity, its not just a period we cover, its a big chunk turned in the book of life..and when we flip the pages back for old times sake, we find numerous blots, scribbles, fine lines and things in bold..these are the moments that either went wrong or just went the way we wanted them too..these are the pages of our life that are stored in our mind and can be flipped through, whenever we lie back, a little away from the hum drum of the present.
Sometimes these pages seem like an old reel of the times that have passed and sometimes like a reflection of the life that waits ahead, how we grew up and the upcoming generations might grow up, or just as a teacher, yes, the times that have passed can serve as a teacher, someone who teaches us to learn from our mistakes and edit all the blots so that we can have a neat beginning, a clear path that waits ahead, and we do not repeat certain things that did not help us at all but pushed us away from our path.
Grandpa was correct when he said..life is a school, where we learn a new lesson everyday...its a learning process..we should learn from our mistakes and should keep mopping the path ahead, every new mistake would be a lesson to be learnt and every success would be a feather in our cap.....an indicator of how well we have learnt the varied lessons taught by life.


  1. Beautifully said Sana :)
    Your write-ups make me ponder over a subject and at the end of it, your posts...each word, makes sense. You come across as a very sensible, mature and sorted person :)

  2. Like your nana said Life is a teacher.So long we do not repeat the mistakes we would have profited by our past mistakes.You invest even for simple thoughts certain charm by the beauty of your writing,Sana

  3. This is very true Sana.If we take every opportunity to learn in stead of mourning when something goes wrong, everyday life becomes better. And if every success makes us more humble rather than making us arrogant, then only we will be able to take success and failure with equal stride and maintain the balance.

  4. how badly i miss being FTC "First to Comment"
    Veena has taken my place...but soon she will be on the second place.even partha made a visit for me!!sigh!!

    Sana, you speak from the soul...was really touched and moved here...my past has always been a teacher to me guiding me thru and there still some questions open. Some puzzles i have not yet been able to solve.
    And then i was introduced to Landmark forum, have u heard of it by any chance?
    It was a unique learning experience where i was introduced to a way of life where we become complete with our past and start living from our future taking the future as a guide.
    it is interesting, i have applied it at times, but i always go back to my past to learn...coz the future is an open ground for experiments but the past is always a great teacher.

  5. Thanks Veena, and you come across as a sweet heart :)
    Very True Gp,pst is a teacher for sure:)
    Yes Mustaf, I think mourning is a total waste of time!
    Rush every one of you is so special for me , be it Veena or you that for me each one of you is first, and your comments are very precious, they make my day. Youve concluded your comment beautifully,the future is an open ground for experiments but the past is always a great teacher.You sure spell magic with words:)

  6. Past, Present and Future...they're inextricably linked to each other and are pretty much what our lives are about. You've given us food for thought, with this post. Thank u Sana and keep them coming. We're all ears, I mean eyes!

  7. have always belived in the philosophy of learning from life, there is something to learn from every moment.. and when we have learned enuf.. we become wiser and wiser and make fewer mistakes

  8. Hi Sana,

    Thanks for the lovely post!! whenever i come here i feel new energy in me..

    Life is a school..

    Amazing thoughts!!

  9. It was a surprise to read this post, because long ago, I had written a poem on similiar lines. It started off like

    Kuch panne ud gaye hain
    Kuch mein likhawat dhundhali pad gayi hai
    Har panne par koi ek tasveer hai
    Jinme kuch baar baar aathe hain
    Aur kuch ek baar....

    and ended like
    Haan, Yehi to hum sabhi ka
    Afsaana hain

    Happy to know that we think alike:)

  10. Thanks RGB!:)
    Very true uncommon sense, I totally agree with you:)
    Thanks Swatantra! Give my love to Sid..he is a cute blogger:)
    Hey KK thats a nice poem:) same hear!!

  11. This post sends so much positive vibes in my heart. I feel inspired. How heartening it is if we look a mistake as a stepping stone in our life!

    Life is a school that's indeed a profound dictum! And your analogy was wonderful...

    Thanks for sharing my friend :-)

    Have a cheerful time!

  12. enjoyed reading it.. description was truly special..