Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Memories

Memories smear our mind in such a way, that wherever we may be and however preoccupied our mind might seem, something or the other clicks in our mind and takes us towards the bygone days, making us remember those whose memories can never fade away.

It was a long drive to the hill top,
Where soothing breeze enveloped my heart,
certain memories faded away, though certain regained their charm.
I travelled leaving behind, the loss that can never be recovered,
least did I realise, that memories have an amazing power,
The power to hold on.....
where ever we may be,
For memories are a part of us .. a part of our being,
Its a memory that makes us smile, a memory that makes us weep,
and hand in hand with a row of memories, our life seems complete.
Covered in a blanket of memories I explored an alien land..
where I found my self again, a self well transformed.
Such is the power of memories my friends, that where ever you may be,
they would stand right next to you and would watch over in glee.


  1. That's a gem of a post, Sana. I am awe-struck by your English. Glad to come across and as always, it has always been an enjoyable experience reading your post. Mind you, totally enjoyed reading to the core, though I wasn't in a mood to read the newspapers and blogs.

  2. very true Sana.. Its the memory associated with the person that makes us happy or sad..

    Last year when one of my close uncle died, i was feeling sad as all the memories attached with him were happy.. and i realized that how powerful memories are..

  3. "Its a memory that makes us smile, a memory that makes us weep,
    and hand in hand with a row of memories, our life seems complete" Good One..

  4. I ll memorise that on memories.....

  5. Wonderful! Memories always are a part and parcel of our personality, no matter how much we live in the present, we cannot detach ourselves from our memories..."For memories are a part of us .. a part of our being..." - very well said!

  6. so true lady...its our memories, our reminiscence of the past that makes us , an integral part of us..of who we are.loved the poetry!!

  7. That's yet another great write up sana :-) Exceedingly well written poem! lovely!!

    You're right memories makes who we are :-) In a sense, enlightenment is nothing but remembrance; the remembrance of who we truly are...while most of us forget, the enlightened ones remember!!!

    And, am glad you found your Self sana!!!

    Happy Weekend!

  8. Rightly put, Sana. memories lend the continuity. But, I think you should look up a different word instead of 'Glee' towards the end of a well written poem.

  9. Thanks for giving it a patient read Akshay!
    Yes Swatantra, indeed memories leave a deep effect.
    Thanks Novice Writer!!
    Thanks Big B!!
    Thanks Amritbir, its very true that we can never detach ourselves from memories, they keep surfacing oft and on:)
    Very TRUE Rush!!
    Thanks Mani, I totally agree with you!!
    Thanks KK:) I had used the glee, coz at that time I was thinking of the good old memories that have a gleeful charm about them:)Memories that bring a smile, the moment our mind gets tickled by them!!Would definately think about your suggestion aswell:)) Thanks ones again!!!

  10. Hey Sana! Lovely as usual. You are right. Memories are all that we can cling on to in the end. We may have the thing, the person, or the happy times with us, but the wonderful memories make them all the more special.:)

  11. I have nothing more to add than what you have beautifully expressed.

  12. :) well expressed.. posts are turning addictive. !