Sunday, June 14, 2009

The steps that never returned

Its surprising that one event follows another in such a way that we are left totally numb. Recently I had described the friendship between my grandfather and his friend and today,I'd say that my grandpa has made his way to the heavenly abode,to be even closer to God and start a life which we can just think of ...the hereafter.
We attach ourselves to people, thinking that they are a permanent source of strength for us, its human nature to do that, but we forget something..a vital fact that we should accept and believe in..nothings premanent in this world,except for God, I am scared that the way we are making things work in the beautiful world that he has blessed us with, in no time even he would also say..I have had enough! Hope he doesn't , coz if that happens, we would actually be left with nothing at all.Lets make this world a beautiful place and pray that the God showers his blessings on us forever and ever.
Initially I had created this blog to compile all that my grandpa had to say about history and his various experiences, time passed and he became a bit repetitive, thus I was unable to do what I had initially planned and now its just impossible. But I am sure about one thing, he would always be alive through the values that he has left behind, for us as grandchildren and for his children to imbibe and lead a better life, may be now through this blog I would narrate the beautiful words that have become a part of my being..May God Bless His Soul. Amen
(He was taken to the hospital on the 29th of May 09 and passed away on the 12th of June 09)

When you were taking those steps out of the house,
Somehow I knew, you would not return;

When you looked at me and no words came out,
Somehow I knew you would not return;

When they took you in their care, claiming that everything would be alright,
Somehow I knew you would not return;

When you were in a tussle to survive;
Somehow I knew you would not return;

I knew it from the start and yet I believed,
may be life has more for you to see,
and now when you have closed your eyes,
my thoughts have stopped in disbelief,
the only promise that I want from you,
is to guide me wherever I might be,
coz you might have left for the other world,
but my heart is where you'd always be.


  1. Cheers to a great being, a everalive soul that will always be amid us through your eyes, through your feelings.
    My condolence to you and everyone whose life grandpa touched, and i must say he touched mine too through your poem, a lovely contribute to grandpa..Nana will always live with us through your words.Amen.

  2. I read this poem that I give below.It describes your condition aptly.
    "The Pain Of That Moment won'; t seem to heal
    My heart is broken, the pain is just too real
    Thats something time just won't erase

    You were there for me grandpa
    watching me grow and develop
    from a baby to a toddler

    I cried when you departed
    I still do now, just listening to 'my Immortal'
    this pain is seemingly too real

    I remember the good times
    You going out to the ice cream van
    buying a stock of Sugar Alley and feeding it to me

    I think of you, you exist now
    only in my memory
    I have moved on

    You're My Immortal
    You're my departed Grandpa
    and Oh, How I miss you.

    Rest In Peace, my grandpa
    You're now my guardian angel
    Watch over me eternally

    I'll Reunite with you some day
    I love you even in death
    My Departed Grandparent
    Rest Well
    I love you "

    Sana, Time is the cure for muddy water.So it is with troubled and grief stricken minds.Think of the happy moments you had and values imbibed and share them thro your blog.

  3. Sana...may ur nana find eternal peace...where ever he is now, he is looking down at you and is really proud that his grand daughter has his legacy restored...

  4. may be you should try to write down whatever your grand father told,, it isnt too late..

  5. Really great, its touching...