Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Eternal and Everlasting

Its amazing how relationships work, it feels like there is an automatically generated attachment that develops between people.
Unable to judge whats going on in the world, my grandpa told me something that left me quite zapped.
Yesterday I got the news of one of his friends demise, he was residing in a totally different city and both he and grandfather hadn't met each other for a long time now, but friendship is such a bond that has the power to transgress any amount of distance that exists between people. His friend I am sure was always a part of grandpa's prayers.
I remember all the stories that grandpa used to share with me and still does, he told me how he and his friends wrote innumerable plays and acted in them, the locality and the area nana lives in was a part and parcel of Jamia University and thus their life beamed with all sorts of cultural activities, there were plays, festive celebrations, be it Eid, Holy, Christmas. Nana (grandpa) got all excited when he narrated the various incidences, it looked as if a little child is narrating his days activities..he said, "and then we got the real buffaloe on stage, can you believe it!a real buffaloe, I made the village people sit on stage and gave my hukkah to one of them to smoke, like real villagers do..and the play became an instant hit." He sat in one corner, with his transistor, which was a great source of entertainment in those days and wrote innumerable plays, which unfortunately got lost with time.
While nana had a different life he shared this common interest with his friend Habib Tanvir (1 September 1923 – 8 June 2009) a popular Hindi playwright, theatre director, poet and an actor. Nana still remembers his role as a hawker in one of Tanvir Sahabs plays Agra Bazar..he had become a "kakri wala".With a sudden deterioration in his health, I never realised that nana would ever be aware of whats going on in the world, though he keeps surprising me time and again, but this time he shocked me beyond words.
When I got the news of his friends demise, everyone in the family decided that the sad news should not reach his ears at any cost since it would disturb him even more. With loads of thoughts flocking my mind I went and sat next to him, after a general talk about the daily happenings, he poured out the words..which most term as hallucination..."You know beta,Tanvir Sahab came to me last night, he was a great friend and I hope he gets a good place in the hereafter"...I was left zapped..every effort of hiding the news from him had gone in vain..it was a few day ago that I had seen him reciting the dialogues of the play.
Certain things in life are beyond explanation and there is no term to describe them, the more we try to know about them, the more confused we become, therefore leaving things to what they are is the best we can do.
The bond of friendship travels across borders, it has the power to bridge any gap that ever exists, it links one heart to another, creating such strong bonds that become eternal and everlasting.


  1. a chill ran thru my spine reading ur post..thnks so much for sharing sana, this is really touching.

  2. I enjoyed the story..I adore the elderly people that I care for. I have sat with many residents in the nursing home that I work at, as they were approaching death...they often talk to others in the room..that only they can see and hear...but I often feel their presence. A dear friend lost her 11 year old daughter Hailee, to a sudden illness...Hailee's grandmother died a few months later, and as she was getting closer...she saw and talked to Hailee and told us that Hailee was there to show her the way home. a blessing for Hailee's mother, who was grieving two losses so close together.

  3. Hi Rush and Angelynn, thanks for sharing your experience, yes there are certain things that we can never explain, but they still happen, u dont hv to choose btw being a believer and a non believer,coz its just for u to kw.Great is Great, may his blessing always be v all of us:)

  4. that is just so...i mean...friendship is beyond everything..above everything....really touching...

  5. what an amazing story--thanks so much for sharing it. :)

  6. Very touching...
    The bond of friendship is indeed beautiful....

  7. I hv no words to express my appreciation at the way of narration of a long and intimate friendship

  8. I really appreciate the way u have presented such a simple thing. you are really correct when it comes to life.

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