Sunday, June 28, 2009


Fragrance has this great power to trigger off memories. Each fragrance has an identity of its own, a soul that brings it alive in our minds eye.
I still remember the fragrance of new books for the new session, that had the power to attract the enthusiasm that made me look forward to cover them with crisp brown paper, irrespective of my mothers apprehension of spoiling them.
The fragrance of a new doll on my birthday, covered with a glittering wrapping paper and given to me with a big smile, though I might have forgotten the fragrance of the new doll, but the fragrance of the people that filled my life with love can never be forgotten.
The fragrance of ponds dream flower talc which then came in a steel bottle, was one of my favourite, I could relish it in my nani's dupatta, covering which I have spent many peaceful nights.
The fragrance of the earth when it comes in contact with the first few drops of rain, hugging them lovingly and dancing with joy,sharpening each and every feature of the earth, making the green go greener and caressing the paper boats that float with delight.
The fragrance of a new morning like the one of a new born, new in every sense of the word, fresh like a pleasant breeze that gives a new beginning..a new meaning to life.
There are so many things that have the familiar fragrance, one that refreshes our life and gives it its lost colour, though each fragrance has a unique identity, it merges within and generates a new energy .

As I smelled the air,It felt new today,
what is it that made it new?
a new victory or a new despair,
But whenever I pass the long lost lanes,
I know for sure that its a game,
a game of life, to renew the old,
a few cherished memories, a throbbing soul,
it is in life that I take delight,
the secrets piled in a secretive light,
the fragrance of new, the young, the old,
Gives my life the value of gold.


  1. What a nice post!! I loved the fragrance of my college days.. the fragrance of the night filled with tension and love....

    You write very deep.. i like your style. Would like to visit again..

  2. Wow what a beautiful post. Fragrances are very vivid, I have forgotten a lot of my early chidhood memories, but the fragrances remain etched forever, I loved the fragrance of a typical aroma that always lingered in my grandma's kitchen, and I loved the smell of cherry blossom and the smell of lipsticks that mom used..there are so reading you.

  3. One man's fragrance is another man's odour.I love Lucknowi attar that brought head ache to my wife.The exotic fragrance of the incense sticks that I bought reminded her of Tantrics with their pungent jos sticks.I loved the smell of petrol,the smell of the smoke of a steam engine, the sweet smell of jasmine.The list is endless.But for social gatherings it is best to be with a gentle perfume than in a smelly dress

  4. The fragrance of my mother's saree, though she never used perfumes. The fragrance of jasmine in the summer nights. The fragrence of agarbattis during the Durga Puja in Delhi....memories are made of these.
    Loved your post. It had the fragrence of my childhood.

  5. A gem of a post!! I still remember the fragrance of the mogra agarbattis, the fragrance of jasmine in the summer nights. The smell of petrol in a petrol pump. I had forgotten a lot of my childhood memories and your post just reminded me all that. Thank you!!

  6. the fragrance of a new post!! *smells* rejuvenating...loved what u wrote.Keep swinging lady!!

  7. Thanks Swatantra,Sujata, Mr.KP, Akshay,and Rush:)
    Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and thanks for sharing your experiences!Loved sharing them with you:)Keep droppn by!Will look forward:) take care and have a great week ahead!
    Hey its rainiing in Delhi and to everyones delight we can smeel the rain after such a loooong time;)!!!Cheers!!!

  8. well was lovely!!!!
    fragrence of my childhood is something that cannot b forgotten!!!!

    keep posting!!!!

  9. almost all the fragrances you mentioned are my favs too..especially the smell of the earth when kissed by the first showers of the monsoon....lovely post...:)

  10. Thats so true... every fragrance reminds of something... Deo or perfume i ever used.... reminds me of beautiful old days..
    Same is with other small things... fragrance of papers, fruits, food and so on...

  11. "a few cherished memories, a throbbing soul"
    wow - love this poem - you rock new beginning -
    your words honor life -