Friday, July 3, 2009

Everyones life got some plan........

I was just thinking, why does life give one a feeling of having everything but being empty.
Is it a loss of patience or loss of desires, or just an empty mind which is on fire?
But when we tend to combine all that goes on , in the stream of life which just flows by,
its then, that one gets to know, that its just but our think about life and the uncanny future ..........

It makes me think, and yet not understand,
that everyones life got some plan,
carving a niche or finding a cure,
life does take us through something for sure,
and when this something results in success,
thats when we cry out,"Oh!Everything happens, for the best!"


  1. Same questions I have...and I don't really understand either. What is considered a success for some...may not be for another. We may have plans...but no control really, over where those "plans" may lead us : ) May all of your "plans" lead to success...whatever you conceive that to be...
    Love and Light to you,

  2. The life's plan doesn't unfold on its own.You must chalk out your plan,set goals and work towards their realisation.Nothing would be accomplished waiting for something to happen.It is a different matter that our efforts may not bear fruit always but that is no excuse for not trying

  3. Thats because when are satisfied the urge of growth dies!! :)
    In a way its good! Enjoy the flavors of life.. :))

  4. well that is one question that i guess every one wants an answer to...

    a friend of mine said that this emptiness is coz we have become too materialistic n our desires are never ending...n we keep running after fulfilling these wishes of ours!
    earlier life was simple..we just wanted satisfaction, work hard n sleep well...that defined happiness!
    but today we define happiness by the zero's on our pay checks, the locality we live in and at the places we it...our philosophy for life has altered...
    n so the feeling of emptiness....

    although i myself m not quite convinced by this explanation of his....but i lay the case for you....

  5. That's another passing phase....but the problem is...this one doesn't pass that sort of begins every time u embark upon something new...

  6. true. reflecting on life is such a good passtime!!nothing comes of it though..liked the rhyme

  7. Thanks Laura, Mr. K.P., Deepika,State of mind,destiny's child and Sujata...thanks for your warm comments :)I love your views and realised the fact that whatever said and done certain things in life are common to all...reflections on life is a part of each one of us :)

  8. Yes Everything happens for the best!! There is a good reason for the things to happen if we see backwards.. As we can always connect the things backwards..

    Good post!!

  9. Hi Yaadein,

    This is very true. Everything does happen for the good, but only when the things that we desire happens we call it the best thing. :).

    Keep Blogging! :)

  10. lol..our mind rambles, we define success, we pronounce failure..its our mind.
    Life by itself is empty and we fill it with our perceptions and judgment.

  11. hello new beginning, what you have written is
    true, everyone has a purpose and it is joy,
    [and dedication] once this purpose is revealed
    to one.

  12. Hi Swantantra, My life iis my lesson( ur name plz:)), Rush(Hey where were u!)and Nadege, thanks for the warm comments!