Monday, July 20, 2009

The Not So Idiot Box!

Memories have a huge storage capacity, they can preserve loads of incidences that in turn become an important lesson in life.In this fast changing world of cable and dish t.v., people are forgetting the presence of doordarshan, well that was one channel and a few others that used to enhance the t.v. set which then wasn't much of an idiot box, since there were many shows that left a great impact on our mind. I was in fourth standard when my uncle got a cable connection at my grandma's place. Since then it became a ritual for the whole clan, to go over to nani's place and watch "Antakshiri" , hosted by Annu Kapoor, followed by a huge family dinner :)
Before that, movies were not a regular feature and tapes could be hired to watch a movie. So whenever the senior members of the family planned to watch a movie, it used to be a festive delight for me and my cousins, since we got our share of fruity and chips! More than the movie, it was the treat that we looked forward to.
It so happened that once I was watching t.v. at home, though it was black and white, but I filled it with the colours of my imagination.I still remember that they had special programmes for kids during the summer vacations, " aaaa eeee ho gayi chutti" played the title track. Once they had this story about a kind little girl, who shared everything with others, even if it was a small little sweet,she used to share it with her parents, by dividing into half. So one day an angel visited the girl's place disguised as a poor woman. The little girl was having her food, the only two rotis which she had, as her parents were away for some work. When the angle asked her for food, the girl gave her whatever she had. Happy with the girl's generosity, the angel blessed her and told her, that she would never fall short of anything in life, happiness would be her jewel for the rest of her life!
After the story ended, I headed straight to the kitchen and hugged my mom, though she got a bit confused, she hugged me back and planted a kiss on my forehead. Then I went back to my room and took out all my toys and gave a nice new one to my maid's daughter, who was more or less the same age! I was happy that day and still am:)
Grandpa used to say, when you give a present to someone, give them what appeals to you the most, don't give them something you do not like, that indeed would be a real gift. He used to keep the best things for others while using the old ones, this habit irritated everyone in the family but I know how happy he felt :)
Everything in the world teaches us a lesson..........even the so called idiot box can be pretty useful! Isn't it ;)


  1. "give them what appeals to you the most, don't give them something you do not like"
    I liked this best.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more, Sana. Specially, the things that really made me out was Salma Sultan and Sarla Maheshwari. Then there was Ek Chidiya Anek Chidiya. I remember when I was watching "Katha", a few months ago, there was a scene in which TV was covered by a cloth. Farooque Sheikh had asked a person why he had covered the TV with a cloth. The man replied, "because it is afternoon, there are no TV programmes at this time." Nostalgia really good.

    In our house, we used to have relatives who used to come to our house from the other side of the city just to watch the movie. How I wish, the time could come back. Highly nostalgic and extremely well-written post. Looking forward to some more interesting posts like these.

  3. dear sana,
    enjoyed your post could help me to recollect my childhood memories.the whole village children,used to sit in our hall of nalukettu[ancestoral house] to watch the much i enjoyed dooordarshan programmes!and even now ,i love them.
    the principle your grandpa believed was caught by me recently.whenever i do the charity,i used to feel proud of myself;but later i realised,i must give away something i liked the most.
    real thought provoking,nostalgic post......
    happy blogging..........

  4. what a sweet memory...your grandfather was a wise man. I think you take after him : )
    I rarely watch television...a complete waste of time, there is so many more interesting things to do!
    Love and Light to you, and may you always have plenty to share.

  5. amazing post Sana...i am soft on my eyes right now.
    For a little kid, the act of giving away ur doll was really the epitome of giving.
    and i loved wat grandpa said and believed in,of giving away what best appeals to you is the real gift...we often give away untouched gifts which we think we may never use...wat an idiotic habit. So proud of grandpa and the grand u both (((hugs)))

  6. Thanks Mr. KP, thats an untarnished value dt I'll preserve for life.
    Hey Akshay, even I loved the song ek chudiya..nostalgic for sure:)
    Anupama thanks for sharing the beautiful memory:)U kw my mom used to go to her neighbours place with a new delicacy each day, so that she could get a glimpse of their, in those days television was a rare thing.
    Hey Laura I agree with u , but there r ceratin things that r really good on television.Cartoons for instance .I love them;)Bless u
    Hey Rush Love and hugs to u too:)Thanks for the sweet comment!

    Love u guys, thanks for the patient read:)Take care!

  7. Amazing post Sana!!

    I also has few similar memories of my childhood like the hiring movie and the tune of doordarshan..

    Thanks for sharing!!

  8. You are so right Sana...and that was a very cute post btw...:)

  9. to see your Blog.Your Posts are good read infact.Keep it up!

  10. Thanks Swatantra and DC :) all the very best to u too.
    Hey thanks for coming Zayida!Do come again:)

  11. Good old days!!! sweet memories.. aint it??

  12. AWWWW.. that was nice of you to give off your toys...

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