Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Natural Balm

There is a cord that is struck when you find yourself at certain places. Those places make you realise, how deep and mesmerising the reality actually is. I remember the early mornings at my grandparents place, where you didn't need an alarm clock to wake you up, nature did the needful.
As I was asleep a beautiful sound entered my ears and resounded in my mind, it was a tiny dove playing distant music with its tone, going on repeating the words "Ya Dosto"as thats what I believed they were. In our faith, "Ya Dosto" is another name for God. As my grandmother used to tell me lovingly,"all the birds remember the Lord and keep taking his name, thats how they beautify the world, with their peaceful chant!"
Indeed. Today when I think of it, I know for sure that nature has its own healing powers, be it the soothing winds or the gracious chant of the birds, everything adds to the beauty of life.When people stuff their ears with head phones and jog in the parks, they don't realise what they are missing the most. Music does take one to another world, soothing each tussle that comes our way, but the music of nature is greater than what any living being can ever make. It works like a balm on the strained nerves and calms each breath that we take.
God has given us a beautiful world which protects us from everything that goes wrong in our life, nature indeed is our natural defence mechanism, its for us to hear its call and sing along with the blissful music that has the power to heal everything that it touches upon.

A little birdie perched high up in a tree,
Singing along with the winds to nature's melody,
A balm was the song to soothed every strain,
joy it brought to the rough terrains.
As I sat on the window sill,
the melody entered with a joyous jilt,
and then came in a new breathe of life,
it touched my day with a new found delight,
and as I got ready to face the world,
beloved nature resounded in my ears.


  1. I really liked your choice for a blog post. I completely agree that we miss out on the best music we can ever listen to while we are jogging by putting headphones into our ears. By the way, where do you get the inspiration to write something like this? I am miles away from you in writing. I remembered a poem which I had in the eighth standard in Marathi when you wrote about your grandparents. Looking forward to reading more exciting posts!!

  2. The post evokes only nostalgic memories of the happier days in the past when we were in communion wih nature shedding its beauty in all its abundance.Where are the trees, the singing birds, the sylvan surrondings,he greenery today, Sana,,amidst the concrete jungles we live in.
    A beautifully written poem as always from you

  3. Superb!! A beautiful written thoughts and the poem..

    I felt like listening to the sounds of birds your post is a truly natural balm to the soul!!

  4. Thank you Akshay, those encouraging words inspire to write more :)
    KP Sir, we still have such things but we choose to ignore then in our heavily prioritised life, once we stop and listen to the call of nature, we would definately get a great response:)
    Thanks Swatantra, I am happy that u did, isnt it a grea balm..soothing and mesmerising :)

  5. Music has a big role in every phase of our life. It entertains us soothes us and also gives us the spirit to carry on. Its truly a balm. Great post as ever, the poem as usual was beautiful!

  6. i wasnt able to post a comment yesterday :(

  7. to day i can...:)
    yesterday afternoon i was in my porch with my lunch, the sounds of birds chirping, the wind whistling, the trees hushing and the sunlight making my lap was perfect!!
    just like u described..who wants to away from mother nature..her melody can never be compared!!

  8. Thanks Sujata, thats very sweet of you:)I totally agree with what you've written. Do keep coming:)
    Hey Rush!Missed you yesterday:( But am happy to find you here today!Ya leasant afternoons, love them, will soon write a post on the pleasant afternoons, they have a big role to play in everyones life..the nice warm, happy day:) sign...

  9. You were generous about my blog - appreciate it totally. Hope to stay in touch in our blog-world.
    I liked your verses. Being the environmental pessimist that I am, the sound of chirping birds in dense urban neighbourhoods are for me huge joys!

  10. hi walking, i'm interest with your blog and now i follow. say hello from indonesian

  11. Hi sana! You've a wonderful blog here. I think, I missed reading this blog. This post was so beautifully written. The way you drive home the message is excellent. Especially, loved what your grandma had told you...very admirable!

    Also, loved the poem :-)

    Take care!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. @ Jali blog, Hi There Keep coming by, thanks for visitn!
    @Mani, thanks for those encouraging words, all you blogger friends have encouraged me to write more!Take care, I honoured to have a friends u all!

  13. Music is there in every sound of nature, it is us who are unable to hear it.
    The poem was fabulous. Enjoyed your post.

  14. Thanks Aparna!I loved ur blog:) Do keep coming!

  15. Hi.. Your blog is really good.. I love the way you have mentioned the music of nature..

    Will return to read more..

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