Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'll be there by your side

Nana is becoming older by each passing day.Yesterday when I forced him to come and have dinner with us, I knew it was very difficult for him, but he agreed. Sometimes I just wonder why at a young age we are unable to inherit such compassion and selflessness, is it just the lack of experience or that we just don't want to give a thought to certain things. Whatever it is I believe that such wealth can only be found in the hearts of the elders who have given all those wonderful years of their life to make us who we are today and still haven't stopped the process of giving.
Don't they expect anything from us? Of coarse they do. But our clocks run on such untouched, practical schedules that we don't get time to listen to our hearts, otherwise we would have been able to hear it call out to those who need us the most......and we need them too.
Yes we need them, coz we may realise it or not but the amount of stability the aged presence brings in our lives cannot be compared to anything. They might not say anything, they might be busy with the daily clock that they have happily set for themselves , but the fact that they are there makes all the difference. Its their prayers , love and innumerable blessings that surround us and guide us on the stony path of life, making it a bed of roses with a few words that last a lifetime.
"I know you are old, I know we need to talk, I know you need to complain, I know you always bless me whether I am there or not, but just be sure about one thing in your life, whenever you need me, I'll be there by your side".

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  1. Elderly people .. are always a pillar of strength...