Friday, April 10, 2009

A small lesson

Nana often talks about the small but beautiful things in life. Having the honour of being taught and having the company of some of the great personalities of our nation, he has learnt an important lesson and swears by it day and night."Small things make a lot of difference . Your language, the way you talk and the company you seek determines a lot of things ".
There were people he met , who have left a sentence or two as a parcel of their fond memories, but those words are remembered and cherished till date. You never get to know but sometimes you end up saying some such thing, be it good or bad , that gets attached to you and is spoken about , whenever you are remembered. Therefore always try to leave such words that have a lasting impact, helping the other to build up precious momentoes , that bring a smile on their face. He remembers a line said by a great writer Kuwar Mahinder Singh, "each one of us tries to become a torch holder of ones religion, morals and values, but the genuine among them are those who do good things in life without preaching them oft and on, since their practise has the power to influence countless hearts.
Therefore I learnt a new lesson today ..walk on the right path, without trying to be a preacher who preaches, but is unable to take out time to practise his own lessons. Try to set the right example first....the rest would definately follow!


  1. What one casually utters leaves at times lasting impact on the listener.One should therefore speak carefully, intelligently and never in cheap manner.A small post of great value

  2. This is such a true post. Our lives as we travel along life's path does touch the people we encounter along the way, and each of us hope we have left some good in this world. Hope you have a nice week and thank you for the information about the people in India and no rain, that has to be awful.

  3. That was indeed a lesson.. I was reminded of my dad's words....