Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Oath that left an imprint....

Today, when I was posting a poem at musings (the other blog that I have), my eyes filled with tears. Once nana had told me, that ones country is ones home, its our duty to look after it. Let people say what they want to, let them criticise it and leave their duties for others to fulfill, simply by playing the blame game, but you as an Indian don't ever forget, that your country is your duty, always be there for it, go ahead and be the change that you want to see, don't ever let those down who have given you the freedom to express yourself, to live with dignity in your own land, don't let those down who gave you the freedom to decide...who blessed you with the words...for, by and of the people...its in your hands...your land...its your responsibility...take it towards the path of progress, you owe it to your owe it to India..your home... your world!
I remember your words nana, I remember how unwell you were on the day of the election and still you went to the booth to cast your vote...I know how important it was for you...
You were a good son, you did realise your duties towards your motherland.
As Independence Day is fast approaching, I can smell the fragrance of my land in the air,
I am delighted at the innocent eyes and the little hands holding on to the flags at the red light,
I can feel the enthusiasm in the march past at the India Gate, all set and energised to celebrate the special day!I can feel the Amar Jawan Jyoti's rising flames, the young blood that did not think for a second before giving their life for their motherland!I am proud to belong to such a country, where the Saffron, White and Green coexist in wonderous harmony
..this is my land!May the fragrance of joy forever mesmerise my motherland :)


  1. and may your words instill the independence which for some has no more relevance than a public holiday.
    I am really touched at what u wrote and moved by Nanas words, coz they werent just words, its the life he led and believed in and passed it on to his proud to see a friend in you..thanks Sana.

  2. I am so proud of you Sana! I mean, look at you, you are just seventeen yet so sorted and wise!
    From the time I have been reading your blog, I have been intrigued by one name that occurs in each of your posts- your Nana. Though I do not know him, I know he IS a great man. He must be proud of you....:)

  3. I salute your nana.Let the spirit of his patriotism and love of the land permeate across the entire country and its people making everyone imbibe his message
    Thanks Sana for the great and timely post.It is high time that each one of us dedicate ourselves to work relentlessly for a prosperous and peaceful India

  4. You sure blessed with a great grandfather.His good advices,deeds sure running in your blood too!Bless you both.alhamdulillah..

    Nice post..i pray my india makes proud of us too!

  5. Thank you Rush, the feeling indeed is mutual:)
    @Destiny'child, hey Pavi!I am much older than seventeen, I am a twenty something:)I am glad that you read my posts, it really makes me happy. Yes this blog is dedicated to my grandpa and his values, he wanted ppl to know what he felt and I am happy that today the message has reached many:) Thanks a lot for being there, I appreciate the fact that with your new job, u still take out time to read the posts, thanks a lot:)
    Thanks GP, I really hope Im able to do my bit for my motherland.
    Yes Zayida, I am blessed with a great grandfather, my his soul rest in peace.

  6. Hey! sorry for messing up with the age part!
    If I was you, I would have let you believe that I am 17! ;)

  7. Thanks Angel:)
    Yes Pavi...actually I act like one sometimes;)

  8. Hey Sana,
    Destiny's child here...take a look at our new blog...shameless promotion, i know..but hihi..can't help it! ;)

  9. This is such a nice tribute to your country and your Grandfather gave good advice. Thank you for coming by, have a nice weekend.

  10. I regret for being late here sana! Thank God didn't miss your great write up!

    Your nana must be a gem of a person, and I can clearly understand he has inspired you a lot!
    I really feel so proud of you, as a fellow Indian, blogger and friend :-)

    Kudos to your patriotism and love for our motherland! Thanks a lot. I'm deeply moved....

  11. Thanks Margaret and Thanks Mani, yes he indeed was a great person...I wish I could be half as good as him:)
    Great to have a friend like you too Mani, you are an inspiration in your own way:) Take care!