Friday, August 21, 2009


What is it to be immortal. Well, I don't really know, maybe a reminder of your existance at every breath even after you've gone away, away to a world from where you can never come back, leaving behind a bundle of deeds, deeds that resound in someones heart, that carve out a niche in someones soul, that flow in someones tears, that beat in someones heart....deeds that carve out a space, filling it with gratefulness and making one follow the traces left behind, which inspire us to be like the one if not at par.
Our deeds make us immortal, deeds that we silently shower for the betterment of the other, which then seep down reaching their soul and stay there forever. Such is the power of our deeds, that they make us immortal.
Being elder than someone is not a big deal, but when you are at a higher pedestal, you should always remember, that there are people standing below, who have their gaze on you, its your duty to set the right example, and it would be your deeds that would make you live forever.
A department to cater to the people suffering from tuberculosis had opened in Jamia, grandpa was a part of the department. Being a part of something only helps, when one actively participates in it and takes it towards the goal it has intended to achieve. Whoever suffered from TB got a quick ride on grandpas heavy bike, who then took them to the center to be cured. Many shared the seat, and many lives were cured, no one got to know, coz it just seeped in the heart of those who then made him live forever.
He is still alive, alive in the words of the people I meet, Alive in the twinkle of someones eyes as he/she takes his name, Alive as Mr. Abdul Sattar, A name people would never forget, a name that is smeared on every wall of the village called Okhla, in the memories of a University called Jamia, in the hearts of the people who loved him, and in the innumerable deeds concealed in every it known or unknown.......


  1. Dear Sana,
    i reached on the right time time to read a wonderful post, a dedication to your grandpa.
    i pay my respects to the departed soul.sana,you are so lucky to be born as the grand daugher of teh great soul.
    in whatever way we can,we must reach out to the needy n less fortunate.
    as your great grandpa,i'm sure you must be leading a life that inspires otehrs.:)
    i salute the great petrsonality who is blessed to be immortal!
    thanks a lot for visiting my blog!
    happy blogging!

  2. What more can I add than what Anupama has written."Each man has a choice in life:he may approach it as a creator or critic, a lover or hater, a giver or a taker." Your grand father had created for himself a life of compassion,bestowed love on the hapless and gave in abundance his help.Such men are rare and are immortal in the hearts of the people left behind.
    A wonderful post as always from you

  3. To be born into a legacy is fortunate indeed. But better is the case where you leave one. And how, just follow your mind. Do what your conscience tells you not the intellect. Those deeds last. And this comes from KK of overacuppacopy blog. We all like your blog and comments.

  4. Very nice.. In life it doesn't matter how many we met but how many we touch!!

  5. I agree, through action and deeds, one can become immortal. Living a compassionate life is no ordinary task. Only people with wisdom and selfless, can lead such courageous life. Glad to know your Grandpa was one such person. His legacy will live on!

    BTW, was he the same person you mentioned in your previous post?

  6. Sana,

    I must say I never felt I was reading something written by a young girl, it was coming as if from a veteran, so phylosophical, so enriched with deep thoughts. As soon as i started reading, I asked myself what is immortal and I was at loss, and the way you have explained it, I believe could not have been done in a better way.

    Way to go Sana:-), you are lucky that you have the blessing of such a great grand father, but you also have a big resposibility to carry his legacy. All the very best to you :-)

  7. Lovely sana. I really wish I could meet your grandpa...:)

  8. Thank you all for the beautiful comments, theyre really touching:)Thanks for coming Anupama,Hey KK its a pleasure reading the blog you guys have come up with...really high spirited:)Yes Mani he's the same persn, this blog is dedicate to my GP and his memories, when he was alive he wanted me to write and give his thoughts a new window, but unfortunately he left mid way....he used to be very happy when I told him that there are many peopl reading his blog...would surely write something for him that can be published..he has left his beautiful thoughts behind..js hope can do justice to it:)
    Yes Mustaf, I have a big responsibility, lets c:)
    Hey Pavi, he's no more, but you can still meet him thru this blog isnt it:)

  9. i have known ur Grandpa now for a while and i bet he wud have been so proud of You right now, coz there are readers below standing having their gaze on you and u take us thru this journey that only enriches and gives more.
    thou younger to me, u are someone i look upon always...u r at a higher pedestal, i someday wanna hold hands and come upto you.

  10. one more question is destiny childs name Pavi or Veena? coz she told me Veena..ill kill her if she gave me the wrong name!!

  11. Hey Rush!Thanks a lot, you kw the feeling mutual. I read someone addressing her as Pavi, may be the person was wrong..God Ive been calling her Pavi. lol. and the generous girl dint correct me..sweet of her:)
    Thanks a lot for the beautiful comment RUSH, YOU MADE MY DAY AND U KW WHAT..WE DO HOLD HANDS:)

  12. Beautiful words my friend,

    In the end only love is immortal,

    Peace and light to you, Maithri

  13. Thanks for dropping by Maithri:)Bless you.

  14. "Yaadein" does lighten our spirits with the memories of a great soul!

  15. In life we travel but once, it is the people we make an impact on. This is another great post, you have a great mind and you share it with all of us. I thank you for coming by and commenting.

  16. Hey Rush, Hey Sana!
    I am veena! :)
    I didn't give u the wrong name darling! I thought Pavi was a way of addressing..I don't know. Akshay was the one who started the whole pavi I guess, its some sort of an exclamation!! ;) (Read Paavi, i think) :D

    Sana, didn't correct you coz i thought u were familiar with the pavi thing ;)

    I hope the confusion is clear. Destiny = Veena.:D

    Rush, sana, Love u guys! :)